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  1. Simple lighting and projections things would go a long way as some mentioned. Flight of Fear being enhanced for Haunt especially would be great. Add a couple scare actors in the queue and some projections. Could do projections for Winterfest as well if installing equipment anyway. New projections for Mystic Timbers as well in the shed. Create a couple new monsters to attack based on the holidays. Train would be really easy. Love to see something for both. They have done stuff before for Winterfest (not sure if they still do), but add a ghost story element for Haunt as well. Think there is something about how many days it can operate though so if can't do both I'd save it for Winterfest as it doesn't have as many attractions. Boo Blasters could just get seasonal décor added to the interior, decorate the mansion for the holidays. Did like in the past when they had scare actors in it during Haunt as well. The same for the Antique Autos. Seasonal decorations for both holidays, maybe have zombie scare actors roaming around the grassy areas as it's next to Killmart during Haunt.
  2. That's great for everyone involved. Do find it strange looking at the list thought that Halloween Haunt at the different Cedar Fair parks are all listed separate, along with Howl-O-Scream at the different Sea World/Busch parks. But Halloween Horror Nights and Six Flags' Fright Fest are lumped together as a whole instead of individual parks.
  3. I'm kind of torn between two options. 90's (late 90's/early 00's really) as this was when I grew up going there so have the nostalgia and think it had some great things at the time. Phantom Theater was and still is one of my favorite attractions from there, still had the original antique cars with the great landscaping there, rides felt more secluded and wooded still (love the new additions but do miss the seclusion that the bigger newer rides have encroached on too) Adventure Express, WWC, and Beast all felt very cut off from the rest of the park and like you were out in the woods by yourself. Love WWC's queue path as well as it almost felt like going hiking for a bit when the line was short. KCKC there for a large flume was fun, and when Tomb Raider first opened in 2002 I loved it as well with it's amazing theming. But then end of that summer when they closed Phantom Theater it started to lose charm. That all said I do love the direction they are going in and agree with what McSalsa was saying. Cedar Fair is making lots of great additions at a great pace, and while not extremely detailed do seem to be pushing with theming and story more. Banshee had some good light theming around the queue and station and Mystic Timber is great. Orion has the queue hangar too, and are bringing back more of the charm with the return of Antique Autos and celebrating the park's history. I voted 90s but it could really go either way.
  4. Overall I would like to see more park improvements like landscaping and some light theming. The area between Storm Chaser and Roller Skater to me looks much better than the rest of the park due to the trees. Would love to see more planted along with other more basic landscaping. A lot of the front half feels like rides on concrete and that is it and the back half is concrete path with some grass around rides. I would also remove T3 and the old showspace by it to open up more land for additional rides. Would like to see the dragster area where Eye of the Storm is located get removed and cleaned up, then add in the RMC Raptor coaster they were supposed to get there. Also not sure how feasible it is but if the picnic grove coudl be moved somewhere else, either behind the flume or behind Lightning Run with the swinging ship relocated. This would allow more rides to be built in that space t connect Kentucky Flyer, the star flyer and ferris wheel with other stuff. Right now they just feel so off on their own due to the waterpark. Would like to see a dark ride added. Outside of rides I think just more festivals throughout the year would enhance it. I agree with others as well that overall a more family friendly themed park would be best too as they have a lot of restrictions on land and height so would be hard to build many massive coasters, but have a good variety with Lightning Run, Storm Chaser, and a Raptor for thrilling coasters too.
  5. The only way I see the building being used would be with a Gerstlauer eurofighter like Mystery Mine at Dollywood. A majority of the caster would be outside the building with just a themed lift or two and small section at the start or end inside with the station. Basically just be room for a turnaround inside to a themed lift and probably be space to do a second themed lift and part of a drop next to it. Any other coaster model wouldn't fit, even dipping in and out as a turn would hardly fit inside. As this would make the building stay for just a couple seconds of interior, I'd rather see it torn down to add a flat and just utilize the themed queue left. Mine shaft queue leading to a Screamin' Swing where the large building once stood is my top choice for that spot.
  6. Probably similar ride style to BLSC. Not too tall being indoors, and with launches instead of a lift with a family thrill level. Think this should be a fun coaster but am curious to see how much theming it will really have. From the way they talked in the announcements it seems like it will be mostly in the dark with some projections and lighting effects. Doesn't seem like there is a lot of room for many physical set pieces.
  7. That as well as if they are receiving more money, any loss from incidents gets mitigated by the greater capital upfront as well.
  8. I don't think we are too big for a Gerstlauer. They can do at least 16 seats per train. This is more than BLSC and only one car less than Flight of Fear. Probably higher capacity than Invertigo as well. And honestly if Cedar Point thinks a wild mouse can handle their crowds than an Infinity coaster would be fine at Kings Island. It probably wouldn't be as quick of a line as the B&Ms but would still work. That said, your points for B&M are very true and would not be surprised to see more from them. There are still wing, dive and flying coasters that would be different from what we currently have. And while enthusiasts might not all be hyped about a dive coaster, they are popular with the general public so could see one of them going in.
  9. Wonder if it's just going to be rethemed then?
  10. I would love to see a Phantom Theatre maze. Would be so fun.
  11. I agree, when it first opened it was really well done and liked the theming throughout the queue line with scare actors roams the lawn with all the junk and fires around, and then continuing through the exit path back to the midway with the military personnel. Not long after it premiered was cut to just the building and has gone down year over year since.
  12. I can see Planet Snoopy get some love soon too, maybe conversion to Camp Snoopy, but I think Oktoberfest might be next. The removal of Slingshot opens up lots of space for a new flat or possibly 2. If they aren’t major ones they could do a flat ride package that includes new rides in both even (kind of like Canadas Wonderland next year)
  13. I agree that I don't think the name would hurt it that much, and would be grabbing. The ride had issues but it was always popular still, and people would know this is a new version of it. Personally though I'd rather have a brand new hybrid. I enjoyed Son of Beast mostly for the size and the loop but always felt the layout was a little lackluster.
  14. Agreed. The theming really pushes this above. For ride variety Kings Island still has it beat easily with three coasters, loge flume, dark ride, and numerous flats, but it's mostly on a concrete slab. With this new coaster, and if Dollywood would add a dark ride to here which they have put out in surveys before, then it would become hard to top. I think if Kings Island revamped Planet Snoopy into Camp Snoopy with some landscaping and an updated Peanuts retheme of Boo Blasters with a full redo they might be able to reclaim it but it would be a tough battle.
  15. More trees planted throughout the park as a whole would be great. Love to see more planted around the base of the Eiffel Tower as well in the grassy areas by Diamondback's turn around and BLSC as well.
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