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  1. purdude86

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    But MS was very well liked and didn't disappear complete just reworked into something better. The only wooden coasters at KI are Beast (a legendary coaster that is the park's signature attraction), Racer (a historical coaster that could use some TLC but still well lover), Mystic Timbers (a new coaster), Woodstock express (kids/family coaster that wouldn't make much sense to really announce and doesn't open up land for a big addition). So if one of the wooden coasters was being teased here it would likely be either Racer or Beast, neither of which seem likely, and both of which would be major changes that would deserve to have plenty of announcement to get another ride in. If it was The Beast I could see them promote an entire season for it's final one (unless it was because of unforeseen reason they'd have to shut it down in which case I'd imagine they would inform people as soon as they could.)
  2. given that it isn't a large area I'm hoping that there is a new flat or two going in it's place and not a food stand or arcade. Could be a nice extension of the Gemini Midway. Maybe a G2 Enterprise at least and maybe a second flat if they can.
  3. purdude86

    Annual Pride Event

    I think I saw one and wondered if it was mostly a large group riding together or not. Had multiple times where my husband and i, or our son and his gf were the only ones in a train. The night was a blast and weather held out great for it. Was our first Pride Night and would definitely go to another.
  4. purdude86

    New Coaster for Planet Snoopy?

    Yea but Kings Island also has a lot in its kids area that others don’t. Woodstock Gliders and Surf Dog are usually in other areas at different parks, not many have a log flume, we’ve got 3 full circuit coasters, petting zoo, stage that has been used for shows over the years. And while not as wide as some other still a decent selection of other rides. Boo Blasters is technically listed as part of International Street but many consider it a part of PS given entrance location and the fact that building has usually been classified for PS. So that gives our kids area a dark ride too. So while the line up of flats might not be as good can’t think of other parks with a kids area that include 3-4(delendin Surf Dog classification) coasters, log flume, dark ride, stage shows, petting zoo, character meet and greets, true family level rides for all ages, and a usual assortment of kids rides. So honestly I feel like they could do nothing with the area for awhile and still continue to win the award. Though there is always room to improve. Would love to see Boo Blasters get a full Peanuts theme and became a new dark ride. Then put in a new family/adult level dark ride elsewhere. (Maestro’s Revenge?)
  5. Might have figured not much point to it. Park is only up for Halloween mostly now so be dark a lot of teh time and all the rides around it give views right into it anyway, especially with WindSeeker right next to it so it's not really going to hide anything from view really.
  6. True. Many of the comparison coasters between KI and CP I tend to prefer KI's better. Banshee>Raptor, AE>CCMR, Racer>Blue Streak (and general wooden collection better at KI), Diamondback>Magnum (though this one is close), Vortex>Corkscrew/Rougarou (depending on which you want to compare it too), The Bat>Iron Dragon. GateKeeper is unique but felt it is the weakest wing rider I've been on. However, Valravn and Dragster (though very short) were both great and Maverick is my favorite coaster right now. Haven't ridden Steel Vengeance yet but it looks amazing. So KI might have the better collection for comparison but that's not to detract from the great selection at CP either.
  7. purdude86

    Flat ride package?

    Screamin' Swing would be great. Only ridden Barnstormer at Dollywood but loved it. It would also be one of the easiest to theme as well to any area of the park. Think would work best with some sort of mining/drilling or possibly farm theme in Rivertown or a flying/aviation theme in X-Base. Would be a perfect addition for Kings Island as well since it is a major thrill ride but is one that kids can enjoy as well so still kind of fits the family vibe the park seems to go for overall while being a major flat ride too. I'd be fine with more standard smaller flat rides as well, just feel our park needs more of them overall, but some big ones like that would, and great for more of an "off year" to have a big impact ride with a lower price tag.
  8. For a basic eatery it is ok but it's a pale comparison to how it has been in the past. It's a German themed restaurant that currently serves Asian and Italian food. Would be nice if there was some form of German cuisine offered. Even pretzels and wurst/sausages would be fine. The broken clock would be great to have working again and better shows. It used to house much better shows than the current cover band shows they do. (I believe it even had ice shows but can't recall exactly). Some more décor inside would be appreciated too. Unfortunately as you stated it works just fine currently for an eatery and so I don't see them sinking the money into the place, and overall just don't see the Oktoberfest area getting too much attention in general but would love to be proven wrong.
  9. It was a spinning teacups style ride themed to beer barrels. The base of it also tilted up.
  10. The look in the video definitely seems as if it would fit best in Coney Mall, but you could easily theme it and make it less flashy by having fewer lights and and a different color scheme or design to fit whatever area of the park it would go into.
  11. purdude86

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    The rotating suspended coaster would be great for it. Could use the powered elements int he track to make good dark ride sections within the building but then could have more standard coaster elements on the outside. Would be a great use of the space and give a great dark ride/coaster hybrid. A haunted mining theme or something to tie into the Mystic Timbers story that seems to have connections throughout Rivertown would be perfect and could just lightly rework the current entrance and first rooms into a themed mine queue and station.
  12. purdude86

    New Change To Fright Lane

    This reason is why i'm glad they've been seeming to scale back the number of houses the past few years. Initially liked the idea of them having a dozen or so mazes each year but they would be sparesly populated and feel lacking overall. Now this year we are down to 9, wouldn't mind seeing them keep it around 6-8 (especially if have one like Blackout that doesn't really require many people to staff). This can allow them to put more effort into and have more actors in each maze and even the scare zones. So while it might seem more limiting having fewer overall attractions I think the experience would improve and make it a better event.
  13. purdude86

    New Change To Fright Lane

    I kind of agree. Only did the Skeleton Key a couple years but always felt that most of the rooms weren't that amazing. They weren't bad but didn't enhance stuff that greatly. The only one I ever really loved was Slaughterhouse. And I'm hoping that like JubJester said this will just put that many more people into the mazes themselves. Many of them usually felt understaffed and like they could use more scare actors, so if they are closing the Skeleton Key rooms then that is just that is at least 2-3 additional scare actors for the mazes that had them.
  14. I have a few friends down there and some that worked in the hospitality and tourism industry and they've said the same thing. Bugs, including roaches and all others, are really bad with their climate and have to be sprayed for and kept up on constantly. Their apartments usually have routine fumigations and such scheduled as well. It is kind of gross to think of roaches in a food area but it's something that is fairly common or easy to happen in that area.
  15. Agreed seems like everything that gets built now for dark rides are all interactive shooters. Miss having one that you can just ride, like Phantom Theatre.