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  1. So, my girlfriend and I decided to come out to the park last weekend, and, for the most part, had a pretty good time. This was only her second visit in, like, 20 years! So, you might as well say this was pretty much like her first visit, since so much has changed. Our home park is Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. I have been coming to KI for the past 4 years and so was pretty excited when my girlfriend wanted to go this year. So, I have to say, for this report, the dining experience at KI this year was HORRIBLE! We experienced LONG LINES at pretty much EVERY FOOD STAND. We also went to Red's Grill
  2. Yes. Exactly. I don't know, but with Cedar Point being my home park, the concessions aren't nearly as bad as they are here. I don't get it. I mean , in general, all of KI's staff is pretty laid back, which is not particularly a BAD thing, it's just that when it comes to food service, I like a LITTLE promptness. Oh well. I only come here once a year.
  3. Well today my experience at the food concessions is like night and day compared to yesterday and Thursday. I mean. I know it's a Saturday, but the wait times were HORRIBLE today. I dropped out of line at a couple different stands because they were taking WAY TOO LONG. I'm standing in line as I type this at Graeters just because I can't go back home without getting the black raspberry Choco chip. After this I'm done with KI concessions for my visit.
  4. The food prices have been just ok for me for this seasons visit. It's definitely better with the all day drink wristband. That offsets the cost of having to purchase combo meals that include a drink. Just had a burger/fries at jukebox and It was ok. Was in the mood for a burger. So. Yeah. So far so good.
  5. I was at the park yesterday afternoon and wanted to get a Banshee Twist ice cream, and I guess something was wrong with the Ice cream and it was too soft To put into a cone so they were serving it in a bowl wit the cone on top. Not really used to eating a cone that way but I absolutely LOVE Banshee TWIST. it tastes so good. I don't what's better. Graeters or Banshee twist.
  6. I was born in the 70s so I fondly remember the 80s. I was a teenager at that point and had SO MUCH FUN. my generation saw the first home video game consoles. THAT was history!! If they do away with the 80s store I'll be really sad. (I know, I'm old).
  7. I just got to the park and went to the Coca-Cola refresh stand at coney mall, and asked the guy if they have the drink wristbands and he said YES! This is so much better to me than carrying around a souvenir cup. Way better.
  8. Yeah I don't like the new location. Too small and hardly any cool merchandise like the old location.
  9. WHY???!!!!!!! I know they had to make room for the new Starbucks but the new location is so tiny compared to the old location!! And less merchandise in there. They don't have half the cool retro t-shirts that they used to have. I'm really disappointed. I loved that store and looked foraward to browsing every time I came down here. SMH. Oh well.
  10. I have a question about the live entertainment at KI. I'll be heading down to the park for the weekend starting on Thursday and was wondering which live shows are still going to be running through this weekend. I alread know that Cirque Imagine ran its last show on Sunday. I really enjoy live entertainment and thats a draw for me at any amusement park. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks and maybe I'll see some of you at the park.
  11. Someone here mentioned Drink Wristbands? I'm coming down to the park this Thursday and staying for the weekend and i can't really stand carrying around a drink souvenir bottle. Are thiese drink wristbands available still? Where do I buy them?
  12. EXACTLY...this is all I was trying to say. He never apologized or, like you said, thanked me for my cooperation, which I gave him in the FULLEST. I did get a call back from a supervisor, but unfortunately missed the call due to taking a nap, and he said he'd be out of the office till Friday if I needed to get back in touch with him, which I will. But, I was quite surprised that I even got a call back so soon, as the customer service rep originally told me that it could take up to a week to get a response back from the KI staff....
  13. So, my friend and I came down to KI for a couple days all the way from northern part of Ohio to visit the park on Monday, to obviosly ride the all new Banshee. Yesterday (Tuesday), we wanted to check out the new "Cirque Imagine" show but we were a little early, so decided to walk International Street and check out the shops. SO, upon entering the 80s Store, and while I was browsing some t-shirts, a KI security officer approached me and asked me if I had visited the observation deck on the Eiffel Tower today. I thought it was an odd question, but replied no, but that I had been up there on Mond
  14. Oh yeah. As far as the park layout goes, it was a little confusing for the first couple hours. CP is really easy to get around because its basically a loop, whereas KI branches off into different sections. Quite confusing. I was getting turned around a LOT! Another observation: the park employees are really helpful! They actually come to u and ask if u need anything, unlike CP's employees. At one point, I was kind of lost, and had walked past one of the games, and the games operator asked me If she could help me find where I was going! How Awesome is that! Really impressed by that. And the gat
  15. So I logged my first day at KI this afternoon. I got to the park around 2:30 and couldn't believe how quickly I was getting on rides today. They were all basically walk ons. I was pretty happy about that. Rode Diamondback, Beast, Invertigo, the two Firehawk (that ride was awesome!) and the dark ride next to it. Forget the name. I rode back lot stunt coaster. That was over too quick!! But a cool concept. Flight deck. The Racer. I just couldn't believe how light the crowds were today. I basically rode every ride in the park. Except for the water rides. Which I might try tomorrow.
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