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  1. Been wondering the same thing. Kept checking this past week to see if they were announced and just missed it.
  2. I think the issue was there was too many overall structural issues from when it was first built that jsut an RMC overlay wouldn't have fixed it. The whole thing pretty much needed to be rebuilt. Also I agree with kirbias1. SOB was a fun coaster but far from anything truly amazing. The first half with the drop was great adn the loop was fun. But other than that major drop adn loop it was just a few helixes, nothing truly remarkable and very rough. I always rode it at least once each trip but while disappointed it was removed wasn't completely heart broken as I feel it woudl be easy to top, especailly if we got someone liek RMC to do one from the ground up.
  3. I'd say Drop Tower is the most restrictive ride in the park. Windweeker can be a very tight fit if you have large thighs as that is where the lap bar will rest. It was the only ride my mom had a lot of trouble with when she last went. As a woddy mentioned Flight of Fear and Backlot Stunt Coaster have some restrive lap bars in them and can give trouble. The roomiest coasters seem to be The Bat, Adventure Express, and Vortex. One of my best friends is alrger as well and she has no toruble with them. Can get on most of the woodies with a little help too. But again as has been said a lot depend on how you carry your weight. As mentioned try out any tests seats they have and if unsure or a long line ask to try out a seat before waiting in line if you want.
  4. Adventure Express is currently my second favorite night ride there, pretty much for the reasons you mentioned. Though I think it will get knocked to third by Mystic Timbers though.
  5. Can't wait to try MT at night but Beast will be hard to top for me for night ride. The seclusion just feels even more complete at night, especially if you can get front row on an empty or nearly empty train. Feel like you're alone wandering through the woods in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Yea I'd definitely recommned having a map with you at first until you get more used to it. It's not bad once you get used to the routes but it is a little confusing at first.
  7. I got stuck in King Cobra once, but the only Evan I had was on Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland. Unfortunately we were near one of the emergency doors so didn't get to walk very much of the track.
  8. Weekdays usually aren't too bad even in summer. Honestly I'd wait to buy Fast Lane until you get to the park and see what crowds are like. I've had multiple times that I've gone with friends and we've done all the coasters and major rides, along with some rerides, without the passes and still left the park early. Biggest tip in general I'd say is don't go straight to Mystic Timbers/Diamondback. Since MT is a new coaster for this year that's where crowds will flock to first, but lines will most likely die down during the day. I'd recommend going to Flight of Fear and Firehawk first. They are on the opposite side of the park and usually get the longest waits due to longer load times and capacity. So hit them before the crowds get over there then would probably work around the park. Backside first would probably be best as Backlot Stunt Coaster is there and it has low capacity too so hit it before crowds as well. Most of the other coasters' lines move pretty quickly in general and again usually not too busy on a weekday.
  9. I'd love to get a multi-launch Mack like Blue Fire. Really any sort of blitz style coaster like Maverick or Blue Fire would be great. Maverick is probably my favorite coaster so love to see something like it added but don't see Cedar Fair going with Intaimin in the near future so a Mack is more likely and could do something very similar.
  10. I don't know. Kings Island is done well I feel across all areas, and I think it might be the best themed for their seasonal parks. But I feel liek Knott's Berry Farm is their best themed overall. However that one is a bit different I feel given it's proximity to Disneyland and Universal and being a year round park. I havne't been yet but the theming looks great and their dark rides are the best in the chain hands down. Plus their Halloween event is leaps and bounds ahead of all the others. But i do feel that for the parks int he same ategory as KI within the change that we have the best theming, between the little section of Oktoberfest along with the IS as a whole for a first look inside the park, Rivertown, Coney Mall, and some individual rides like Banshee. CP's fronteir trail is amazing and the Maverick coaster, but outside of that it all feels very generic to me.
  11. YEa I really want to go back sometime but want to wait for at least the current additions to get installed and have Star Wars Land and Toystory at HS, and check out Pandora. Plus the 50th for Magic Kingdom is coming up so might do something else for it as well. If possible try to work inb oth Disney and Universal to a big tripa dn hit Nintendo Land if it's open by the time we go and Volcano Bay.
  12. I can udnerstand the argument for either side, but I personally count it as one credit since it's hte same layout, jsut mirrored, and experience. I counted it as two when one side ran backwards as there was a different expereince for each side.
  13. A couple small things that I think coudl ahve a big impact woudl be to theme Hank's exterior to a more Bavarian feel liek Festhaus and more general German decor around the entire building and patio. Then move Slingshot to X-Base as JArrett mentioned, this woudl allow them to expand into the remaining space King Cobra used to occupy that Delirium didn't take up. Could easily fit 2 or 3 small flats in that area with a German vilage them, maybe have it centered with a large maypole in the middle. This would expand the area and give us some more flats as well This along with a little additional sprucing up would go a long way for the area. Would love to se the glockenspiel on the Festhaus fixed as part of a renovation fo the area too
  14. Would just have to factor in the cost of relocating them in the grand scheme. But agree they aren't an absolute restriction. However, when they have space elsewhere that doesn't require moving equipment and maintenance sheds it seems much better to them. But as others have said there is still a bit of room between Racer and FoF for a small expansion like a flat or two, restrooms and maybe put in a quick service food stand.
  15. I would love to see this as well. Like maybe add "I Put a Spell on You" during Haunt or stuff liek "Last Christmas" for Winterfest music wise. Coudl also ad some christmas lights or stuff.