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  1. I can see them doing a couple of things, considering Cedar Fair's recent trends at other parks. 1. Return of the Phantom Theatre. Unfortunately it will consist of screens to shoot at with minimum animatronics, like Knott's new Berry Tales. 2. Returning the scenery to the railroad and possibly have live action actors like they are doing with the boat ride at Cedar Point. 3. A museum. Action Theater is a good spot. The Enchanted Theater might be better. 4. Retheme Action Zone to Jungle theme like they did with King's Dominion. Action Zones theming wasn't that great to beg
  2. My first trip to Kings Island was in 1984 or 5. A few things that I remember that first year that are no longer around in Hanna-Barbera Land is The Smurf Ride of course, the elephant fountain, they also had these little robotic animals that had some kind of controls on them to change direction, they didn't work too well, McScrappys Farm, and an interactive fountain that I cannot find any pictures of. It is one of those pay a quarter and shoot water at the target kind of thing. This had Huckleberry Hound, and Quickdraw, Yogi and others. It was taken out when Splat City came in.
  3. I won't go by year by year, but, I'll go area by area. I'm afraid I'm going to show my Otaku side here. International Street: Ad a zipline that goes from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower to the old International Restaurant. Turn tower gardens into a Kings Island History exhibit like what they did for KI 20th anniversary where Skylab used to be. Coney Mall: Put in three flat rides where flat rides used to be but were not replaced. Skylab, Flying Eagles, Flight Commander. I'd say a Gerstlaur Sky Roller, Zamperla Wave Blaster, Chance Free Style. Return the backwards Racer, and motion sea
  4. 1. Wild Animal Habitat Monorail 2. Phantom Theater 3. Racer Backwards 4.Tomb Raider 5. Smurfs Enchanted Voyage 6. King Cobra 7. Flying Eagles 8. Spongebob 3D 9. Kenton Coves Keelboat Canal I will have to add, and they aren't rides, The Elephant Fountain, The Hanna-Barbera Interactive Fountain with the water guns, the big hedge canopy between HB Land and Rivertown, I miss too.
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