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  1. Agreed, honestly I'm surprised it isn't a chain wide rule for no phones/cameras. However, most of the videos I see from other parks like Knott's are ones that are from press at special events.
  2. I agree and was thinking the same when I saw this. Would be great to get some minor theming even to tie it into the Mystic Timbers storyline more since they are so intertwined with their ride paths. Even just adding vines in the tunnels would be nice, but some sort of story element would be cool with a few thematic decorations around the route.
  3. purdude86

    Newly Themed Area?

    Would hate to see Oktoberfest go as I htink it's a great area but there is so little of it left. That's why i'd love to see it connected with the current AZ for new theming. Think the Banshee and Bat names but seem to fit a dark forest theme Could make Inveritgo Sepctre, add some trees which are always nice for shade and appearance, and repaint Drop Tower (with a new name). Couldpossibly even remove Invertigo and WWC for an expansion pad for a new small coaster and/or flat. If you wanted to up it more could also give a facelift to Adventure Express and get effects working more and maybe change a few and give it a more German theme to fit into the area, like a trip through the Black Forest like Verbolten
  4. purdude86

    Newly Themed Area?

    I agree about Action Zone. I think a dark forest theme could be cool and could transition nicely from the more tree filled Oktoberfest. Banshee and Bat would fit in well and could easily retheme the remaining rides and building. Mostly some paint and plant some more trees around and it’s set. Could even connect it more to Oktoberfest and theme it around the Black Forest.
  5. Havne't been to it myself but have looked it up before and seems like it is much more family oriented. From what I've seen it's a kid friends event with a corn maze and a kids haunted house. The park itself is fun though and the atmosphere will probably be great still. I'd make sure to hit up Thunderbird and Voyage while there. Both of those coasters are amazing.
  6. purdude86

    USA Today Names KI Best Haunt

    Cost/location is the primary thing I could figure. Kings Island probably gets more people than some others and is much more affordable than others like Halloween Horror Nights as stated. So possibly the bang for your buck is viewed better. Plus Kings Island has pretty much all of their rides open and going so you get about a dozen coasters and a mix of other flat/family rides, on top of multiple shows and 9-10 mazes. The quality, while not bad, is definitely lacking compared to some others. Haven't been to HHN yet (plan to in a few years), but went to Howl-O-Scream in Tampa and it was fantastic. The mazes were very well designed and built with good costumes and scenery. The actors are also well hidden. Makes KI look much lower in quality. However there were only 6 mazes and 6-7 coaters plus bumper cars, so much less to do compared to KI's offering. So could also play a big part of quality versus quantity. Though I am shocked that Tampa's Howl-O-Scream wasn't on the list at all.
  7. purdude86

    What's your favorite area at Kings Island and why?

    Rivertown for sure. Love the look with the building near Beast and around Diamondback with the corral front and gift shop and then log flume across the plaza with MT entry next to it. Plus great rides with Beast, DB, and MT along with WWC. Would like to see more thematic buildings added (change the appearance of Reds and the Crypt building mostly.) love Oktoberfest too for what’s there but needs to be bigger. But the trees and pond with the Festhaus is nice.
  8. purdude86

    What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

    Phantom Theatre, KCKC, and recaR are my top three wants for a return in that order.
  9. purdude86

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I don't think the rumored move to KK is going to be true, but would like for it to be just so that we would still have a chance to ride it. I didn't ride it every time since like mentioned the lines were very slow, and most of my friends it was a one and done. They either didn't like the feeling in the seats or of the ride, or it made them feel ill. Was there for Pride Night this year when most rides were walk-ons so wish I would have taken the opportunity to ride it once more then. Overall, while I will miss it, it isn't a huge loss to me either and think it was a smart move by the park to expand to something bigger and better in that area.
  10. purdude86

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Agreed it needs to go to a smaller park I feel. That video shows only 10 seats for the train. Would be an awesome attraction but lines would be huge. Would be a great fit for X-Base but think a standard Sky Fly would be better.
  11. purdude86

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Overall not sad to see it go to give a better expansion back there but I did enjoy the coaster. The loop had some weird g’s but not too bad and loved the first few hills/turns. Only part I hated was the brake run and waiting for the cars to lift. The way you are lying there has all the blood rushing to your head and ends it on a bad note to me. Just wish I knew last month it’d be leaving so I could have ridden one last time while I was there
  12. purdude86

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    But MS was very well liked and didn't disappear complete just reworked into something better. The only wooden coasters at KI are Beast (a legendary coaster that is the park's signature attraction), Racer (a historical coaster that could use some TLC but still well lover), Mystic Timbers (a new coaster), Woodstock express (kids/family coaster that wouldn't make much sense to really announce and doesn't open up land for a big addition). So if one of the wooden coasters was being teased here it would likely be either Racer or Beast, neither of which seem likely, and both of which would be major changes that would deserve to have plenty of announcement to get another ride in. If it was The Beast I could see them promote an entire season for it's final one (unless it was because of unforeseen reason they'd have to shut it down in which case I'd imagine they would inform people as soon as they could.)
  13. given that it isn't a large area I'm hoping that there is a new flat or two going in it's place and not a food stand or arcade. Could be a nice extension of the Gemini Midway. Maybe a G2 Enterprise at least and maybe a second flat if they can.
  14. purdude86

    Annual Pride Event

    I think I saw one and wondered if it was mostly a large group riding together or not. Had multiple times where my husband and i, or our son and his gf were the only ones in a train. The night was a blast and weather held out great for it. Was our first Pride Night and would definitely go to another.
  15. purdude86

    New Coaster for Planet Snoopy?

    Yea but Kings Island also has a lot in its kids area that others don’t. Woodstock Gliders and Surf Dog are usually in other areas at different parks, not many have a log flume, we’ve got 3 full circuit coasters, petting zoo, stage that has been used for shows over the years. And while not as wide as some other still a decent selection of other rides. Boo Blasters is technically listed as part of International Street but many consider it a part of PS given entrance location and the fact that building has usually been classified for PS. So that gives our kids area a dark ride too. So while the line up of flats might not be as good can’t think of other parks with a kids area that include 3-4(delendin Surf Dog classification) coasters, log flume, dark ride, stage shows, petting zoo, character meet and greets, true family level rides for all ages, and a usual assortment of kids rides. So honestly I feel like they could do nothing with the area for awhile and still continue to win the award. Though there is always room to improve. Would love to see Boo Blasters get a full Peanuts theme and became a new dark ride. Then put in a new family/adult level dark ride elsewhere. (Maestro’s Revenge?)