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  1. purdude86

    Lockers at all rides

    Yea it seems unnecessary to carry all that extra stuff around. Even a purse for women isn't really needed, I'd say just take in a wallet with you or something for the day. I have always thought something like the free lockers at Universal would be perfect but don't really see them doing it. But agree with those above that they should at least have transferable lockers. Just get a wristband that you can scan at different attractions. Can buy a locker for however long you think you'll need it for the park then just scan in and out at different locker stands by the rides. Do agree that it would be nice to have this policy for all rides (at least major ones) to help loading and dispatch faster.
  2. purdude86

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    I do really like this design. It keeps the overall feel of the current entrance with the underpass and hidden view of the park so you get the "big reveal" walking in. The update to the restaurant is great too, especially love the balcony/patio seating too. The structure that evokes a front gate coaster is nice too. Looks good and fits the park, and can kind of give that feel without actually putting a front gate coaster in. It is a nice architectural design as well for a good aesthetic.
  3. purdude86

    Haunt 2018

    yea it pretty much just has Boo Blasters and Carnevil next door in the same building for that area, otherwise it's closed. Can't see them shutting down more as that would require people to walk all the way around the Diamondback lake to get to Mystic Timbers and Diamondback and create a dead end there at two of the largest coasters and more foot traffic having to go by The Beast entrance as well which is always popular too. And i they needed to close it down at night for construction then they same would likely hold true during the day as well, so don't see that being a reason. Kind of the same with Winterfest decorating too.
  4. purdude86

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Agreed. And Disney does updating too but for the most part the entrance and Main Street up to the castle his remained mostly untouched since opening. Changes made have mostly been infrastructure upgrades and shops/food, but the overall aesthetic has remained unchanged. I'd be ok if they spruced up the appearance a bit, but kept the overall feel of the large structure that you pass under and enter into International Street and have everything envelop you at once.
  5. purdude86

    Scarowinds Announced!

    Think those are some of the biggest selling features for a gold pass. If you live close that you go a lot parking is great and a huge saving, but I live in Indy and have personally bought and had friends buy gold pass because it including haunt more so than any other perk. We only would go a few times a year and haunt was always one or two if our visits. With Winterfest now I’d be sure to hit it up as well. Whereas if they weren’t included I’d likely only go every few years as I’d use the opportunity to check out other Halloween and Christmas events and just go back to get that fix and check out a slew of new additions from the previous few years I didn’t go. That means they also aren’t getting my money for food/drink purchases and often bought skeleton key. Also I’d probably be less likely to buy a season pass in general knowing one or two visits wouldn’t be happening from the start so losing out on any money I (and anyone else with similar thoughts/feelings towards it) would have spent throughtout the summer there. So it could potentially hurt financially to not include it.
  6. purdude86

    Haunt 2018

    Yea I’d be surprised if it was closed completely. I could potentially see them not having a scare zone there though so less decorations to have to worry about removing to prep for Winterfest and just am having the basic Peanuts decor for the family stuff
  7. purdude86

    Change one part of a Coaster

    I like options B & C the best. The helix at the start is the only part of the ride I really don't enjoy much. The forces on it are pretty extreme for an element that isn't that thrilling and goes on for too long. Would be happy with a quick overbanked turn into a small dip that comes back up to the current drop. I do agree as well with changing the theming to fit in better with the surrounding area, either make it fit better with Coney Mall or Rivertown. Coney Mall could be an easier fit especially with the 50s type feel of the diner and SR&R next to it. Lends itself better to cars than Rivertown.
  8. purdude86

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Also putting a tall coaster like that right next to Beast would really kill the isolated feeling of it going through the woods. That’s one of the main reasons I prefer it going over by Coney/X-Base. That would also balance the major rides better. Rivertown already has Beast (the park’s iconic coaster), Diamondback (the current tallest and one the major recent additions), and Mystic Timbers (the newest coaster). The only really big draw outside of Rivertown is Banshee for something newer and major. Vortex, Racer, etc are great but for the big crowd draws those 4 are he big ones and 3 are already in the same area.
  9. purdude86

    Best themed coaster at Cedar Point

    Haven’t been there for Steel Vengeance yet but I’d say Maverick easily. None of the other coasters really have much theming. Maverick though has the themed queue and station, the tunnel, and all of the rock work and pond that really enhance the ride. Mystic Timbers I think is definitely CF’s strongest theming for a coaster yet. Regardless of overall thoughts of the ride have to admit the theming is great for a regional park on it. The queue/station with the landscaping, crashes truck, camera feeds; the audio on the lift, the overall story, and the shed (which was underwhelming to some but still something more than a basic break run and adding more theming.)
  10. The two biggest ones to me would be the antique cars and Phantom Theatre. The cars had a beautifully landscaped area and was a ride that people of all ages from little kids to grandparents could have fun with. While I enjoy BLSC it isn’t a major crowd bringer itself, even at opening, and doesn’t utilize the space well or have a picturesque quality to it. Phantom Theatre probably had bigger maintenance costs and issues, especially as it got older, but it was a fantastic ride that again everyone could enjoy. It was really well themed and unique for a regional park as not many had dark rides or at least not to that caliber. It was on par with many classic Disney dark rides and really felt like a midwestern Haunted Mansion. It’s probably the ride I honestly miss the most.
  11. purdude86

    Future multi launch coaster

    I agree. People always say stuff about not needing another wooden coaster in parks when they have a couple but fine with having 20 steel coasters if they could. Different wooden coasters can provide vastly different experiences, and especially once you factor in a hybrid like an RMC. An RMC, Beast, Mystic Timbers, and Racer would all give very different rides. Can understand the park side as I believe the steel coasters are easier to maintain.
  12. purdude86

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    the only problem to me of the magenta/blue combo is i feel it would be too similar to Banshee. I like green track since we don't have any coasters with that, and having it with brown supports to fit the forest would be great. I also think black tracks with a highlighted color could look really dynamic. Like a black base with the edges of the track matching the supports. The only issue I see is like the white supports it could be hard to keep looking new. the fading would be really obvious on it.
  13. purdude86

    Future multi launch coaster

    I could see them put one in eventually that’s a more thrilling one like Maverick, but yea with both BLSC and Flight of Fear I doubt its a priority
  14. purdude86

    Flat ride package?

    Always thought those looked fun. Think it could be a good addition to either Planet Snoopy (the seem to be popular for families and kids especially) or in Oktoberfest with the cars themed to giant beer kegs floating in a pond or river. Would love to see a top spin again, think a top scan and/or a sky fly for x-base, and an enterprise would be great for Coney Mall
  15. purdude86

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think Carowinds is far enough away that their addition should t impact KI’s. Same with CW but with Valravn still being new they probably would wait on a dive