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  1. Actually I could see them run some fabric from the Eiffel Tower to emulate a giant maypole.
  2. Probably holding off on any big announcements right now until they can assess the full impact of this year and would t be surprised if they are making some adjustments behind the scenes to their plans. Either scaling back or spreading it out more.
  3. I was wondering that too. I imagine they bring in a decent bit of profit still otherwise I’d imagine they’d have been sold off or closed already.
  4. Yea ‘my sure they could still improve the look some. The area between Hurler and Storm Chaser full of trees looks pretty nice to me overall. So even just adding more trees around would be a huge improvement.
  5. I don't see KI getting cut back too much. It's still one of their top parks, being the fourth most visited in the chain. I honestly see some of their smaller parks hurting more with this acquisition. Valleyfair, Dorney Park, etc. would like see even fewer additions and changes, or even potentially get sold. The one that would likely be hurt the most would be Kings Dominion as despite being large it is a lower tier attendance wise compared to the other parks. Despite being over twice the size of Valleyfair it actually has a lower attendance than it even. I could see them decide not to invest as highly in this park for that reason and put more funds to maintaining BG Tampa.
  6. I haven't ridden Orion yet so can't fully say but it's tough choice still. Orion looks fantastic and seems like a top tier coaster. I hate to say a 2 for 1 trade is worth it in general but Orion seems better than both. However, I did enjoy both Firehawk and Vortex but they were both a little rough and not super re-rideable because of how I would feel getting off. And most of my friends and family didn't like/couldn't handle Firehawk at all so only really rode it when i had fastpass to get on and off quick. Vortex was a classic though so I am sad to see it go. Think once we have a Vortex replacement it will be fine just hate seeing two taken out back to back, but getting Orion is a good step.
  7. Probably not worth the cost to the park but would love to see Planet Snoopy rethemed to Camp Snoopy. This would add more trees and shade as well as transition better from Rivertown to a wooded/camp theme versus the generic theme now.
  8. That's a good point about build up coasters as well. I do think it would look great in that spot too. They could possibly even fit the coaster and a couple small flats like the teacups and tilt-a-whirl and get the best of both then.
  9. Honestly it'd be a toss up for me. I think a coaster like that would be great and fit in well with the area and working for younger kids with the height while still thrilling enough for the whole family. I also feel it would attract more people and give the park a bigger return on investment. However I do feel the a flat ride/ferris wheel package would offer more variety and expand the offerings of the park as a whole. We already have two good children's/family coasters in PS (though a KF style one would blow them out of the water) and a similar style offering on a bigger scale with Mystic Timbers next to it in Rivertown. So overall I don't think they'd go wrong with either option. Better variety with flats, bigger draw/ROI with coaster.
  10. The best part of that would be to see the track passing over the midway there between the two areas. It would be awesome. They could probably keep the track mostly to half that plot as well leaving room open for additional attractions or stuff on the other side behind the Eiffel Tower. And if crossing over there wouldn't likely need the entire Vortex plot to allow another flat or two to be built there as well.
  11. That is technically true for the Powersplash style ride, but there's not really a lot you can do with that. The same thing could be said of all the large flume style ride that came before like Amazon Falls where every company's were the same style and layout. Te shorter ones had the simple oval design with the double down and the large ones like at Cedar Point had a figure out layout.
  12. I feel like that's half true about Cedar Fair just riding the success they had with the kid's area. However, it had just received 3 new attractions the year they acquired it (Linus Launchers, Surf Dog, and Kite Eating Tree), And they did add 3 new attractions in 2015 (Woodstock Gliders, Snoopy's Space Buggies, and the petting zoo). Given what they already had there, including 3 roller coasters, a log flume, family rides mixed in with kiddie rides, and occasional shows, (Plus essentially a dark ride. Boo Blasters is IS but the entrance is basically in PS), I'm not sure what real additions they could really add to build it up a lot more. They have most of the staples and extra stuff. There's only a handful of rides (that aren't elsewhere in the park) that I can think of they don't already have that would fit there. The main thing I could see for an "addition" would be a retheme of Boo Blasters to Peanuts. And unless they take out the stage and barnyard, there isn't a lot of room for expansion. Which might not be a bad thing. Maybe they could add a big Ferris wheel there, a Woodstock tea cup ride (full family size), and a tilt-a-whirl themed to Peanuts. This would also add 3 new attractions that the whole family could enjoy together as well.
  13. I'd love to see what Herschend could do with it. I agree with you that they'd probably be the best to take it.It's too close to HW for the Koch's and KI for Cedar Fair. The issue i'd see with it would be the issues with the fair board. Not sure Herschend would want to deal with that. Plus as you said it would take a lot of work to get it to a level anywhere close to Dollywood/SDC. Just not sure the park and it's attendance make it worth it along with the headaches the Fair board could provide for any owners.
  14. I agree that I don't see a Ferris wheel fitting in at King Island. As stated we have an observation platform with the Eiffel Tower, WindSeeker for a mild attraction with great views, and Drop Tower for a thrill ride that offers high views. To spread out the skyline more, and given that they are family level attractions, if we did get a ferris wheel the main location I could picture for it would be as a new addition to Planet Snoopy. Place it back near the picnic grove. As far as flats I do really hope we get some new ones. As others stated I think this is the perfect time as well since they are fairly inexpensive so it would be a good way to add new attractions while saving money in general. For a big one I'd add a Screamin' Swing. Then add some smaller ones like a tilt-a-whirl or teacups style ride added to Oktoberfest as a return of Der Spinning Keggers. Maybe some new ones could be added in Coney Mall near Vortex's old plot as well. I don't think it's likely but I do like the idea of a sky ride over Coney Mall as well. Could add a station around Vortex's old station and give it similar architecture as a nod to the old station. I'd place the other station around the location of Adventure Express's exit where the ladder game and Coke stand is. I'd theme the station with a Bavarian style and make the ride shared between Coney Mall and Oktoberfest to give the latter and additional attraction. For the queue there as well I'd place a Maypole in the middle with fabric coming off it out to the edges to provide shade and additional themeing element for the land.
  15. A funhouse would be perfect in that area. It would be another thing that would be fun for all ages, potentially escape heat for a few going through it, should have a very high throughput to keep people moving through, and be fairly inexpensive. Plus it would fit the theming great for that section. I do agree as well with the idea of a small museum added as well. Provide a nice air conditioned break on a hot, busy day. Could be some interesting stuff to see and learn about. Just not sure where I'd put it. I think near International Street would be best, but the main spot I could think of would be the open lawn area behind Eiffel Tower and next to International Showplace. But feel it could ruin the view of that area some, but there's not much landscaping recently anyway to be too scenic. If they left BLSC it could potentially block the view of it from International Street if they place it between that and the Eiffel Tower. Otherwise put it in a new themed building in one of the other lands like Rivertown.
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