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  1. Honestly, I'd rather see them change BLSC into this and then do a brand new coaster as a new type elsewhere. Think the layout of BLSC would work decent for a launched Pony Express type ride, just needs new trains and theming. Wouldn't be a super cheap/easy change, but would be easier and cheaper than a whole new attraction. Plus it would freshen up that whole area having something more appealing to look at from Coney Mall, IS, and Rivertown.
  2. I would leave the yellow space as more of a park type setting as it looks nice there by the Tower, carousel, and end of IS. But it could be converted some to have a small food stand like the current Coca-Cola Marketplace by AE with some seating in a landscape park environment with trees and planters/flowers. Then you could remove the current Marketplace location and ladder game to add a flat there, along with Slingshot's current location. I would bring back Der Spinning Keggers as we don't have a teacups style ride, and then add something like Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider with either wooden clog themed cars as a nod to The Flying Dutchman or a Cuckoo Clock theme. [A bigger pipedream would be to actually put a tower station for a skyride I the Marketplace location that would go across the midway of Coney Mall to another tower around the spot of Vortex's old station. I like your idea for a Trabant in the red circle. Would like great in that spot. And then another ride in the green area, not entirely sure what I would put there, kind of want something lower to the ground to keep the Tower as the only tall thing in that area. Maybe put a Matterhorn/Musik Express here. In Area 72 in the open space to the left of FoF I'd add a little courtyard space with an Enterprise and a Sky Fly for a flight training theme. In Rivertown I'd tear down the Crypt building and add a Screamin' Swing themed to mining and a standard Top Spin themed to logging. I'd also move the petting zoo back to this area with a farm setting around Beast's exit and build out that whole area some to open that space in Planet Snoopy for a giant Ferris wheel. I'd also add a tilt-a-whirl into PS as well.
  3. Yea I like the idea o a giant wheel in the park but they are so low capacity. A basic ferris wheel back in Oktoberfest would be a nightmare capacity wise. But I think a giant wheel where they could load 4-6 gondolas at a time would do ok. Think Planet Snoopy would be a good spot for it as it would be a good family ride and a big thrill for kids with the height. Plus, a tall ride in that area would add to the skyline better. We've already got DropTower, WindSeeker, and Orion on one side and only Diamondback on the other.
  4. Had to look back at the card before I go this, didn't catch that. Poor marketing idea there haha.
  5. That would be cool. I know it is extremely unlikely but ideally I would like there to be 3 dark rides and this would allow for a different experience in each. I'd keep this one more just generic mining town theme like Blazing Fury (maybe add a story though). Then a new Phantom Theatre in the location of Action Theatre's building, could make the path leading up to it be rundown as well and really help set the mood, it would fit in well with the Coney Mall theme, but being inside The Racer turnaround the run down look wouldn't affect the rest of the area's appearance. Lastly, I'd convert Boo Blasters into a Peanuts themed interactive dark ride, either a general through the year theme with the different holidays or Great Pumpkin theme to go with the coaster next door and think be easier to incorporate shooting elements. Peanuts at least seems possible but don't see the others happening.
  6. Same. They fit when it first opened for the Action Zone area but the paintjob as a whole feels out of place next to the new paint jobs of all the other rides there and Banshee's colors now.
  7. Been wanting to go back to it. Haven't been since i was a kid but always loved it. Was always hesitant though with reports of a lot of rides being closed each day to drive that far and pay as much as it was to not get ot ride what I wanted. But sounds like it's in good hands now and they are really turning the park around. Making me want to get back even more. Need to try to get back up there this summer.
  8. Makes sense as I don't feel like Cedar Point really has a single park icon like the Eiffel Tower is to Kings Island.
  9. Honestly, that is probably what they are hoping. The ride is listed at the top of their extremeness scale with warnings and (effects aside) the coaster itself seems to be taken well care of. Any issues the park could encounter would likely result from any failures to document their inspections of the ride. This individual is probably just hoping for a settlement to make it go away.
  10. I wouldn't mind that. It would fit in well with Delirium's paint scheme. I just hope whatever it is it gets a new darker color scheme that fits in with the area more and removes the checker board patterns.
  11. Generally the process is started long before the suit actually gets filed too. And as stated treatment has to progress before the suit. Not even for the higher bills but harder to know any long term effects or not until there has been ongoing treatment. Usually you are really supposed to finish treatment or have a strong idea of how long/what long term effects there will be before a suit is filed. That's why these are often filed a long time after the incident itself.
