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  1. Could be a repeat of this year as well since there have been strong rumors of a new coaster for Busch Gardens Williamsburg as well. So potentially new coasters, or at least new major rides, in all 5 parks again.
  2. I'm excited to see how this land turns out but likely won't get to see it in person until it comes to Orlando. Little disappointed that this announcement didn't really tell us much at all. About all the new stuff we learned was about the wrist bands for interactive play with the land. Was hoping for some new details on the rides.
  3. For that video concept, I would love to get a skyride and a new Monster to greatly increase its capacity. Hang glider I think would make a better attraction for Area 72 with the flight theme for that area. I personally think this would actually make a great addition for Oktoberfest. It seems like it would have a pretty small foot print so might be able to fit in where the ladder game is currently and can move/remove it. Call it Glockenspiel and theme ti to a German clock tower.
  4. I don't see KMAA coming off either but more so because of it's more limited capacity. Opening it up to all FL would allow more people into the line and it's not one that moves real fast to begin with. So I think it will likely stay on there for a few years. And even adding Orion, there's only 5 rides on it that aren't on the regular pass (dry side) so it's not limiting the regular line too bad. I feel like Flight of Fear being a lower capacity coaster and Beast being the parks trademark coaster that neither would be likely to leave either. So if a ride was likely to drop off the list I'd put my guess on Mystic Timbers.
  5. The distnace is probably not far off but its the same on all of them. because of the forces and speed the hill has to even out pretty high up. So probably just be 85* for a small portion of the drop but you'll still notice it.
  6. Think more family level attractions as a whole, not jstu the kids area. They have a great kids area now and don't want them to ignore it but feel liek more family level flats and attractions spread around the park would be good. There's a few for the whole family in PS but it's mostly just Coney Mall for family rides. Rest of the park seems to be coasters and big flats. Want to see them really focus on addign more flat rides and maybe a new dark ride or something.
  7. the coaster looks liek a lot of fun but not sure it would really add a lot to the park honestly. We already have a standard family woodie with Woodstock Express, a classic out and back (similar to this) with the hills with Racer, a unique layout that is a legendary classic with Beast, and a modern woodie with Mystic Timbers. My top choice for the next wooden coaster would be a hybrid to get something more different fro what we currently have.
  8. though it could be a sign for other parks Arrow loopers. Ones that have had conversions of some type i wound't expect to go anywhere but maybe other ones coudl get replaced.
  9. I was wondering that too. Not surprised to see them move them at least as it seemed liek there were never many people over there. Kind of get ignored off on their own and not really noticed while in the waterpark. Plus the location would be prime for a Thanksgiving expansion or something else in that spot. Possibly if they put in a big water coaster or something else that utilized Pilgrim's Plunge and went around the Mayflower to utilize that space too. Otherwise could be used for a small flat ride expansion area.
  10. Knowing we won't be able to get the same rides back even jsut ones that evoke the same spirit Id love to see. With KCKC, we could really use a larger flume somewhere in the park that goes through the treetops and offers a bigger thrill than RFYLCB. I like the flume we have but a bigger one would be great. Seems liek most are getting removed though so doesn't seem likely so I'm just glad we still have the one we do. Would love to see the return of a good classic dark ride like Phantom Theatre too. Maybe put it elsewhere in the park and keep Boo Blasters a shooter but give it a Charlie Brown theme for Planet Snoopy. Then give a good story based dark ride with animatronics and effects over where Action Theatre was or something.
  11. Disney and Universal parks are kind of on another tier to your standard regional park so not counting them I'd probably say Dollywood as well. The atmosphere and theming in the mountain location is amazing. Plus the rides, shows and food are all top notch. I'm hoping to get to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Hersheypark this summer so we'll see if either one takes the spot. For just general rides it is hard to beat Cedar Point, but outside of the Frontier Trail I don't really feel like there is any theming or atmosphere to the park so some others get pushed above for giving an overall better expereince even if they don't match up on overall ride lineup.
  12. I think their resorts get a lot more than just the attendees off Dollywood. With it's location to Pigeon Forge/Gatinburg they probably have plenty of visitors to the city itself that stay there that never even go to the park, or else a park visit is only a part of their stay. Plus the addition of convention space with this plan will give them more stuff to bring people to them.
  13. Think it looks fun enough and could be made on a larger scale if needed that could increase the excitement. Not every flat needs to be an extreme thrill. At the least this could make a great family level ride in Planet Snoopy and be something pretty unique and awesome to watch too. Do agree that capacity would probably be low as it appears you could only load/unload 8 people at a time of the 32. But if had two rides ops, one for each arm, it could probably go at a reasonable pace.
  14. I think the same. The year will be focused on history for the 150th to a degree and they have confirmed a river expedition attraction. I wouldn't be surprised to see it include the return of the Paddlewheel. I'm guessingthe announcement will be more information on this attraction. Possibly the boat's return and what sort of story and theming it will have.
  15. That was my first thought too. Kind of a next gen concept of it. Looks like these swinging a bit more freely to actually flip around more too so could make a great thrilling ride.
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