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  1. I was at PKI July 5th & 6th and had great experiences with the ride ops. A chic on Vortex was going all the way up and down the lines giving everybody who was getting on next a high five, and you can't beat The Beast crew - especially at night! Long live PKI ride ops - you guys do a great job, and that keeps me coming back for a season pass every year!
  2. Only wondering how far it takes everybody to get to the park. My friends & I drive 6 hours for PKI.
  3. I was scared of loops when i was young (my how times change) so my first coaster was Racer.
  4. i travel 5 hrs to get to PKI for the main park - don't do water rides
  5. The Beast won discovery channel's #1 wooden roller coaster for 2003, up from #6 in 2002, and SOB won #2 wooden roller coaster (http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/coasters/poll/poll.html) - can't wait to ride them in action again opening day.
  6. Delirium is the best HUSS ride, but The Beast can never be beaten! Long live The Beast!
  7. The Beast - especially at night Flight of Fear - great theming - different than the "norm"
  8. Can't wait until July 26th - will be there to celebrate the 25th bday of The Beast!
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