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  1. I think it could fit in most areas with the right Theme. Any flat fits Coney in general. Could easily get a flight test theme for Area 72, a logging/buzzsaw theme for Rivertown, or if we got the dark forest retheme many ask for for Action Zone it could have a windmill theme, AZ as is would accommodate any thrilling flat.
  2. This was my thoughts on it overall. I was still in my teens when it came opened so the roughness didn't bother me at all. But aside from the first drop and loop I found the overall ride experience pretty dull. It was basically just a bunch of helices with a loop in the middle. I still enjoyed it while it was there but wasn't really that sad to see it go, especially once the loop was removed.
  3. I think the area next/behind FoF's exit would be the most logical expansion point at this time as its already pretty open. They just have to add some path around the side of the building and you could easily fit in a flat or there depending on the style. Oktoberfest is still my primary area I'd like to see additions too. The main two rides I'd add would be either a teacups style ride or tilt a whirl themed to beer kegs for a "return" of Der Spinning Keggers. Also I would add some form of Skywarp attraction from Skyline as an homage to Bayern Kurve.
  4. I find it a fun ride as well and a great thrilling family coaster. Not sure where exactly I’d place it but it should have gone in Action Zone when it was built. That area had a movie studio themed and the ride had the same theme with you “filming” a scene for the movie as the rides story.
  5. I need to go back sometime and see Wildwood Grove and heck everything out again but want to wait until it can be more normal. Hoping maybe to doa family trip to the area next holiday season
  6. Yea I think it's more a matter that Fall is usually quite busy at the parks, and with CP being busy as of late it just makes sense to go back to this. Wouldn't be surprised if more parks do.
  7. The live actors part was done during Cedar Fairs run as well. I remember going around 2013 and there were 3 or 4 scare actors that would jump out at you or slap their hand on your vehicle in Boo Blasters. It made it more fun as with the rotation of the cars sometimes they could hide where you couldn't say and they made my friend jump in his seat one time. Agree with safety standards I don't see it happening again but it was a lot of fun when they did it. Always heard about the live actors at Knott's for the log flume and calico mine train that they no longer have and wish i could have exp
  8. I think the thrill level will be alright on ride. It looks amazing and even if it isn't the fastest it will still be fun. Firehawk only got up to 50 so I doubt this is much lower than that. Plus with you flying right by all the buildings and walls it will feel much faster than it is, as well as add to the excitement with all the interactions with scenery. This park has always been on my bucket list as the rides look great and the scenery and theming is amazing.
  9. I think a skyride connecting Oktoberfest and Coney Mall would be great. I would move/remove Slingshot and the ladder game and use those pads for either a new flat (Der Spinning Keggers?) or a skyride station. Think you could rework the marketplace in that spot and put in a new building with a Bavarian style (and rework the outside of Hank's with the same style) that has an market on ground level and skyride station above it, then use the space of the ladder game for the queue line. it would extend then along the Coney Mall walkway to the far end with a station that is in a Victorian style simi
  10. I think taking what they can learn from Busch and Herschend is the best way. Theming and landscaping as Benjamin22 said would both really improve the experience of the parks. Cloned off the shelf rides for cheaper additions to the lower tier parks would be alright too I think if it means they will get some more attention. I feel like parks should try to have their own identity with different offerings, but many of the low tier parks like MA rarely see new stuff so any love to them would be good.
  11. A Skyrocket 2 would be a great addition as well. Haven’t ridden one but they look fun and visually nice.
  12. I would love to see the Killmart building converted into a funhouse as it would fit in perfectly with Coney Mall and be a fun attraction with a good throughout. However, I'm sure the liability is too high and it won't happen. But it might be possible if they limit the type of things in it. Maybe if it was hanging bags, mirror maze, slide, and stuff like that it would be ok versus spinning and sliding platforms that could trip someone up more and kids get fingers stuck in and injured. Would be great if it could still have a spinning tunnel, if not a regular one than one with an elevated pathway
  13. I agree a modern woodie is what the park really needs. With 18 coasters (counting Pipe Scream as the park does) Blue Streak is their only true woodie and it’s a classic out and back. They could use a good modern twister type wooden coaster.
  14. I think it was a matter of funding for the complex as a whole. There had been a few changes to the project over time and a scaled back version of the complex was announced the start of last year. but now the website for it is gone and has been no mention or updates in over a year. So I think funds fell through or couldn't be acquired and the whole thing got scrapped including this coaster. I wouldn't be surprised to see a version of this coaster eventually installed somewhere but I don't see it happening for awhile with the current state of things. People aren't really looking to drop lots of
  15. Think it looks great for the park. Would be a crowd pleaser for sure and as they don’t have a hyper/air time machine this style would be good for them. Looks kind of like a combination of Orion and Fury
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