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  1. I love the ride itself so would hate to see it go, but if they could replace it with either a more reliable version there or elsewhere in the park as just a new general Flat ride I’d be happy.
  2. I like that idea as well. That would be my second best to an entire Camp Snoopy (I feel cohesion across the area would be great for theming and mean more trees hopefully) but do like the idea of the mini lands making up Planet Snoopy as a whole. Beach and space would make other great fun themes. IF they did this I hope they would incorporate they would incorporate Snoopy's Junction train ride to the camp. With all the trees it fits in better for that than beach. To make a new attraction too maybe replace it with something like Black Bear Trail from Dollywood.
  3. It appears to just be the back of the land getting retheme/expansion. It looks like the Camp Snoopy sign will sit somewhere near Woodstock Gliders. I hope so too. RFYLCB fits right in with the camping theme already. Based on the photos it appears that Flying Ace might be getting repainted to fit in as well, so maybe it and RFYLCB will be pulled in to create a larger miniland within the area. I could see Linus launcher "rethemed" (staying as is but referred to something new to fit the area) to kites or hang gliders to fit in with the camp theme as well. This would make an even divider for everything in the photo below (give or take Woodstock Gliders) to be incorporated to Camp Snoopy easily. Overall I hope this is just a phase one retheme of the entire area to a camp theme but it looks like it should be a nice addition/upgrade to the area.
  4. I think these short notice announcements are made to temper expectations as well. If they drum up lots of hype for an announcement that is a pretty miniscule addition (or for many anything other than a new roller coaster) it will be underwhelming. Where if they just make this announcement the day before, there isn't time for people to build up in their minds some amazing new ride about to be announced that isn't coming. Plus the lack of major hyping kinds of points to it being a minor addition.
  5. That's disappointing that they don't do that anymore. I used to reride stuff all the time on slow days if noone was waiting, espcailly on those two and Adventure Express. Remember just riding WWC 4 times in a row to get our fill in so we didn't have to get wet again after drying off.
  6. I do like the idea of an indoor family coaster, but I would hate to lose our only dark ride. It does need updated bad, but I'd still prefer a new Peanut's themed dark ride over a coaster. But a coaster would be better than Boo Blasters. Maybe could do a combo with a couple dark ride scenes at the start and end with a launched coaster section for the bulk. I'd theme it to Great Pumpkin. Trains and launched coaster section could be themed around the Red Baron flying sections.
  7. I agree. I like the option of the tiers, but I think it's done more as a way to make the actual pass seem like a better deal. This is done a lot in marketing, especially food sales, where a tier is added slightly below the top just to make the top tier look more appealing. If you're already spending $60 dollars to skip the line a few times, what is another $10-20 for unlimited use. For many individual and couples it just makes sense to buy the top tier, I feel like families are the only area where it might make them second guess. If buying for 4-5 you are now saving $100 and still get to ride everything once. But if they made it twice the cost for the unlimited more would probably opt for the single use, but I don't think that's what the park is really after. They are just trying to entice more people to buy the higher option. They could even just make the single use the same price as normal and then make the unlimited double that and still make the same (or a little more), but it will then make the standard line more reasonable likely resulting in less appeal to buy the Fast Lane potentially hurting sales. either that or they just sell more single use fastlanes to make up for the lack of rerides in the FL line.
  8. I agree. I think taking out the theatre and using that space for a launched coaster would be a great addition to Planet Snoopy. It would add great variety to the kids lineup with having a standard little kiddie coaster with Great Pumpkin, wooden, inverted, and then a launched. whatever they do or add I still hope it gets refreshed into Camp Snoopy with lots of trees and landscaping added.
  9. I'm still holding onto hope for a great refresh of AE, but honestly these teasers are having the opposite effect on me. Seems like they are just adding story to what is currently there than adding/changing anything so far. As long as they fix all the effects that will still be great. My one real hope though is they add something to the third tunnel. It has always felt so lackluster compared to the others with just a red light in a wood box essentially.
