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  1. You're seeing a weird pattern if you expect a giga in 2019.
  2. You have a very optimistic view of Kings Island and their Haunt attractions. Reference the former 3D theater, now Urgent Scare. Reference the former giant top spin, now Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror. Reference the former arcade, now Kill Mart. All three have the ability to remain up year-round, saving the park time and labor.
  3. As much as I'd love to see the land re-developed and used for something great, I wouldn't be surprised to see it simply become a haunted trail. The path is already constructed, the park wouldn't need to take down and put up the decorations every year, and it could co-exist with Field of Screams. Dinosaurs Alive could just be ending because maintenance and staffing costs now outweigh its profit.
  4. You saw it on Twitter... from your own Twitter profile?
  5. I think this is what you're talking about.
  6. I think your memory may be a little fuzzy... Fool House was added as part of a $2.1 renovation of Hanna-Barbera Land in 1982. The expansion also included Scooby-Choo (now Snoopy's Junction), Hanna-Barbera Carousel (now Character Carousel), the puppet tree, another amphitheater, two fountains, Gumball Alley, and more. Most of these additions were at the expense of the Turnpike's west track - the ride was originally two separate but intertwined tracks. The western half of both tracks was removed and the remnants were merged into a single track, which retained the east track's station.
  7. Yes, but where would this be? And wherever you suggest, why not put the Ferris Wheel there instead? Regarding Crypt, I think that building could fit a Wonder Mountain style attraction. Especially considering that the majority of Wonder Mountain is near-identical to Iron Reef, pardon the outdoor lift-hill and drop track. Both of which could fit into Crypt's building.
  8. The card house (and nearby Shaggy's Silly Sticks) were created by Bruce D. Robinson Design Group. Here are a couple pictures pulled straight from their website (brdesign.com):
  9. I agree that a Ferris Wheel and Triotech attraction could both make great additions, although I'm not sure I'm the biggest fan of those spots. That Ferris Wheel location would remove the Skyline Patio, which is a convenient dining area for guests. If it was gone guests would have to crowd the Coney midway while eating. For Triotech, we have two oversized, empty buildings that could potentially fit a ride. Both the former Action Theater and Crypt are now storage / haunt mazes, yet both seem large enough for an attraction like Knott's Voyage to the Iron Reef.
  10. Bumping this thread a little bit... Do you have a link to that Columbus Dispatch article? I ask because I just stumbled upon this article (http://www.upi.com/Archives/1983/05/14/A-high-school-senior-was-decapitated-in-moving-elevator/9788421732800/), from United Press International, that states John was decapitated. From The Bryan Times article you linked (https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=799&dat=19630510&id=eZJPAAAAIBAJ&sjid=mVEDAAAAIBAJ&pg=4078,4112870&hl=en): "Authorities said he died instantly, suffering a skull fracture and several broken bones." It doe
  11. KICentral user Shaggy documented the ride's construction very well and shared it with the site in 2012. Take a look at the thread here - http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/24899-my-2012-gift-to-ki-central/
  12. not sure how long that would last before it got shut down due to whiplash lawsuits. As RollerNut mentioned, Dollywood's Firechaser Express seems to be operating fine after nearly three full seasons...
  13. They had a Holiday Horror SZ in (what is now) Planet Snoopy in which they decorated that whole area Actually the Holiday Horror scare zone was introduced in 2006 and was in Coney Mall, across from Zephyr's entrance. It recycled a lot of the Winterfest props from the previous season and its theme was strictly Christmas / winter. You may be thinking of a different Holiday Horror, the maze version which premiered in 2011. That one was indeed in Planet Snoopy, in the Peanuts Playhouse (the amphitheater). It featured several holidays, including St. Patrick's Day and Easter. It lasted a co
  14. ^It's a remnant of when Tower Gardens was Paramount Story. Both entrances had the stars in the pavers.
  15. Rides have always been a part of FearFest, even the first couple of weekends of the inaugural event. It was far fewer the first couple years though - this September 6, 2000 article lists five operating rides (Son of Beast, Face/Off, Top Gun, King Cobra, Drop Zone), although Phantom Theater was later added as "Museum of Horrors".
  16. You could argue it's no longer the Coney Island flume. The ride was closed in 1999 and almost entirely rebuilt by Hopkins (today known as WhiteWater Attractions), sans a few small pieces like the station. Many (myself included) would therefore consider it a new ride.
  17. Thanks so much for sharing Tim58hsv! A couple of these sets recently popped up on eBay and I tried to snatch them but was outbid. Glad to see they're still shared online somewhere though. I assume you're referring to this photo. The train still traveled clockwise around the track, but the track used to veer off into what is now Soak City. The fort pictured, Fort McHale, was part of this route. The ride was re-routed after the park closed for the 1988 season, allowing for the construction of Water Works.
  18. Wouldn't that be wrong? Screamin' Demon was installed in '77. I'm thinking it was '83 when they changed to the backwards train on Racer. The trains on the South Racer were turned backwards in 1982. Which still makes the trivia wrong, unless it's something like "first racing coaster to go backwards".
  19. To be fair, primary sources can often be wrong too. Over the years memories are blurred and sometimes fictitious ones are created and taken as fact. Applying it directly to Kings Island, I cannot count the number of times I've been told the old Enchanted Voyage used to play "it's a small world".
  20. Four. Four WindSeekers for 2011, then an additional two in 2012.
  21. And how would you recommend having the thousands of OSU guests leave while the thousands of passholders simultaneously enter?
  22. I'm wondering if the articles' use of the word "seat belt" is referring to the large lap restraint? Our Scrambler, a similar ride, has a seat belt and a door/restraint, but it could be argued that the seat belt is redundant (Scramblers operated for decades without them). I could understand if this accident was the result of a malfunctioning restraint/door, but I'm curious how it occurred if it was just a broken seat belt.
  23. Those blinds have been that way for years now. I think I once heard from a train operator that the space used to be an office for train engineers.
  24. ^If that was the case, it's incredibly likely the park would still select the three they already provided us. Which brings up the question, why bother doing it at all?
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