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  1. I feel like Action Zone needs the most work next. Would like to see Congo Falls and Invertigo removed to make room for new rides (move Congo to Soak City if possible, and ideally remove Timberwolf). Would like to see it turned into a dark forest theme to fit in some with Oktoberfest and The Bat and Banshee. Think a blitz coaster would be great in the opened space to keep it lower for the skyline and keepDrop Tower feeling taller. Add in more trees and a could flats to it and Oktoberfest (Der Spinning Keggers return). Another Wisteria type tunnels on the paths leading into the area woudl be great (the paths alongsidethe FEsthaus between AZ and Oktoberfest and the path between the Kings Island Theatre and AZ. Overall think the park really needs to add some more flats in. We've got a pretty great coaster line up now. Still some new types that could be added but a great line up as is. However it feels like there aren't a ton of flats though. Could make for a cheaper expansion or a big year with multiple new rides. Could see a twist and spash added in Rivertown, a Screamin' Swing added there or Area 72, tilt a whirl to Planet Snoopy maybe to help expand it and get the top spot back, Der Spinning Keggers back to fill a teacup style spot.
  2. Think it's a great idea but disappointed that the only new maze for the year seems to be exclusive to this as well. Though it is nice to see that they seem to be putting more into Scare Zones as that improves the overall atmosphere and experience.
  3. Or even jsut turning part of it into a camp theme and keep some of it more generic Peanuts. Think KI has a big enough kids area to have a seperate theme. Especially if they did anything with the space by the stage/petting zoo area they could use that are around to the log flume as a camp thing and add in some more trees. Overall I would love to see them add in more theming in general to the area like they had during the Peanuts Celebration last summer, like the tree full of kites. Looked cool and gave a great op of color.
  4. By water coaster for 2021 or later I mean the steel coaster variety like the ones from Mack
  5. Looks like these plans weren't for the 2020 addition now with the announcement of Cheetah Chase. Wonder if we will be getting a water coaster for the 2021 season then. If that's what this is I hope it is accessible from both the Holiday World's side and Splashin' Safari. Be great to be able to ride it without having to go through Splashing Safari but if already in the waterpark be great to be able to ride it while still in swimsuit.
  6. Yea can’t wait. Though seems like the rumored concept of each land having its own entrance/gate off a central public hub seems true. Hope they can keep it moving fast if so would be a pain to have to stand at gates for every land constantly but sure they’ve thought of something
  7. I agree that I would like to see it themed closer to the area and be a train ride through the Black Forest. Can do some light theming on the tunnels, make them all caves or something. Can add some animals like bats and wolves, or a supernatural element to showcase in a scene on the final lift. And plant more trees to make it more forest like. Some minor rock work would go a long way. And one or two tunnels could just be left through darkness just some work around the entrance and exit of it. This couldreally enhance the ride and be a fairly inexpensive upgrade
  8. That or is it possible they could be putting in a slide tower, possibly with drop tubes. And this blue print is for a new coaster coming next year?
  9. I really hope we get some new flats in the next couple years. The park has a great coaster lineup but a little weak on the flats. a screaming swing in X-Base would be a great addition with the new coaster. A return of Der Spinning Keggers to Oktoberfest and a new top spin themed to lumber or mining in Rivertown would be great.
  10. dont recall them specifying it was for expansion, but as you said SS is what they are really known for so it's not a spot that would stay empty. I wouldn't be surprised if this new slide(s) will be drop tube slides. They are a very major water park nad that is one of the main type of rides that they don't currently have.
  11. I agree with the big cat theme it seems to fit more for the waterpark than a new ride. Can't think of a big cat that would fit in well for a theme to a holiday but it would go in well with a lot of the other names for Splashin' Safari. Though I hope they start adding to the ride side again soon. Haven't really had any big additions since Thunderbird. This would make 6 years since Thunderbird was added for a major addition in rides. We got a Calypso style ride a couple years ago but that is a pretty minor addition.
  12. Something car themed like Lightning Rod I think would go great there as well to fit in with the area theming. I always thought it would be a great spot for a div coaster as well, but agree that I don't see Vortex leaving anytime soon.
  13. I would personally like to see a motocoaster themed with horse cars like Pony Express at Knott's. Have it take up that area and be a fast twisty coaster that coudl be thrilling family ride like Backlot but nicer looking. Would be a good cross for the area between Coney and Rivertown having a sort of steeplechase feel and horses for the old town/western feel.
  14. Yea definitely not good. Situation is bad enough but for his boss to ignore it completely is really bad.
  15. Wonder if it will have a general Roman gods theme to it and maybe each train will be themed to a different go and that's what these teasers are for. After Pluto and Mercury (Hermes in Greek) seems to confirm a Roman theme though. Mercury would be easy to theme to since he flies around. So could also be a flight of Hermes to the Underworld.
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