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  1. I'm all for Steel Beast with a 330 ft drop and have it include the largest loop in the world.
  2. The Bat is orange. I would like to see something bright green maybe with gray/silver supports
  3. Yeah and how Mean Streak is going to get the RMC conversion.
  4. Were getting a GCI (Mystic Timbers) and an RMC ( mid August announcement) that intertwine together? One can only hope.
  5. How about a RMC with a 95 degree first drop. Or maybe B&M first shot at a wood coaster.
  6. Here is what I would do to make The Beast better. (Knowing full well this idea will be ripped apart by several people on here) Tear it down and have RMC rebuild Son of Beast in its place (loop included). Bring on the hate!
  7. I don't think its that far fetched for them to go 1600ft longer than Fury.
  8. If where their driving piles in is the area of work wouldn't we be able to get a more precise location of the coasters layout?
  9. Depends on who you ask. I'm not sure there is any confirmation of that.
  10. Just a hunch or do you have reasons your leaning this way?
  11. We will get our giga soon enough and I have a feeling it's going to be a record breaker somehow. Length I think.
  12. It seems like KI Carrowinds and CP are where they are currently investing the most. I just hope KI continues to be a park they heavily invest in. I think it will be considering its one of their most visited parks.
  13. I didn't say they are I said I wouldn't let it happen.
  14. I get that but I still wouldn't let KI fall all that far behind.
  15. I don't understand why Carrowinds would be number 2 when KI, Knotts, and Wonderland all have a much higher attendance rate every year? Given Knotts is a much smaller park than KI and Wonderland is in Canada, I would think KI would be their number 2 park in the US.
  16. Even if the earth is s prefect sphere, the elevation at which KI is at would still technically put it above CP. But seriously the answer to this topic is no more than an opinion. To some KI is already above CP and to other KI will never be above CP no matter what they do. The biggest thing that puts CP above KI for me is the Points location. On a Great Lake with a beach is something Kings Island can never have.
  17. I don't see them going over 200ft with wood again. Unless is wood steel hybrid
  18. Opinions are splendid. What's frustrating and eye-roll-inducing is that a few users here are posting as if they're insiders, "blessing" us with little hints and photos of where things will be with sly, coy "winks" that are supposed to impress us and make us swoon with just how elite they must be. We're supposed to be bamboozled with how they got this information and plead for them to share more. These posters are decidedly NOT insiders – if they ever were, they wouldn't have remained that way for long. Given that they're not insiders, that means 1) they're either faking it and pretending to be in the know (which is not cool, fun, cute, or admirable) ~ OR ~ 2) they really did find out through some coincidence, a friend-of-a-friend connection, something illicit, etc (which makes these little "winks" ESPECIALLY not cool, fun, cute, or admirable). Speculation is fun. Opinions and guesswork and hopes and fears and desires are what makes "decoding" such a fun annual past time for enthusiasts and guests. Someone who purports to know-it-all – whether genuinely or otherwise – sucks the fun out of it for those of us who are enjoying each other's company and learning what different members here look for in their rides. I have posted similarly in the past and been ignored by said users, who know who they are. So be it. But I'll ask again: just to let the rest of us have some fun, leave the cute little "winks" to the park? There are those here who truly and absolutely know what the park is doing in 2017. They are not posting about it. When it comes to that I get what your saying but at the same time why let it frustrate you at all. The way I see it they either seriously believe they know something the rest don't in which case let them believe so. Or they could be trying to just mess with people in which case getting a rise out of you is probably what they want anyway. Either way it doesn't really effect me. I just keep scrolling. I don't post here much because I was jumped on for stating how I thought if this coaster was less than 3k ft of track it would be too short imo.
  19. Yeah for some reason people get jumped on for having a different opinion or a thought that someone doesn't agree with on here. I don't get why others on here can't have their own thoughts and opinions without someone jumping all over their case. I don't understand the need to get so worked up cause everyone doesn't agree.
  20. People are way too sensitive these days. The post that started this argument was obviously a joke. Read it and move on.
  21. Maybe it will have steel supports like White Lightning. Do the prints show anything like that?
  22. The ash borer parasite probably killed those off. They should be removed for safety. Not just from falling and causing damage/injury, but dead trees are good fuel for fire. I try to remove anything that's good for a fire on my property, and I don't have millions of dollars worth of rides and structures on it. Most are dead that why they would require removal before they fall and cause damage or injury.
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