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  1. I'm not sure on the height of the structure but I believe the ball itself can travel as high as 230' I believe it goes to ~260 feet, depending on weight of the ball.
  2. Great read! It's interesting to note that, with Mysteria's retirement, CarnEVIL / Circus of Horrors 3D is now the only attraction left from 2001's FearFest (let's be real, Mysteria / Death Row / Asylum / Maze of Madness were all the same sorry excuse for an attraction, pardon a slight change in costumes or lighting effects). Although I suppose you could argue that House of Darkness / R.L. Stine Fear Street / Massacre Manor are the same, and we've yet to see how different Delta Delta Die will be.
  3. Definitely looks exciting! Delta Delta Die uses the same facade as Massacre Manor (and R.L. Stine Fear Street before that, and House of Darkness before that). I wonder if the interior has changed much, or if it's the same layout with a few new props here and there. Board to Death looks extremely exciting and very high quality. As someone mentioned earlier, it looks like a creation for Halloween Horror Nights. I also enjoy how the rat from Phantom Theater was recycled for it - it fits perfectly for the Mouse Trap room. My only complaint about this house is its entrance... X-Base is extremely
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