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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. This would be my exact pick too
  2. I agree. I’d keep It for Winterfest as well to add to the lineup.
  3. They definitely had lots of potential for theming opportunities but most were just names slapped on generic rides. The extended queue for Top Gun was nice but Tomb Raider was definitely their best. When it first opened the theming was top notch and really immersed you into the ride and story. I was blown away by the theming and details the first time I went on it.
  4. It looks great and the theming in the first half is top notch. my one hope though is that the speed gets increased some for opening. It seems to go very slow over a lot of the hills in the first half. Could make some good hangtime but i prefer quick transitions to that.
  5. This is what I would love to see replace Vortex for Coney Mall. They are usually small foot prints too so Feel like they could split Vortex's plot to that for CM and the rest for Rivertown for a new attraction
  6. I have envisioned an expansion utilizing the area back near Beast's station. I like the idea of the mining activity, and I've always wanted a Screamin' Swing to go where the Crypt was. Tear down the show building but leave the queue intact just rethemed as a mine. I would also move the petting zoo back to that area as well themed to a farm like Cedar Point's. As much as I like Slaughterhouse I would probably reuse that space for part of this too. I'm a bit mixed on the coaster addition though. I would utilize part of the space and expand the building to wrap around more. i would build a dark r
  7. Paramount seemed to feel there was one when they built Tomb Raider. Always felt out of place and don't want to see jungle/rainforest in Rivertown.
  8. Would like to see the area expanded upon but wouldn't want to see it take over the AE space. Oktoberfest needs expansion badly too so taking away from it for another area that has other possibilities for growth wouldn't be my choice. The first thing I'd do for A72 would be to utilize the area shown for flat rides to put in a new flat and relocate Slingshot next to it. This would give the area two new attractions from the get go and open up space in Oktoberfest for another new flat.
  9. I would like to see some upgrades and enhancements to WWC but I don't want to see it get a big lift and drop like MRF. Ithink it would hurt the immersion in the forest for it. Mystic Timbers has already cut into the area a bit. Would like to see more theming to tie in with the Mystic Timbers story added along the course and some fog or other effects added (misters back in the tunnels maybe) but overall I think it's a great rapids ride and wouldn't want to change it too much
  10. I could see a dive coaster come but I would like to see a multi-launch, especailly if it's an intense snappy one like Maverick. Another possibility that I could see as well that might be more budget conscious would be a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster. I think it would be a great fit for part of Vortex's old plot and they've already worked with them on it before at Knott's so just as likely as a Mack multi-launch. With the cost of Mack adn B&M I could see a big but cheaper coaster for the next major one.
  11. 1. Diamondback 2. Mystic Timbers 3. Beast 4. Banshee 5. Delirium Note: I have not ridden Orion yet so it coudl likely bump Delirium off the list. HM: tough choices to Drop Tower and AE as well Previous rides of Tomb Raider (original version) and Phantom Theatre would have been on here as well.
  12. Would be happy to see any of these get some theming to them. Diamondback and Bat really don't have much of any. However, I selected Adventure Express because the theming I think would have the most impact. Diamondback and Bat would mostly just be a themed station and queue like Banshee and Orion. Whereas Adventure Express has theming along the entire ride to really improve the ride experience from queue to exit. I'd be happy to just see all the original effects fixed and put back in and turned on. But I would love to see it get rethemed to fit better into Oktoberfest and theme it as a tri
  13. I think a big wheel in Planet Snoopy could be good. The height would be thrilling for kids but it's a mild ride still that's fit for families. Plus it would give another tall point to that side of the park as aside from the peak of Diamondback (which is a little bit away still) that are is relatively flat in comparison with the kids rides, log flume, etc. So it would balance the skyline more. I think one on International Street would impede the appearance o that area and the Eiffel Tower a bit. Coney Mall could be a good fit too but not sure where exactly to put it and there are already lots
  14. I agree. Orion's surrounding area and queue, especially with Area 72 (the news truck, crater, etc. Plus Flight of Fear's hangar building also acting as a thematic element) is all great and probably the best theming I've seen or a giga. But the focus on the ride itself is just the ride. Mystic Timbers is themed from the moment you reach the entrance tot he queue until you leave the exit path. It has the surrounding area with the woods (that covers the entire ride), heavily themed queue, station, and more just like Orion, but it goes a step further. The trains themselves themed to trucks, the au
  15. Love for it to keep a mine theme but think either of those would be good additions for the old Tomb Raider building. Love to see a flying theatre but not sure what theme they’d use in that location. Maybe a madhouse there with a haunted mine theme and a flying theatre around Internstional Street or Coney Mall
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