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  1. A 30 minute commute isn't all that bad. When I worked at KI I lived a couple miles down the road from Kenwood so I was like 20-30 minutes away. Anyway, I was a games supervisor so I can't answer all of your questions (but I totally recommend games haha) 1.) It's fantastic. They were a little strict on rules, but they have to be. We did so many after work activities and it was great. 2.) You can be 15 and work there! Though there are a lot of hours you can't work due to labor laws. 3.)N/A 4.) When I worked there as an associate I believe I was paid a little more than minimum wage but they now pay even more! 5.) I can't completely answer your question but I can say that there are rude nights where they have a select few rides open for employees after hours! Big Bash is the best. 6.) Absolutley. KI was by far my favorite job ever and you make everlasting friendships!
  2. Festhaus was going to get a sweet sign too http://www.placeworkshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2013-08-27-Festhaus-Entry.jpg
  3. Racer conversion confirmed? myklhicks running for the door
  4. Is anyone screen capping Rivertown or Mystic Timbers construction cam?
  5. Yep....instead of "what's in the shed" I want to know how the train will make a 90 degree turn between the shed and station. Probably the same way it makes it out of the station. A slight change in elevation and gravity. Take a look at the plans again. The building are at a perfect 90° angle, the track isn't.
  6. They offer season passes. Please direct yourself to PointBuzz as well.
  7. I'm almost there and in the worlds first official unofficial Splintercat shirt.
  8. Look at Banshee for example; Scarecrows, owls, etc. Diamondback as well, with all the wild western themed things and how we thought it was going to be "Mustang." I say very few of these teases will mean anything when it's announced in 25 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES!!!!
  9. Hey guys. I was around while Banshee was being constructed. Ever since I've just been lurking and have shared a couple videos with the KIC Twitter. Anyway, the table he was referring to was a blueprint table. Here's a photo of them at it. Sorry for the poor quality/shot.
  10. Here's the movie, for nostalgia's sake.
  11. Games take skill. Every game at Kings Island is winnable. They just take skill. Few games at Kings Island are chance. Like Ring Toss and Goblet Toss. Most games (like Peach Basket and Bank-A-Ball) take skill. It angers me to see videos like the one posted here because it basically says they're impossible when they're not.
  12. Most of the arcade games were moved to the other Coney Mall arcade.
  13. The arcade across from "Goblet Toss" and beside "Zephyr" has been closed now for a few days.
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