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  1. Mine is probably Millennium Force. As others said that height makes for a long lift for anticipation without taking too long, and quiet. The views are great out over the water and park as well. Outside of a coaster lift hill though, my favorite would be Drop Tower. That slow climb up gives amazing views, but the anticipation building is so good, always seems like it goes up higher than you expect and knowing you have to drop it, an the pause at the top just waiting for it to drop.
  2. That's the reason I assumed but still feel like they could have at least filled in the space in between the tracks. just have a service road running along the track and plant trees in the empty space that they don't need to go to. Wouldn't mind seeing them move it and Slingshot to Area 72. They could easily fit in with the theme there and open up lots of space in AZ that would make the area more workable for expansion/retheme, and create space for a flat ride in Oktoberfest.
  3. That's the reason I assumed but still feel like they could have at least filled in the space in between the tracks. just have a service road running along the track and plant trees in the empty space that they don't need to go to.
  4. I just wish they would plant trees to replace ones they remove for construction though in areas they can go back into. Think they did a good job with removal for Mystic Timbers, but look at Diamondback. It was completely cleared and it has been left flat and empty since. It opened 12 years ago now. That area could have been pretty well reforested by now aside for space for tracks and and necessary roads for it. Think it would look a lot nicer and be more fun to dip in and out of the trees, plus make it feel faster with you zipping past trees closer by.
  5. My guess is the lack of mazes is probably a staffing issue. Maybe if they are able to secure more staff they will add more to the list. Also as CoasterJack said, more scare actors per haunt would not be a bad thing either. I often felt like many of them were understaffed as is. Maybe they can also dedicate more scare actors to the scare zones as well. Generally there hardly seem to be any in them. That does seem high for only 5 mazes. (maybe 6 if it allows an extra one of your choice like past years). Think they should have lowered the price to $50. I'd probably have to pass on that as well. Will be curious what lines are like for it with only 5 mazes. When they had 10-12 mazes, lines would easily exceed an hour each. Wonder if they will limit admission (doubt it) or if lines will just end up being huge for it.
  6. The individual attractions are completely set parts from genie+. You don’t have to do. But Genie+ to buy access for the individual buy attractions. And you can only do 2 per day across all parks. I’ll be curious to see how this goes honestly. I love that you don’t plan them out months in advance anymore but sucks no longer free, but it’s not too bad. Plus with there likely being a lot fewer utilizing it, the standby lines will likely move much faster.
  7. I think that's just lens flare. given that the post says preparations to paint have begun, I don't think any painting had actually started at the time of that photo.
  8. I feel a retheme would take care of most people's issues with the coaster. It is a bit of an eyesore for the area, but the coaster itself is great. Give it a more western theme and it could fit well into Rivertown. Just make the tunnel look like timber, and remove most other theming elements and just add in some water, trees, wood, etc. Make it looks more like Pony Express at Knott's.
  9. I'm curious about that as well. The other items in the book were retired rides so curious that those two are shown. MaxAir has been down a lot in recent years so could potentially see it removed. It, along with WT's space and the stadium could open up a lot of space for a Boardwalk themed area along the beachline. As others suggested a new wooden coaster, which Cedar Point is lacking a good modern one for, that pays homage to the old Cyclone would be a great addition for the area.
  10. It looks like a fun ride, just super short so a little disappointing on that front. When it was being teased as a new record breaking coaster was expecting more than this, especially when the only "record" seems to be one needing a qualifier with steepest drop (*but only in the Western US). Seems like a great start to a coaster but not a complete experience. Gerstlauer's are often shorter coasters but this one just seems extra short.
  11. I think eventually it and Invertigo will go and a new ride will take their place. The two together open up a large area.
  12. Yea I think it has the potential to come back if they wanted to. Scooby Doo is still well known and the new Scoob! Movie seemed to be trying to set up a HB universe. If they continue on from it they could make them more popular and known again. Currently though they aren’t worth the cost of licensing. I would argue that, while they aren’t extremely popular, the Peanuts are more known and relevant than non-Scooby HB characters because of the holiday specials.
  13. This would be a nice idea honestly. It would allow plenty of easy expansion for the area where the current buildings are as well as to the side of FoF.
  14. That's what I always pictured for an initial flat ride in the area. It just fits the theme of the area really well. A tilt-a-whirl themed to beer barrels could be a great addition to Oktoberfest. Would be a nice homage to Der Spinning Keggers.
  15. It’s a shame these have seemed to have lots of issues. They seem like fun flats and think one would have been a good addition to Oktoberfest as a spiritual successor type ride for Bayern Kurve
  16. If the park's open I' sure we'll get a Haunt in some form. They might not have indoor houses if that is felt it isn't safe enough yet, but I thin outdoor decor and scare actors, and possibly outdoor mazes will be ok. So we might just see a smaller event than past years. More of a KI at night with decorations and roaming actors.
  17. I love this concept. It would be a great way for some of these bands to get some recognition and be some fun entertainment for the guests.
  18. I don't see it leaving anytime soon but I would much rather see it's removal for new rides than for it to be upgraded and take up more park space. There is still plenty of area for them to add new stuff over the next years, but I feel like overall they are more likely to remove it than upgrade. There's just no need to remove it until they really need that space.
  19. This would be my exact pick too
  20. I agree. I’d keep It for Winterfest as well to add to the lineup.
  21. They definitely had lots of potential for theming opportunities but most were just names slapped on generic rides. The extended queue for Top Gun was nice but Tomb Raider was definitely their best. When it first opened the theming was top notch and really immersed you into the ride and story. I was blown away by the theming and details the first time I went on it.
  22. It looks great and the theming in the first half is top notch. my one hope though is that the speed gets increased some for opening. It seems to go very slow over a lot of the hills in the first half. Could make some good hangtime but i prefer quick transitions to that.
  23. This is what I would love to see replace Vortex for Coney Mall. They are usually small foot prints too so Feel like they could split Vortex's plot to that for CM and the rest for Rivertown for a new attraction
  24. I have envisioned an expansion utilizing the area back near Beast's station. I like the idea of the mining activity, and I've always wanted a Screamin' Swing to go where the Crypt was. Tear down the show building but leave the queue intact just rethemed as a mine. I would also move the petting zoo back to that area as well themed to a farm like Cedar Point's. As much as I like Slaughterhouse I would probably reuse that space for part of this too. I'm a bit mixed on the coaster addition though. I would utilize part of the space and expand the building to wrap around more. i would build a dark ride or indoor themed ride (something more simple like a saloon themed Madhouse or Western motion simulator. Have the queue start with a themed entrance by the arcade and exit out next to La Rosa's in a new gift shop so will expand the themed building front there by 50% or more.
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