  10. I'm not too surprised by this. They are still being somewhat frugal and might be waiting to see how some of these others do. As mentioned they have tried some similar standalone experiences before and they haven't done well, or not gotten to actual construction like Disney's America. Peppa Pig only has one park right now that is more of a second gate to Legoland Florida, and another set to open in an area that is currently growing and set to have the Universal kid's park (which was announced first). and these parks appear to be very small and likely inexpensive, not something that will probably draw people to it, but capture families already there for an extra stop. Nintendo doesn't have any parks themselves, just lands within existing Universal parks. Universal's park in DFW is the only other similar thing to what Disney would do. If it does really well and they expand, Disney might reconsider this stance, but I think they just want to pull people to their other parks. Universal's theme parks aren't really geared towards children overall. They have small kids areas and family attractions but aren't targeted at young children. Their new park is so it isn't really competing with their current resorts but can build loyalty and brand recognition for kids from a young age like Disney does already.
  11. This is my thoughts too. A true amusement park on the scale of KI is just not feasible indoors. They can provide a mix of thrills and family entertainment but you aren't going to be able to build massive coasters that will really draw people to the park. Space will be limited so new attractions will be infrequent and generally on a smaller scale. So anything that would open as an indoor park would need to be able to sustain itself on a mostly regional market and not on a national/global scale. So the cost to operate, let alone build one, is probably not that great compared to ROI. And as mentioned above, this has been tried multiple times in Vegas and hasn't really worked. Adventuredome is the only one really left and it seems to be struggling. I think a smaller scale one could work and be popular enough in places like Seattle, but I think it would be hard to really get it off the ground with the upfront costs.
  12. Another ride idea for here if they kept the building would be Intamin's dynamic motion stage. This would provide another thrilling, yet still family level, indoor ride for the park, that also has plenty of great theming opportunities for it. The biggest question mark for it would be Cedar Fair working with Intamin again but they could always give them another chance.
  13. That would be great and add a little more liveliness to that area. Ideally to me, while I love Oktoberfest, I'd just make Festhaus part of IS, reroute Viking Fury queue to the other side and pull it into Adventure Port with that land stretching to the T-shirt stand (as originally shown on concept art). I feel the ship fits in well to the area and adds on more ride to it. Then convert Action Zone into a larger Oktoberfest area with a full revamp. The current area with just Festhaus and VF feels so pitiful to what it was and there isn't really room to expand it any. This also plays into the history of Ohio like most of the other lands with Coney Mall and Rivertown, and Area 72 fits in well since Ohio is known as the birthplace of aviation and a large connection to space travel with the most astronauts. I could also see a dark forest theme as many have wanted but I think a large Oktoberfest based area (that could include a Black/dark Forest area) would be better to play into the area.
  14. Yea figured most of the new shows would be back since they rarely only last a single season. I did wonder about PTE as I could see it having been made exclusively for the 50th/ But as you said most of the shows do a 2 year run. Plus it was a very popular and well received show, so it makes sense to bring it back.
  15. I agree, even with a good ride in there the big box feels out of place. I think the queue structure is fine to stay but tear down the large box and put in a thrilling flat like a Screamin' Swing (preferred option) or a water ride. Retheme the queue structure to a mine and it will fit the area fine. I also agree about keeping buildings along a midway there solely for a haunt, but FX theatre I'm not that worried about. It is pretty well hidden away by The Racer and is only really visible while riding it. Ones like Killmart right along the Coney midway or Madame Fatale's building are the bigger issue to me since they are in clear view just walking around. I feel they are likely kept for budget reasons overall. Not just as far as being able to leave a maze set up for Haunt but it also costs money to tear it down, and they would need to spend more money on something to fill the spot (new attraction or landscaping). So they probably view it as a cost cutting measure to just leave the buildings standing until they are absolutely ready to do something with that spot.
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