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  1. Kinda noticed that, How can i upload images without tapatalk anyway? You need to upload your images to a photo sharing site, like Flickr or DropShots. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_sharing Also, Tapatalk is a registered trademark and should be capitalized. (Same for Google, also seen of late.) flickR dropshots and tapatalk have nothing to do with Banshee construction progress. go google something
  2. April 3rd is for employees and radio contest winners only, and April 4th is for season passholders.
  3. How can there be any doubt that the air compression launch is the best? I think getting launched from 0 to 107 mph in 1.8 seconds is better than any launch on a coaster.
  4. What about something that no one has ever thought of before?
  5. I went to PKI.com today and I saw this: "The Paramount Parks web sites are currently down for scheduled maintenance. Please visit again shortly." What are they doing? Do you think they will announce anything?
  6. Well, when they race each other, the experience is so much better! There's nothing better than looking at the other train fly by just as fast as you're going hoping that you can just edge out the train to the finish line.
  7. When will the next PKIC day be?
  8. Doesn't everyone know that Vekoma is garbage?
  9. What's the new movie magic show???
  10. Why does it matter if the person took the pictures in the park? Let's just be glad that someone took these great contruction photos! :rambo:
  11. I've got a suggestion to change the flood control to less than 30 seconds. It would help because sometimes I come here and read topics as a guest when I sign in I already know what I want to say.
  12. I liked it but it was a little short.
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