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  1. Agree that the scariness aspect is very subjective. Different houses also means different themes, so even two comparable houses of same quality and scare actors could be viewed vastly different by someone in terms of scariness. Also, people remembering house back to the Paramount days versus now were also younger back then and maybe more easy to scare than hey are now.
  2. Would love to have a return of Phantom Theatre so voted that as best. Don't think any of these proposals are bad but voted Camp Snoopy as the worst just because it's the one I would care about the least as I don't spend much time in that area compared ot the rest of the park. I would like to see it converted to Camp Snoopy overall though with more trees and theming added.
  3. It's a shame we are just now getting Adventure Port as the Tomb Raider ride would have fit in a lot better there. Though even then might have put it in Rivertown. Italian Job was a perfect fit thematically for Action Zone and it still went to Coney Mall.
  4. For the PTCs, I wonder how easily they could work it where they run fewer trains. Would be slower but one train operations (or run just one side of racer with two trains) and then do maintenance on the other trains during this time. If they get those done, then swap them for the ones that were running and do the off season maintenance on them at that point. Capacity would be hurt, but with the lower crowds in the park during this time it might not be too bad.
  5. Yea when it opened it was very out of place there. It is at least easy enough to retheme to fit the area by turning the cave into a mine and swap out landscaping. I love Diamondback, but agree that it's station/splashdown/brake run really killed the charm of swan lake and made it a lot more barren in that area. This along with BLSC replacing the antique cars and it's beautiful landscaping right across the path really hurt that area. BLSC (Italian Job) opening in 05, then to turn around and start construction in 07 for Diamondback was a real one-two punch for that section.
  6. I voted Adventure Express as it would be a fun coaster that work well for families and is great for night rides. With the new additions this off-season they could add some lighting effects for at night that would be great. Racer would be a nice one too as it would look great along the Coney midway during the event.
  7. With all their classic rides and old props they seems to still have they use for events would be cool to see them make a large “legacy store” gift shop like Universal Studios did. If they don’t reuse the entrance sign somewhere in the queue would be a great addition in a shop like that.
  8. Love the 50's theme and as mentioned there's already lots of 50's stuff there. I do agree with brenthodge that I would change the theme of the new coaster to something more rock and roll or something else generic 50's. Car is easy to theme but with KM Antique Autos and BLSC being included it would be a lot of car themed rides. Be easiest with BLSC to keep car theming and just give it a hot rod type theme and some new décor, and then do something else for the new coaster. Could also expand it back into the Action Theatre area too if they wanted to add more to the land for a second phase/expansion.
  9. Yea that was my thought, if keeping the building this would be a good concept for it. The theming in the video and the layers, like the area below when the platform tilts down gave me a TR:TR vibe. Agree that a screen based attraction would be best for a new ride in the building (top choice would still be to tear down the building and add a large flat like a Screamin' Swing). Thought a flying theatre would be good too.
  10. I would be happy enough for all the current elements to be restored, and the sound effects and fog for the first bit to return. Main wish list item would be to have full theming of the third tunnel like the other 3 have. That stretch always feel so out place to the rest of the ride, like the ran out of budget and just stopped. The first one has a nice mine shaft look with props. Second has stone tiled wall look throughout with spear effects and artifact props, final lift has the statues chamber. The the third tunnel is just a basic wooden box with a spinning light. I know the little rock facade and red light are supposed to simulate a volcano, but I would have never guessed that if I wasn't told. can keep the volcano theme but love to see it get a rock wall interior with orange/red/yellow underlighting below track to simulate lava/magma with light fog for a steam effect. Other potential enhancements would be something for the turn into the station. Don't think there is much they can do for it, but just a little theming would help that little dip and turn not feel so plain after the lift. Additonal queue and station theming/props would be great too. Neither of these is really necessary but would enhance the experience.
  11. For the area they are retheming though this was the obvious theme that was already there. This area doesn't include Festhaus or Viking Fury, so take those out and you had the Biergarten (generic patio/bar area with the most minimal German theme, msotly flags), Hank's (mexican restaurant that is staying as is) and Adventure Express (jungle/ruins themes mine train that is staying mostly as is). So really it would have required more work to change the space into German/Oktoberfest theme than this one. Ay new additions would be the same effort regardless of theme, but Hank's/Biergarted to Enrique's/Mercado is mainly just a paint job, and Adventure Express already fits. To go to Adventure Express would have required some building transformation of Hank's and a lot of retheming work on Adventure Express. That said I was hoping myself for the Oktoberfest redo and a change of those areas to that theme as well, but I do think this looks great and is still a bit of a call back to KI history with Adventure Village.
  12. From these aerial shots ours looks the weakest of the 4 but the ground level concept art they showed looked really good and feel like our could potentially be better than CP or Cw.
  13. Sad to see Oktoberfest cut back greatly when we were hoping for an enhancement/expansion, but this concept art looks fantastic as well so I'm very happy. Been hoping for more flats and these two were both towards the top of the list. Is funny that despite losing the Oktoberfest area we are basically getting the return of Der Spinning Keggers. Do wonder if they will just annex Viking Fury and Festhaus into International Street. They would fit right in with it and really don't think is enough with the two of them to really be its own mini-land even so think incorporating them into IS would be the best. Most excited to see what they do with Adventure Express. Love the coaster but it has needed some TLC. Really hope they add theming to the third tunnel. The other three all have great theming in them then just have a wooden shed with a red light for it. I know it was supposed to be a volcano and the red light for lava or something but just felt so cheap compared to the rest of the ride.
  14. This is what I'm hoping for. Don't see any announcements for big additions this late in the season, especially with no construction having been visible, however Slingshot's location being cleared does open a spot for a flat ride that could be installed fairly quick. Just seems odd that it wasn't announced along with other park additions. But, the same could be said for year-round operations not being announced alongside Carowinds and KD yesterday. I'm expecting year-round announcement. Winter's can be bad hear but if KD can, Ohio isn't that drastically different from VA. My hope if there is a year round announcement is that we will get more attractions in the future that can support this. The park really needs more flats and maybe we can get more indoor/dark rides added that would be able to run throughout the year. Have always felt that the old Action Theatre is a perfect spot for a new dark ride and would put it on opposite end as Boo Blasters to spread out.
  15. Simple lighting and projections things would go a long way as some mentioned. Flight of Fear being enhanced for Haunt especially would be great. Add a couple scare actors in the queue and some projections. Could do projections for Winterfest as well if installing equipment anyway. New projections for Mystic Timbers as well in the shed. Create a couple new monsters to attack based on the holidays. Train would be really easy. Love to see something for both. They have done stuff before for Winterfest (not sure if they still do), but add a ghost story element for Haunt as well. Think there is something about how many days it can operate though so if can't do both I'd save it for Winterfest as it doesn't have as many attractions. Boo Blasters could just get seasonal décor added to the interior, decorate the mansion for the holidays. Did like in the past when they had scare actors in it during Haunt as well. The same for the Antique Autos. Seasonal decorations for both holidays, maybe have zombie scare actors roaming around the grassy areas as it's next to Killmart during Haunt.
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