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  1. I agree with SonofBaconator. I've never ridden Dominator either but I really enjoy Firehawk. It's a fun and unique ride.
  2. I alwyas felt that as well. They had a land themed to a studio backlot and then opened an attraction themed to a studio backot but didn't put it in the matching land. Know space is a bit of a premium in AZ but think it would have been a lot better if they could have found an area back there. If not and lef tit where it was wish it woudl have been rethemed to fit the surrounding area better.
  3. And honestly depending on weight of the boat and where you sit you can actually stay reasonably dry from the splash down itself. Most fo the time I tend to get more wet from the water cannons at the end than I do from the actual splash down most of the time. And agree if wanting to cool down WWC is a lot mroe fun. The drop itself is fun on Amazon Falls but the rest of teh ridde is a bit dull.
  4. I would love to see some classic flats throughout Coney Mall or around the Eiffel Tower added, and tea cups, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Enterprise are top of my list. A Music Express or Bayern Curve would be fun too. As far as Flight Commanders spot goes I think teacups would be best as it is already a raised platform, having it be a flat surface I think woudl be best. Plus with all the poles and cables they have there for their canopy and banners they coudl string up some lights over the top of them. either that or an Enterprise with an LED light package would look great in that spot as well.
  5. Thanks. I was thinking it was that year but couldn't remember exactly, figured I'd play it safe, besides one year's attendance is no indication of another's. However, I'd imagine with it being a big family holiday that it will likely be similar lwo level crowds. It was a great day to visit the park that year. I know Banshee had a long line at the start of the day but by afternoon it was even down to about 20-30 minute waits. Yea that was the biggest deterent to me with buying the drinks in years past at both KI and CP. Liked having the unlimited drinks but hated having to get a locker or try to hid eit and risk it being stolen when going to a ride without bins. Be so nice to have the wristbands for the day now when we go back. I am all for the no bins as well as it does seem to help speed up the loading process and keep lines moving quicker. And with a few exceptions, such as items for little kids you might have to bring, agree with the sentimentthat if it can't fit in your pockets it's not needed at the park. But have always thought it'd be nice if they coudl do some free lockers similar to Universal's that are good for the ride wait time and then jsut get rid of bins on all of the major attractions in the park.
  6. I went on Easter a few years ago when it was the opening weekend and the park was actually pretty low crowds so might not be too bad. The opening of a new coaster though could affect that.
  7. Think BGT would be the easiest one for them to build up to a more standard CF park/ Agree with WEstcoaster that them having something like a KBF style park in Florida would be good. There is a lot of competition in central Florida, but there's not really any parks there like CF has. They are msotly family style parks with dark rides and simulators. Just the occassional coaster. BGT is the closest thing to a CF park there and it's still only a selection of coasters and rides. That I could see something that is mroe like KI or CP doing well with residents at least. Might not get the big visitor draw and be real competition on a national market compared to Disney and Universal but people in the region might like it for something with more thrill rides adn big coasters, and doesn't cost $100s for annual passes. My only worry with them actually getting BGT would be the animals and the likelihod that they'd stay. I imagine they'd probably get ride o them to allow more room for expansions and less upkeep worries and maintenance.
  8. Yea TR:TR's themign was excellent. Fully immersed from teh get go adn some of the best theming I've seen for a regional park. It almost had a Disney/Universal feel to it with the themed queue, the preshow rooms and preshow video with lighting effects (the final preshow room with the goddess statue was awesome), and the details on the ride itself were all amazing. Was so sad to see it gutted when Paramount left. Agree though that I expect MT theming to be more on par with Banshee/AE. Probably have the nice plaza and station of Banshee but a little more theming on teh course of the run like AE with the shed and such. Plus be heightened a bit with the setting of teh coaster falling in line with the theme of the ride itself.
  9. So it loosk liek Miss Adenvture Falls, the new water slide at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World, officially opned up this weekend. Seeing some videos of it, I have to admit it looks really nice and seems like it'd be a lot fun. Love the backstory with it, the animatronic parrot, and all hte props around the slide. Still bummed they took out Shark Reef for it though as that was a very fun and unique attraction but at least htis turned out better than I was expecting and will make a great addition to the park. Attached a link from Youtube to some video of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seBJGxMA1Kc
  10. Yea that's what I meant by the plaza. They've got a whoe little section there and not jsut a solitary ride. The big stand out to me is the theming and scenery. It looks fantastic and much more natural and immersive. The rest of the park looks pretty nice but found the theming a bit underwhelming as the different holidays are represented mostly through color than decor. Would be really cool if the Halloween area had gothic architecture and stone bulding/castle looks instead of the basic building with purple and orange paint. The rest of the park feels about the same. However, Thunderbird's area has the full barn queue/station and all the little props and farm fields, etc. around it and log cabin/rustic looking building that's fit the theme and seem natural. Also agree with calakapepe that if they moved Hyena Falls and utilized it's spot and the old Pilgrims Plunge area that would open up a lare section for them to add additional attracions to, either a few flats or another major attraction/coaster or such. Just hope they keep the detail that they gave Thunderbird for any future expansions.
  11. Yea Thunderbird has a long walk but as stated above it has its own little pavilion, whereas The Bat is all by itself. Plus the Thunderbird plaza looks amazing with lots of detailed scenery and The Bat is very bare bones with just a flat metal station and the track. (Though the new orange track and dark grey supports look great.) As far as putting stuff back by The Bat bit sure how feasible that is as that whole area is essentially in the side of a hill. They would have to construct platforms to put anything else along there so don't see much else getting placed in that area in the meantime.
  12. I'm not srue they really added anything to it though. The ride took you through the different season with Smurfs and think the bit near the end always had that Crhismtas scene in it, so not really anything spceial for Winterfest.
  13. Probably Diamondback. Will head over towards Mystic Timbers first but since Diamondback is on the way will hit it most likely. Though our son is still getting new to coasters, was afraid of them until he went ont eh ones at Universal and loved them, so might need to start smaller first and jsut do MT.
  14. I feel like there is plenty of room in that spot for it still though. Understand taking it down for construction, but wish they would have put it back up when they were done.
  15. Love to see something like it, probably themed to Peanuts, come back. Thinkt eh Peanuts characters could work well for this style as they are simplistic animation like Smurfs. And I'm always down for more dark rides int he parks.