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  1. I think it’s all about expectations. When you ride The Beast, you expect to be beaten up a bit. When you ride a brand new B&M coaster, you expect it to be glossy smooth.
  2. Apparently some one flew a you know what over the lift this afternoon/evening while the ride was in operation. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Loving the easter eggs being found around Area 72 and Orion’s queue and station!
  4. “To those who are about to fly, we solute you!” That’s clever lol
  5. I think the lighting package on Orion will be one of, if not the best in the world. This thing lights up like Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3 and Knuckles!!
  6. I can’t tell, but if looks like the on ride-photo is at the head chopper under the first drop. This thing absolutely hauls!!!
  7. It’s a site where meteors have crashed to Earth. Don’t expect too much
  8. That light is vibrant and consistent, as LED lights usually are. Plus we have already confirmed the existence of an LED light strip on the lift hill. Also, just like everyone else said, there is no sunlight in this photo.
  9. Could this video possibly feature a snippet of the IMAscore track?
  10. We don’t necessarily NEED a POV. It would be much appreciated though!
  11. It was directed at Orion before it was disabled.
  12. If you look at the base of the first support column, you can also see an LED light that will light up the supports!
  13. Kings Island has just shared this to their social media pages. The area looks awesome!
  14. Just got a notification for WKYC out of Cleveland that Kings Island plans to open July 2nd and Cedar Point plans on opening July 9th.
  15. The teasers are seldom accurate when it comes to the fine details. It would be a part of that building, but still be an actual sign instead of a painting. Also, even if it is painted on in the animation, the planning and design team can and does switch things up as the ride is being built, and when final touches are being added. Plus, personally, I believe KI would want a nice, big, beautiful sign to accompany the largest investment in the park’s history
  16. Yes, I was referring to the ride ID sign. Cedar Fair and Kings Island have been on point recently with ride ID signs, so i hope they’re not painting it on!
  17. New drone video shows the area is ver close to completion. Most, if not all of the queue rails have been installed. The area looks awesome! It’ll look even better once the landscaping team reports back to work and gets some grass growing!
  18. When rides began, it was 30°. I remember thinking “how in the world is this thing running so well when it’s so cold?!” It warmed up quite a bit in the afternoon though!
  19. From the looks of it, there is still quite a ways to go. Most of the theming will probably be placed and installed within 2-3 weeks of opening.
  20. Maybe a meteor crater?!?! Wishful thinking.
  21. Search Orion Kings Island on Youtube.
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