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  1. I havent been able to ride SV yet but so far my favorite would be Maverick easily.
  2. The strobe lights could be a thematic element but I'm guessing it's likely referencing the flash for the onride camera for photos. With it going off for every car it would have a strobing effect.
  3. Agree that the name is short and simple enough to not need a nickname (like Banshee), but Ori was the first thought I had as well. Thne when trees grow back in more night rides could be Ori and the Blind Forest
  4. I'm assuming this will be a multi-year/multi-area investment. The statement specifically says their largest investment plan. The last time they used that phrasing was when they announced the investment of $300 million into the resort over the course of 10 years. There have been talks about a second resort being added so this will likely be an announcement talking about that along with new additions coming over they ears to both Dollywood and the neighboring water park. I just think this is about more than a single ride or new land but an overall resort expansion over a certain time period. Other announcements have stated biggest/most expensive ride, or Wildwood Grove was states as most expensive park expansion. So the use of the word plan to me seems to indicate more aspects to it.
  5. I would love to see it make a return and the 50th would be a great celebration for it. It opened for the 20th anniversary and closed with the 30th anniversary, so the rides dates do focus on anniversary years as well. I think that the location of the old Action Theater would be a perfect spot for it. Be an old theater being haunted somewhat, but think it would be a nice fit for Coney Mall plus being stuck back in The Racer turnaround they could do up a more decrepit looking building and lawn area leading up to it without impacting the overall visual appeal of the rest of Coney Mall with its rundown appearance either, plus the slightly secluded nature would lend to the abandoned feel. This would still leave Boo Blasters open to be converted into a Peanuts themed interactive dark ride. This would be best as it would give a great new addition to Planet Snoopy and give KI a chance to take back it's title and would give the park two dark rides as well. We could maintain having an interactive ride in Planet Snoopy, but make Phantom Theatre a more classic style ride like the original was where you watch animatronics and show scenes. Unfortunately I'm not sure how likely this is. I would be ecstatic to see the announcement but honestly I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I agree with Homestar92 that home park would likely be the one you visit the most. It tends to be one closer to you as it's easier to travel to then something a long distance away. However I'm curious what the supposed 3 parks you would pass on the way to KI from Indianapolis would be. I consider KI my home park and live in Indy and can't think of any parks I pass on the way there. I live on the southeast side of Indy, and for the parks I can think of (Holiday World, Indiana Beach :(, Kentucky Kingdom, and Kings Island) KI is actually the shortest drive of all of them. And Holiday World actually being the furthest away.
  7. I think the biggest issue would be as you stated that the existing Mean Streak structure can't handle the new forces as well. Kings Island I don't see converting any existing wooden coasters they have so that wouldn't be an issue there. Beast and Racer are classics and MT is new. Woodstock is too small to worry about as well. So I'd say it's a possibility still even with the SV issues for them to build more if it was right, they jsut might be more hesitant to do a conversion, but considering how many of those have been ok even that might not deter them. Twisted Timbers seems to be great for them.
  8. I would love something like this. I have always felt a steeplechase type themed blitz style coaster would be great there. A blitz coaster would be fun and having the hroses/steeplechase theme would be a good mix for it being nestled between Coney Mall and Rivertown. It kind of fits the theme for both.
  9. Holiday World is a fairly successful park with at least national renown. It's coasters have won numerous awards and it has an award winning water park. It's operations, upkeep, and general well being have been maintained as well. It's not likely going anywhere anytime soon. Indiana Beach was probably not that well known outside of the general region and some of the enthusiast community and never had the big staple ride to draw people in from all over. I have a lot of fond memories of this park growing up. Went a lot as a kid as we lived in Lafayette for a time and had family in Delphi so we were frequently close to it to stop by for a day. I haven't been in many years though. Have wanted to go back and check out some of the newer rides I hadn't ridden and just enjoy the more unique boardwalk atmosphere. I was just always hesitant about making the long drive up and having much of what I wanted to see be closed as operations seemed very hit or miss from many trip reports I saw. Always just ended up going to a bigger park like KI instead since it was just as close, if not closer, and about the same cost with more to do. Really wish I had gone this past summer. It's a shame they didn't get a final season, or even partial season, to be able to go one last time.
  10. I think your statement about it being in a weird spot in the park is a big reason why it could actually last longer. It is not one of the easier to develop spots, and aside from a couple of the turns towards the end of the ride near the old Son of Beast station it isn't really sitting on any prime land to use. I do think it does have it's days numbered as many of these types of coasters are slowly leaving but I feel it is safe for now. I agree with others that Invertigo will likely be the next as it has horrible capacity and still often doesn't have real long lines. It and Congo Falls together make up a great plot for a new coaster/development. As well as boomerang coaster like this are also dropping like flies so it is likely not going to stick around for a real long time itself. I enjoy it it if I'm sitting in the outward facing seat on the end so I'm looking down for the first drop as it gives a bit of a Drop Tower type feel with watching the ground as you are pulled higher and then held there looking down, plus seeing the end of the track coming up when climbing the second lift. Outside of that I find the ride pretty average and usually get a bad headache, and just not with the wait so would be fine to see it go.
  11. I always thought a dive coaster would look great there, I don't think it'd be too awkward next to Diamondback. Think having the lift in the same spot as Vortex with a curve and drop facing the front of the park it could have a great look and visual of the skyline. Could have it dive down and loop back up next to the midway where the batwing was. Not sure how well it'd really fill or utilize the space though, sould have to look at overlays well and see how theming could go. But a multi-launch type coaster could be great. something like Maverick or Copperhead Strike would look great in it's spot. However, I could see one fit really well into AZ and look great there. If they decided to take out Invertigo and Congo Falls a new dive coaster could fit into that spot really well. Station could be near Invertigo's current stations with the dive coming out by congo Falls pool/queue.
  12. A standard free spin I woulnd't want to see. They tend to get very poor reviews and lots of complaints about being painful. Plus have a very low capacity for them. A 4d coaster like Dinoconda I'd be ok with. tHey look fun and are more controlled to make a good expereince
  13. Hate to see the station go as it looked great and was kind of iconic for that area of the park. However it's removal would allow for the much needed expanding of the midway in that spot. It already felt congested enough with the exit path for WindSeeker and Vortex there. If they ever do anything with the old action theatre it will really need more room for people to get through, as well as just visibility for the attraction. If we get another coaster in that same area I hope they try to emulate the look of the former station with the new one.
  14. Would love to move it there as it would fit in thematically and open up a ton of space in the AZ area. It’s current location right in the middle will really hinder any changes and rebranding. that along with a sky fly flat ride could really flesh out that new area. Maybe Sling Shot could be moved there too as it’s a very small foot print and would open up some space for Oktoberfest too.
  15. I think it looks great but I'd probably make one change to start. I'd leave teh start of the Crypt's queue line (tear down the big buildings though) and theme it to a mine shaft and use as a queue for a Screamin' Swing themed to a mine shaft headgear. can leave the new restaurant by The Beast but the building closer to the main midway would be removed. The exit could empty into that new plaza.
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