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  1. Big Coasters In Future?

    Yea that’d be a good one as well for a big thrill coasterbthat can fit in a compact space. Plus can give it more cars if needed to up capacity too. Like 4 or 5 to get 16-20 per trains which wouldn’t be too bad. Be higher capacity than BLSC or Invertigo
  2. Expand X-Base?

    Agreed. I rode an S&S Screamin' Swing for the first time last weekend and it was a lot of fun. Very thrilling but something the whole family can enjoy at the same time. Think it would go great in that space between FoF and Racer. Think that is the best area for a small expansion right now as it would require the least amount of work. Could add in some restrooms In that area as well and maybe a food stand. It would be pretty easy to theme it to a test flight theme to fit the area as well.
  3. Dollywood Trip 10/21/17

    Looks great. Will be heading here Saturday for the first time and can’t wait.
  4. Haunt 2017

    I believe the shot glass was from the skeleton key room at Delta Delta Die. Remember going through it and the skeleton key room had us blind folded and given a shot of something to drink. Don’t recall what the shot glass was but it could have been it.
  5. Would love to see them put something new in there and theme it to a mineshaft. Makes perfect sense for the area and would fit in well.
  6. Could make a good addition to Animal Kingdom with the Tarzan theme or just a general jungle theme. Maybe could be a new e-ticket for an Amazon section in a South America land. Can easily see a Spider-Man themed ride go into the other parks with it. Looks like it would be a fun ride.
  7. Things Paramount got right/wrong

    YEa Cut Throat Cove was where Diamondback's entry plaza is now. Though it did relocate to the Biergarten for a little bit beofre retiring. And I do really miss those buildings and theming around Diamondback's plaza, but do think it loosk good still with the station and gift shop, jsut wish Red's had a more WEstern-esque exterior to fit in with the other stuff more. As for Swan Lake, while it is more dynamic with the splashdowna nd not as calming I don't feel that the overall view has changed a ton. The biggest difference is jsut the lack of more larger trees on the edge of the bank nearer Diamondback's queue
  8. Is this Kings Islands 2018 ride?

    I don't think capactiy is too bad for a flat ride with this. Looks like it coudl hold about 32 people. Surf Dog, Woodstock Gliders, Scrambler, Monster, etc. all don't have that many seats. So woudl jsut depend on how long the ride cycle was but could make it similar to Surf Dog. Plus it looks liek it woudl be an impressive looking ride with a small foot print. That said there are many other flat rides I'd rather see instead of this though as well.
  9. What could 2018 bring KI

    I think with the barrel theme of the ride it woudl be a great addition to Oktoberfest. Be like a suped up Der Spinning Keggers.
  10. Winterfest 2017 Attraction Lineup Announced

    Yea I'm actually more surprised about those being closed than FoF. At first was kind of surprised FoF was closed but figured that with it closed they can block off that entire area and as others mentioned dealing with the loose articles could be a pain with all the additional jackets and things people will have. But sinc emost of Planet Snoopy is open surprised that those two aren't open as they are good fmaily level rides (especailly Surf Dog) and be rides that all ages could enjoy.
  11. Drop Tower not the tallest Gyro Drop?

    It looks like Scream is the tallest structure but Drop Zone is the tallest actual drop. As other mentioned Scream has a huge antenna on top that Heide Park counts in the height calculation. However, their website says it has a drop of 71 meters which would be about 233 feet, as compared to Kings Island's 264 feet, so KI's drop segment is substantially longer.
  12. I think Peanuts is a good one too as it is a classic IP that is still at least mildly relevant as specials are still aired throughout the year for holidays and comics in papers. They might not have the biggest name recognition for kids but they can still enjoy them. however other IPs like when it was Nick Central have a time limit on them before they are forgotten and need replaced. So if they latched on and used the current popular characters it would likely have to be changed and returned regularly to keep up. Peanuts does not require that and I can't really think of many, if any, IPs like that which aren't already used by other parks (like Disney and Universal's franchises or DC Comics at Six Flags)
  13. Which RMC?

    I would love to see RMC build a hybrid coaster at KI sometime. Meant to say ground up though as our woodies are all classics or brand new so wouldn't want them to alter any of the current.
  14. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Yea with jsut having gotten MT and an RMC opening at Cedar Point next year not expecting one for awhile. The one other type I think woudl be good would be an infinity type coaster, but would need to be like Smiler with the multi row trains to hold 16+ people. Otherwise I thinkt eh capactiy woudl be way too low for at KI. Can get nice compact layouts too so it could go in about anywhere or be more spread out.
  15. The Giga Speculation Thread

    For me personally what I'd like to see is a multi launch coaster similar to Blue Fire or Maverick. Think that'd be a lot of fun and a bit different from what we have. A custom RMC hybrid and a giga round out my top three coaster additions for the park.