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  1. I really want to do Coasterstock. However, on Day one (Saturday, May 16) I will not be getting back in town until around 2 pm or 3 pm from my family vacation. Could I still sign in mid day for the event?
  2. I'll be attending on Monday! Being at KI on Monday is getting me out of work that day, so it's a win-win for me. Sadly, Diamondbacker missed the deadline to register due to his mission trip. So I'll be showing up solo on Monday, but I'm looking forward to meeting up with my fellow KICers.
  3. Well it could be a new building to hold Slaughterhouse. Or, it could be a new building to move the Haunt from The Crypt building into so they can free up The Crypt building for a future ride.
  4. Wouldn't the ride "current wait times" thread be a good place for things like that?
  5. Maybe it could be a new water ride themed to the voyage over to America.
  6. Two or three summers ago (whenever my Cedar Point trip was) a ride op on Magnum XL-200 ended his spiel with "Enjoy your day at Six Flags Sandusky". I thought it was clever.
  7. They could move the maintenance shops that are over by Racer, Firehawk, and FoF somewhere else and build a ride plaza and station there, and have a new coaster extend out onto SoB's old plot of land that is sitting empty right now.
  8. ...in September. I love P&G day. Always nice to look forward to that after school starts.
  9. I'd love to see them do something about Tower Gardens. They could even make it an area with plaques about KI's history and possibly even some of (pre-KI) Coney Island's history.
  10. I love Canes. Having an older brother who goes to OSU, I always ask him to bring some Canes home for me whenever he comes home.
  11. Excellent trip report! I really enjoyed reading it. You're probably my favorite poster to read trip reports from, partly because of all of your knowledge and insight in park operations. Haha seriously, if I was in charge at KI, I would give you like a hundred comment cards each time you went and would pay you for your reviews of operations, certain employees, etc. The one thing that struck me as particularly horrendous was the fact that you even pointed out an offender on Diamondback to a ride op and he basically ignored it. That's just horrible, and carelessness.
  12. Haha I did go past them, but unless I am mistaken I did not make a comment on food or anything. That's ok though.
  13. Terpy, what did you think of Banshee? Do you agree with the park's statement that it is the best new ride for 2014 in the world?
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