  12. I really hope they do more focus on flat rides here over the next few years or so honestly. Feel like the park has been lacking in that area for decades. The fact that they are cheaper might make a good way for them to add new rides each year without spending much. Especially if they added 3 one year, be a bit to market then. Could add 2 or 3 as an expansion to Area 72 in the empty space by Flight of Fear.
  13. It probably needs it the least with already having a great lineup, but for all the variety that Cedar Point has, seems a shame there isn't anything that spins. If they got that and a good modern woodie they would have something of just about everything then.
  14. It can be intense and I often come off it with a minor headache but it clears quick. However, if the line isn't too long I think it is great if you can get the end seat that faces out towards the midway. It gives a more thrilling ride with starting down at the ground below you as you are first pulled up and held for a moment (gives it a Drop Tower type feel) and then on the "lift" portion of the second half you see yourself barreling towards and being pulled to the end of the track before dropping back down to make the return trip. Outside of this seat I think it is jut an ok ride, but that seat itself really elevates the experience to me.
  15. I think a Sky fly would be a great fit for Area 72. Would love to see a Screamin' Swing somewhere. Personally I see it with a mining theme where Crypt's building is. Tear down the building and give it a lightly themed pad, with the current indoor queue rethemed to a mine. I would also like to see a Tilt-A-Whirl or teacups style ride come to Oktoberfest with a theme to beer kegs for a nod to Der Spinning Keggers. Would like to see both of those brought in. Could see either attraction work well in Coney Mall or Planet Snoopy as well.
  16. I would love both. A Screamin' Swing is my big wish for a flat ride. Think it would go in great where Crypt's building is too. Could theme it to a barn or oil rig and keep the cave and retheme it as a mine to have a covered queue for it.
  17. I'm 6'3 260 and have trouble with it as well. Have been able to get it to go but it's a squeeze. I think the bigger thing for it is more the height, it is very tight around the shoulders and such. Think most people over 6' have some trouble with it based more on height than on weight. The upper body I think gives more issues.
  18. I would love it but agree with others that it's likely more just a nod to it's history, especially with the 50th next year.
  19. I would liek to see Secret Life of Pets replace it but I'm not sure there's enough room in that spot. If it took over Monsters Cafe (hopefully not) or Hello Kitty store's spot it might though. The big rumor i've been seeing is a Despicable Me Villain-Con walk through attraction. I'm hoping more for a dark ride as walk throughs don't enthuse me, but a flat ride could be alright too. If they wanted to do Villain-Con I'd liek to see Hello Kitty store close and VillainCon go there in a slightly expanded buildign that could also house a queue for a flat ride themed to a villains invention that is a flat like Alien Swirlin Saucers. Think it's make a nice addition and turn that area into a good Minions mini land with a few attractions of different types.
  20. I agree. Wish they would bring back The Beastie theming with the tunnel. If they did a retheme to Camp Snoopy it could fit in well with the woods too. Think it's a nicer fit for KI, be like Kiddy Hawk at Carowinds not be Flying Ace like the others. My guilty pleasure is also Surf Dog though. Love that ride. Haven't gotten to ride Woodstock Gliders yet but I'm sure it would be one too.
  21. That sucks for those that didn't cause issues and wanted to go. It just starts getting dark a little before that right now. (will a little sooner by the end of October). One of the best parts of the Halloween events is getting to enjoy the parks in the dark and get lots of night rides. Plus the decorations and lighting are really enhanced at night. With it closing at 9 it will give very limited night hours for the event.
  22. That's what I was wondering too hearing that. How do you manually check the belts multiple times, along with changing a locking pin, without realizing it's not actually around the person. Not to mention the ride only has 6 seats, so there isn't a lot to check. So it's not like they had to go around 40 seats or something like Drop Tower and were rushing or happened to miss one.
  23. Mine is probably Millennium Force. As others said that height makes for a long lift for anticipation without taking too long, and quiet. The views are great out over the water and park as well. Outside of a coaster lift hill though, my favorite would be Drop Tower. That slow climb up gives amazing views, but the anticipation building is so good, always seems like it goes up higher than you expect and knowing you have to drop it, an the pause at the top just waiting for it to drop.
  24. That's the reason I assumed but still feel like they could have at least filled in the space in between the tracks. just have a service road running along the track and plant trees in the empty space that they don't need to go to. Wouldn't mind seeing them move it and Slingshot to Area 72. They could easily fit in with the theme there and open up lots of space in AZ that would make the area more workable for expansion/retheme, and create space for a flat ride in Oktoberfest.
  25. That's the reason I assumed but still feel like they could have at least filled in the space in between the tracks. just have a service road running along the track and plant trees in the empty space that they don't need to go to.
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