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  1. Love seeing all the upgrades and refurbs for this season. If I could pick one general thing to change it would be trees. Would love to see more trees planted around the park and rides. There is so much empty space and flat, wide pathways. Additional trees and landscaping would make the park look a lot nicer and add additional shading around the area too.
  2. Agreed. It's bad enough it was done the first time. But the second time in one day it was caught the police should have been contacted. Even if Kings Island wouldn't let him back in this guy will for sure do this somewhere else.
  3. Since it's the only thing back there and it's not a short walk makes sense for them to close off the entire path/area if it's down.
  4. Supposedly the seats are supposed to be on more of a hydraulic/articulating seat that will create a vertical dampening on forces making the ride both smoother and easier on the body and legs than the old standup coaster that were fixed in place.
  5. MY top pick is definitely something reviving Der Spinning Keggers. either a teacup or similar replica of the original or even a tilt-a-whirl with a barrel them could work. A matterhorn style ride would be fun too and could fit in with an alpine theme. Rivertown definitely needs more too. Think a Screamin' Swing where the Crypt's building is and a standard Top Spin themed to logging would fit in well with Mystic Timbers theming too.
  6. It used to be my second favorite night ride until Mystic Timbers opened (and before Banshee made them clear the trees around the ruins helix)
  7. Unfortunately that’s what I’m expecting to if it did return. Ideally I’d like to see Boo Blasters get upgraded to a shooting ride themed to the Peanuts. Hopefully keeping some actual scenery though and not all screens but a mix would be alright. Then we would have an interactive and they could do a classic style dark ride of Phantom Theatre in Coney Mall where the old Action Theatre is. It would fit in with that theme and they could give it a rundown look without affecting the rest of the lands scenery since it would be blocked by The Racer.
  8. That's what I assumed. The high expectations was a tease about the drones since they fly up high and seem to be having their launch site set up at The Vortex plot.
  9. This is what I would want the most and makes sense to get a good spinning flat like that. Barrel themed for whatever goes there to give a sort of return of Der Spinning Keggers. Either teacups style as that was originally the type of ride it was, or even a tilt-a-whirl with a barrel theme would work well. A Zamperla Nebulaz would look nice in Oktoberfest too as others have suggested. I'd probably go with a Glockenspiel/cuckoo clock theme as it has a gear type appearance and would fit into the German theme of the area.
  10. Another good one is Disboard. There is a Universal section in it that has a lot of information and gets a lot of replies.
  11. I agree about the appearance of the flyers but I think they are a ton of fun and the one upcharge I actually consider doing at the parks. However, I hate it's current location as I struggle seeing upcharges as regular park attractions so to me it feels like a massive chunk of land taken from Action Zone. Think if it was moved to Area 72 where it could fit thematically without much theming and be more out of the way it would be better, and allow space for new flats or even a coaster in Action Zone.
  12. I'm really hoping that this is a sign of things to come for Oktoberfest. That area is perfect for a new flat. Be ncie if they revamped the Marketplace area/ladder game and spruce up the Biergarten as well. Give the area a more German feel to it. A return of Der Spinning Keggers in some form would be great.
  13. This was my thought too. The event itself seems nice but not worth the ticket price. A handful of rides and entertainment for 3 hours isn't enough for $99. At that price point I feel like a certain amount of alcohol and food should be included. I was really curious about it until I saw the price point. It sounds like parking isn't even free for attendees as some of the more expensive ticket options include parking with it. For $15 less (+ parking cost) I can buy a ticket that gets me admission for the entire day, parking, and all day dining. So essentially I could buy one bundle ticket and a regular ticket, split food, and be able to get my DH and I into the park for the entire day for the cost of one person to go for 3 hours at night with limited options. I will be curious to see how this event goes and what sort of changes they make for future ones. I like the concept of it but the price point just isn't there.
  14. I agree the additional season was a good benefit to add that I'm sure many benefitted from, but there were likely a few that didn't. Either had other 2021 plans that made it to where they couldn't get out to the park that year, or even if it was a matter of someone that was uncomfortable being out in crowds like that through the time period. Even if the legalese when buying the passes protects the park, it would be good customer service to provide the option.
  15. My hope is for a modern woodie. Large scale coasters can get considered family coasters too. Look at Cheetah Hunt where it is large with a few launches and an inversion and is considered a family coaster. With the boardwalk area I think a modern wooden coaster would make a great fit for the theme and be something that CP doesn't have.
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