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  1. I agree. I'd love to see a Mack multi-launch/Intamin blitz style coaster as I love them, but I think a Gerstlauer infinity coaster would be the best fit. It matches the boarwalk style feel of the section and can pack in the inversions to truly replace Vortex too. Plus as mentioned having a compact foot print can allow other attractions in that area as well, whether Coney or Rivertown.
  2. I'm sure there are worse ones out there but seem to have been pretty lucky with experiences overall. T3 is probably mine though. Could not wait to get off that coaster when I rode it. It's been the only one I can think of that I have no desire to ride again. My last ride on Mean Streak shortly before it closed to make way for Steel Vengeance was pretty rough, but I would probably have still ridden it again on my next trip there still. Don't think I'll ever ride T3 again.
  3. That’s what I envision too. Nothing extreme like Knott’s. Some static scenery in spots and lights on the trees that mimic the concept art for MT. Then sounds or something to give the concept of something in the woods. Basically just something showing an idea of logging and nature fighting back.
  4. Before Mystic Timbers I'd agree but wouldn't mind seeing some story additions to it. I don't think it needs huge stuff but just some small bits to add some story elements from MT to it. With the rides intertwined so much it would work well. It's still nice being separated from the main part of the park with it but it doesn't have the same feeling of seclusion anymore. I miss the queue walk through the woods and being completely separated form the rest of the park and not emerging back until you get off the exit path. With the coaster crossing over it throughout the course and more trees r
  5. I would love to see this as I think the Camp Snoopy theme looks a lot better at the parks and more trees would be great. Plus as others said it is a better transition into Rivertown. I do like the idea of a camp theme dark ride for Boo Blasters. Always pictured something with the holidays as those specials are what they're really known for but the camping theme would fit the camp idea better. I would also remove the stage and petting zoo (relocated to a Rivertown expansion for a small farm area) area to open up a large chunk of land for new additions. New rides I would put would be
  6. They could add one and I think it would be a different enough experience from Drop Tower. However, I'd much rather see them expand their collection of flat rides more first before adding another tower ride. I don't feel this is really necessary.
  7. This is what I would do with it as well. Feel like a Black Forest/dark forest goes well with Bat and Banshee as well. A simple re-theme for the other rides would be good and plant a bunch of trees to give more of a forest vibe. I would add an ivy tunnel between the two to bring it back and help with the transition between the two areas. I would also spruce up Oktoberfest as well. Move or remove Slingshot to open space for a small flat (Der Spinning Keggers or a Skywarp ride for a modern Bayern Kurve) and retheme Adventure Express to the Black Forest. I would take out Invertigo and Congo F
  8. Looks short but fun. If they wanted to keep the overall experience of a water ride but newer, and better fit for the area, I always thought something like this would make a good replacement for Congo Falls.
  9. That’s true did forget about it for a moment. Haven’t made it there since they added it. With its compact layout would love to see them get something like an RMC raptor eventually.
  10. Nice to see them finally get a big inverting coaster as well. The ones they had were always fun and didn't mind but it's nice to have one that goes upside down now too.
  11. Kings Island I'd say. I didn't get to the others at the time but seeing what they got it looked like we had some of the best and a better focus on theming overall (Italian Job just should have been in the similarly themed Action Zone). Tomb Raider was probably the big thing to me for it as well. The ride type on its own was just ok but the level of theming and immersion was something I had never seen at a park like KI before. Felt near Disney level to me when it first opened.
  12. I agree with you about WDW. Disneyland is fun too and agree with TombRaider that it is the quintessential theme park and better than Magic Kingdom, but WDW has so much more to offer overall. Disneyland is a few day trip, Disney World you can go to for a week and still not get to everything you want. Dollywood I would put on there as well. The park is gorgeous with a great selection of food, shows, and rides. Especailly at Christmastime it is gorgeous. I'd recommend it for a great Christmas trip. Cedar Point is a must for enthusiasts as well for the coaster collection. You cant beat
  13. It kind of seems that way a bit from the POV but I feel the true intensity of their rides don't come across in their onride POVs. I know from the ones I've ridden like Storm Chaser and Lightning Rod, their videos seem much tamer than their rides. Especially with Lightning Rod's quadruple down. It looks like a calm smooth decent down the side of the hill there but in reality you are getting tossed all over and thrown out of your seat.
  14. There’s a possibility for selling but given that most of these rides are very old I’m betting a big part of their removal is maintenance and service life issues. If so they’re probably more apt to be scrapped than sold.
  15. I think it could fit in most areas with the right Theme. Any flat fits Coney in general. Could easily get a flight test theme for Area 72, a logging/buzzsaw theme for Rivertown, or if we got the dark forest retheme many ask for for Action Zone it could have a windmill theme, AZ as is would accommodate any thrilling flat.
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