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  1. Think it looks fun enough and could be made on a larger scale if needed that could increase the excitement. Not every flat needs to be an extreme thrill. At the least this could make a great family level ride in Planet Snoopy and be something pretty unique and awesome to watch too. Do agree that capacity would probably be low as it appears you could only load/unload 8 people at a time of the 32. But if had two rides ops, one for each arm, it could probably go at a reasonable pace.
  2. I think the same. The year will be focused on history for the 150th to a degree and they have confirmed a river expedition attraction. I wouldn't be surprised to see it include the return of the Paddlewheel. I'm guessingthe announcement will be more information on this attraction. Possibly the boat's return and what sort of story and theming it will have.
  3. That was my first thought too. Kind of a next gen concept of it. Looks like these swinging a bit more freely to actually flip around more too so could make a great thrilling ride.
  4. I was thinking the same. Glad its something else as I think that one looks pretty cool. Even though this doens't takes up on a sliver of land it probably does impeded a lot of areas to build with it since it is a long length too so could see it coming out for expansion. Given it was the first major one like that and its age could just be having lots of maintenance problems too and being coming too costly to keep up.
  5. I think Invertigo or The Bat. Both styles seem to be on the way out and getting removed. Invertigo offers more readily usable land and has poor capacity so could see it going first, especially if paired with WWC it would open a large plot of land to expand and revamp Action Zone. Bat's age could see it removed though too. Not many old suspended coasters left, but not sure what the maintenance of ours is like. The biggest thing for it would be that the land it uses wouldn't be the easiest to work with
  6. I'd say tomb Raider was a great ride that people enjoyed when it opened, but even then there were plenty of comments about it not fitting in with the surrounding area for the scenery. Once it got gutted and turned into Crypt then people started talking about it being an eye sore, but that kind of falls into your not a great ride just an ok one. Tomb Raider itself was a great ride though and people forgave the building for it's fun experience and immersion but it still got commented on. So in regards to your statement, I'd say it's more people are willing to forgive and overlook a bad exterior for a good ride more so than not caring.
  7. YEa imagine a lot of locals and enthusiasts will fill the queue up most of the day with it beign the final day.
  8. I always enjoy the episode but always laugh a bit anymore with the relay at the end trying to get the plans to the front since knowing the layout you see they would be zigzagging all over the park instead of just going right up to the front.
  9. They could probably tear down the building (preferably still a mine themed queue with the existing structure though) and put in a more standard top spin there that is open with thematic elements around it. They could give it a lumber theme similar to Buzzsaw at Walibi Belgium or Ripsaw at Alton Towers. This could tie in with the Miami River Lumber Co. in that section as well.
  10. Agree that tearing the building down as a whole is probably the best for that land and whatever might take that spot. But I hope they keep the queue. Think it looks good an could be rethemed as a mine shaft for any attraction there.
  11. An RMC coaster, preferably hybrid but we haven't seen what they can do with a TRex yet, would be my top choice for the park. But my top choice for this spot is a dive. I think it would be a gorgeous location for it with the drop facing out across the park towards the Eiffel Tower and IS. The park is in need of more flat rides but I feel with the terrain it'd be harder utilize that area for flats than another coaster.
  12. I'm a bit surprised by this. As others said while it was having some issues and has been around awhile there are older Arrow loopers out there still in CF's chain. It will be very strange to see that plot of land sitting empty without it. I'm hoping it doesn't stay that way too long but as we are getting a major invest next year I don't see another big coaster replacing it for a few years. I have thought that that location would be a great spot for a dive coaster with the lift in same general spot and drop coming out towards BLSC. That would likely be another 4-5 years down the line though. It's just sad to see such an iconic coaster of the park leaving.
  13. Since there were no new mazes this yea might be retiring two mazes for new ones. As stated nothing jumps out as being likely to be removed. If Viking Fury was removed I hope they would just replace it with a new swinging ship as those are a great fun family ride and I love it's location in the park. Slaughterhouse and Madame Fatale's are my favorite mazes there so woudl hate to see them removed but if it was for a big expansion of Rivertown I'd be ok with it. Also agree that I can see Congo Falls, and possibly Invertigo, removed for a new coaster/major ride in Action Zone (hopefully part of a major revamp of the area) but with Orion opening next year don't see a major new coaster for a few years. See the two of those going together as they make a large plot of land together and both are older, with many boomerangs being removed from parks.
  14. I'm guessing an evaluation revealed more work needing done than initially expected. They stated that their plan was to close it after the season but realized they woudl need more time than slated so had to closer it sooner and that's why there wasn't an earlier notice. I understand it a lot but still very bummed about it. Friends and I bought tickets for yesterday awhile ago. Luckily found out about the IT issues Friday night so we changed our trip, but then to find this out immediately following the changed date has soured teh trip a bit in my mind but overalls till looking forward to it and hopefully The Voyage will run amazingly again starting next year, though I haven't ever really found it to be that bad.
  15. I feel like Action Zone needs the most work next. Would like to see Congo Falls and Invertigo removed to make room for new rides (move Congo to Soak City if possible, and ideally remove Timberwolf). Would like to see it turned into a dark forest theme to fit in some with Oktoberfest and The Bat and Banshee. Think a blitz coaster would be great in the opened space to keep it lower for the skyline and keepDrop Tower feeling taller. Add in more trees and a could flats to it and Oktoberfest (Der Spinning Keggers return). Another Wisteria type tunnels on the paths leading into the area woudl be great (the paths alongsidethe FEsthaus between AZ and Oktoberfest and the path between the Kings Island Theatre and AZ. Overall think the park really needs to add some more flats in. We've got a pretty great coaster line up now. Still some new types that could be added but a great line up as is. However it feels like there aren't a ton of flats though. Could make for a cheaper expansion or a big year with multiple new rides. Could see a twist and spash added in Rivertown, a Screamin' Swing added there or Area 72, tilt a whirl to Planet Snoopy maybe to help expand it and get the top spot back, Der Spinning Keggers back to fill a teacup style spot.
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