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  1. I would personally like to see a motocoaster themed with horse cars like Pony Express at Knott's. Have it take up that area and be a fast twisty coaster that coudl be thrilling family ride like Backlot but nicer looking. Would be a good cross for the area between Coney and Rivertown having a sort of steeplechase feel and horses for the old town/western feel.
  2. Yea definitely not good. Situation is bad enough but for his boss to ignore it completely is really bad.
  3. Wonder if it will have a general Roman gods theme to it and maybe each train will be themed to a different go and that's what these teasers are for. After Pluto and Mercury (Hermes in Greek) seems to confirm a Roman theme though. Mercury would be easy to theme to since he flies around. So could also be a flight of Hermes to the Underworld.
  4. Not sure the overall extent of damage but sounds like it was more of a bump than a crash. supposedly it came to a stop with the breaks but somehow the drive wheels engaged and pulled the train in the block breaks into the station with the other train. since the one was loading and dive coasters are floorless trains the platform was up so the train coming in bent it causing damage to the floor that will need fixed. If these are the actual details of what happened I'l be curious to see if it was an error on the part of a ride op accidentally engaging the drive wheels or if it was a system malfunction.
  5. Yea I don't see them removing Timberwolf either. But it would give a lot of room for that section. I don't think a structure like RMC would be too bad near the entrance, especially when it's at a park that is known best for its wooden coasters and line up of them. Do agree that I could see Inverigo and Congo Falls be removed and a new ride go into that space but it's a bit more limiting. Wouldn't mind seeing a themed water coaster there to kind of replace Congo but still be thrilling. I agree. Would much rather see them tear down the station and open that space up a bit more and make it look nicer. Could possibly add in a new flat ride in the area of the queue/station if they really wanted but feel like a third coaster there would get too congested looking for the track alone, plus three coasters right together would get crowded for people too.
  6. I agree with Action Zone. It's still easily the weakest area of the park in my opinion. The studio theme it had was stripped out after Paramount left leaving it very bare looking. It improved with Banshee and getting the shaded seating area and plaza for it but overall the land is not cohesive like the other areas. With Banshee and The Bat additions I'd like to see them do kind of a dark forest theme. A simple repair of both Drop Tower and Delerium would have a big impact and could put in some more trees for shading. I'd ideally take out Timberwolf and Invertigo for a new coaster that would be a ground up RMC hybrid. They could even make it a Black forest theme and tie it in with Oktoberfest.
  7. It’s not something I see needing to happen soon but if Vortex ever had to be removed I think that would be the perfect spot for a B&M dice coaster. Have the lift in the same spot with the drop facing out towards the Eiffel Tower. agree with others that there might be a new design by the time they’d add another major coaster that could go in somewhere. Would love to see an RMC though. Another pipe dream but with current names wouldn’t mind seeing Action Zone changed to a dark woods themed as discussed elsewhere and have Invertigo and Timberwolf removes and a new RMC hybrid go in that area.
  8. I think an Air Race or similar style ride would make a great fit for X-Base along with an Enterprise to round out the land and give it variety. Both could easily be themed to an air base. i think a Screamin Swing would be a great addition to the park as a whole and while it would fit X-Base well I think it could work well in Rivertown. Tear down the Crypt building and put it there with a mining rig theme and use the existing queue to keep the mine theme. It could even be worked in the the Mystic Timbers story of the area.
  9. Think it's a bit of a tug of war between them for which is the bigger go right now. Think wings can have good visual appeal when done right with the near misses. But could see dives overall becoming a real go to for many for the reasons SonofBaconaor stated. Being a more compact design if needed can make it fit into more places easily and possibly help keep costs down with less land clearing needed
  10. They could still do small expansion in X-Base if they wanted by utilizing the open area to the left when walking in that would go behind FoF's photo booth/exit. Considering the photo booth is rarely ever open anymore they could even tear that down to open up the pathway more for an expansion with a flat and possibly a quick service food area.
  11. As well as Outer Limits: Flight of Fear now simply being Flight of Fear.
  12. liek the purple track. bet it will look great and stand out at the park, especailly against the wood and all the greenery around it
  13. Fridays are usually a little slower since it's night only so people tend to prefer to go for the full day saturday. But Saturdays often start off pretty slow and jsut get progressively busier as the day progresses. It does get pretty crowded but when the mazes first open the ride lines usually die down for a bit while people go to the mazes then slowly build as people go to get night rides in. I haven't done it yet either but have heard that Sundays are usually pretty calm as it's only open during the day and does none of the scary stuff or mazes, just has the family friendly events so the big thrill rides are usually not too busy as its a day focused more on family.
  14. Think it could be fun and add something new to the area. KI really needs some more good flat rides, whether family of thrill. Think a Madhouse could be a decent fit for that location. Whatever goes in I would like to see have a mining theme to some type. Then they could keep the queue line pretty much as it, just re-theme the exterior of the opening. This would fit in well with the theming for the area too. Would still prefer a Screamin' Swing (which could get rid of the large unsightly building then too.) but could put that in a new X-Base as well. Could see a Madhouse themed to a lift to go down the shaft or something in a mine and fit in well there.
  15. I'm very excited for this change. To me the RHoF Grill stuck out in a bad way where it was. And especially after the addition of Mystic Timbers it looked really bad to me. It was surrounded by nice Rivertown theming that it didn't belong to at all. This change will help improve that area greatly for me. RFYLCB even gives a nice transition from Planet Snoopy to Rivertown with it being a bit of a combination of the two.
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