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  1. They could still do small expansion in X-Base if they wanted by utilizing the open area to the left when walking in that would go behind FoF's photo booth/exit. Considering the photo booth is rarely ever open anymore they could even tear that down to open up the pathway more for an expansion with a flat and possibly a quick service food area.
  2. As well as Outer Limits: Flight of Fear now simply being Flight of Fear.
  3. liek the purple track. bet it will look great and stand out at the park, especailly against the wood and all the greenery around it
  4. Fridays are usually a little slower since it's night only so people tend to prefer to go for the full day saturday. But Saturdays often start off pretty slow and jsut get progressively busier as the day progresses. It does get pretty crowded but when the mazes first open the ride lines usually die down for a bit while people go to the mazes then slowly build as people go to get night rides in. I haven't done it yet either but have heard that Sundays are usually pretty calm as it's only open during the day and does none of the scary stuff or mazes, just has the family friendly events so the big thrill rides are usually not too busy as its a day focused more on family.
  5. Think it could be fun and add something new to the area. KI really needs some more good flat rides, whether family of thrill. Think a Madhouse could be a decent fit for that location. Whatever goes in I would like to see have a mining theme to some type. Then they could keep the queue line pretty much as it, just re-theme the exterior of the opening. This would fit in well with the theming for the area too. Would still prefer a Screamin' Swing (which could get rid of the large unsightly building then too.) but could put that in a new X-Base as well. Could see a Madhouse themed to a lift to go down the shaft or something in a mine and fit in well there.
  6. I'm very excited for this change. To me the RHoF Grill stuck out in a bad way where it was. And especially after the addition of Mystic Timbers it looked really bad to me. It was surrounded by nice Rivertown theming that it didn't belong to at all. This change will help improve that area greatly for me. RFYLCB even gives a nice transition from Planet Snoopy to Rivertown with it being a bit of a combination of the two.
  7. This looks great so far. I'm sure we will get a lot more information towards the end of summer. Makes sense that they would give this announcement with just a few stats right now as I'm sure major construction is about to start and business will be picking up getting into spring break season then summer. So this will let people know what is going on there, but leaving a lot of it like name, full layout, etc. a mystery now gives them something to announce and continue hype later this year, as well as keep attention on this season and Tigris as it is the new ride. Don't want to completely ignore it.
  8. This exactly is part of the reason why I could see it going pack to Planet Snoopy area. Up until Scooby Doo the ride building was classified as part of the kids area. The Scooby Doo licensing and theming necessitated the change to International Street. The boat rides prior to Phantom were part of Hanna Barbara Land and even on the maps it shows Phantom Theater as being part of it too. So the theming of the ride not fitting the theme of Nickelodeon/Peanuts seems to be the only real reason it's an International Street attraction. They could easily change it to Peanuts and make it a new addition to the land. To me it makes sense as the entrance is in the land itself pretty much. This would also help to solidify again the park's hold on best kid's area. It has a strong line up as is with many great rides for both kids and families, multiple coasters, shows, petting zoo, and a log flume. Add a dark ride into the mix and no other regional park comes close to beating it.
  9. Mine so far that I can recall are T3 are Kentucky Kingdom and Mean Streak during it's last summer was really rough.
  10. Agree with others that the key to revamping this area I feel really comes down to theming the building. Festhaus needs to be brought back to it's roots (at least on the outside at minimum) and make it like the pic in the OP. Then do some better theming around the Biergarten and QS restaurant. Give it a more Bavarian feel, maybe drape red, yellow, and black fabric for shade in the biergarten area. These small changes would go a long way. Outside of those other recommendations would be good too. Move Slingshot elsewhere and add a new flat there and tear down the air brush stand for a new pad as well. Could move the ladder game too and put in a small shop/stand there as well to either house the airbrush stand or preferably move the glass figurines back to that area and put the air brushing elsewhere. Definitely need a return of Der Spinning Keggers and then an additional flat. Musik Express would be fun but think one of the newer style ones that are open air with the rotating cars (forget what the actual ride type is) could be themed to fit in better. One other possible change would be a retheming of Adventure Express (I know breaking the 11th commandment). Love the ride but it needs some TLC like everything else in the area. Could keep the layout and feel as is but change up the theming to a crazy ride through the Black Forest, something similar in theme and tone to Verbolten at Busch Gardens. Just tear out/cover up the old theming wit something to fit bridge tunnels and woods and maybe plant some more trees. to give a more woodsy feel. Then do some retheming on the vehicles to make them more like cars or something to fit the theme better. Unfortunately as mentioned I don't see them spending the money to move buildings and attractions for additions as minor as these, just doesn't have the same ROI as a big coaster, but hopefully they at least do some revamping of the area to a certain degree. Wouldn't cost them too much money to update the buildings at least to look better for the German theme.
  11. That’s probably a good thing. Not going to pull crowds like a new coaster will but it’s still a new ride and something that everyone can ride, and is something with lower capacity so lines will probably be long still.
  12. Agreed. Maverick was a thought out and well made coaster but not gimmicky. Many of the other coasters at the park could be considered gimmicky at the time of their opening as many of them were touted as being tallest, fastest, longest, etc. Doesn't make them bad but their construction and stats were designed to have a selling point based on a gimmick of some type to use in marketing to get people in. Don't recall Maverick having anything special about it by any means for stats. Remember when they announced it my first thought was, "Good. they're finally making something with quality and not just trying to break a record." And that seems to have held as it is by far my favorite coaster at the park still and easily in my top 3 of all time. (Haven't gotten to rid Steel Vengeance yet though.)
  13. Yea as many stated it would be nearly impossible for them to find an IP to use that would be as timeless that isn’t taken. Can’t use Mickey or other Disney characters, DC and Marvel are both taken, and most other big characters fade in popularity and recognition too quickly. If Nickelodeon was still the theme most kids probably would t recognize most of the theming that would be there now.
  14. Agreed, honestly I'm surprised it isn't a chain wide rule for no phones/cameras. However, most of the videos I see from other parks like Knott's are ones that are from press at special events.
  15. I agree and was thinking the same when I saw this. Would be great to get some minor theming even to tie it into the Mystic Timbers storyline more since they are so intertwined with their ride paths. Even just adding vines in the tunnels would be nice, but some sort of story element would be cool with a few thematic decorations around the route.
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