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  1. The teasers are seldom accurate when it comes to the fine details. It would be a part of that building, but still be an actual sign instead of a painting. Also, even if it is painted on in the animation, the planning and design team can and does switch things up as the ride is being built, and when final touches are being added. Plus, personally, I believe KI would want a nice, big, beautiful sign to accompany the largest investment in the park’s history
  2. Yes, I was referring to the ride ID sign. Cedar Fair and Kings Island have been on point recently with ride ID signs, so i hope they’re not painting it on!
  3. New drone video shows the area is ver close to completion. Most, if not all of the queue rails have been installed. The area looks awesome! It’ll look even better once the landscaping team reports back to work and gets some grass growing!
  4. When rides began, it was 30°. I remember thinking “how in the world is this thing running so well when it’s so cold?!” It warmed up quite a bit in the afternoon though!
  5. From the looks of it, there is still quite a ways to go. Most of the theming will probably be placed and installed within 2-3 weeks of opening.
  6. Maybe a meteor crater?!?! Wishful thinking.
  7. Search Orion Kings Island on Youtube.
  8. No necessarily. Landscaping could mean mulching, planting trees, putting grass seed down(or whatever they use to make grass grow fast), and putting gravel in some areas. Final painting could be touch up paint on the rails of the ride and other places. Theming could mean installing props, textured/fixed lighting, and sound related items. I’d imagine these responsibilities full under different teams.
  9. What are the chances the drone guy is actually affiliated with the park? Like how people thought Tony Clark was leaking Steel Vengeance construction photos before it was announced? Lol
  10. All CF parks scheduled to open or be open in March have postponed their openings until April. That includes the Schlitterbahn parks.
  11. Guys, this game of Plague Inc. is getting really weird
  12. Was it running along side of the lift hill catwalk?
  13. They could’ve been testing LED flood lights to illuminate the support structure and the bottom of the track on the lift hill. I was referring to the LED strip along the catwalk railing on the lift hill.
  14. You are absolutely right. I’m jumping to conclusions here.
  15. I guess that answers our question about Orion having the same LED strip that Fury 325 has on it’s lift hill.
  16. Up close look at the large airtime hill before the helix.
  17. Maybe it’s an even darker blue :p
  18. Posted from the park’s Instagram account
  19. Man, that roar is absolutely menacing!! I love it!!
  20. I don’t think the focus of the video was Orion, but how KI’s coaster collection got where it is today. He produces to very underrated content!
  21. Man, it’s such a relief to hear that roar!!!
  22. I think night rides on Orion are going to be awesome! That turnaround into the speed hill especially. Can we just consider KI the night ride capital of the world at this point?!
  23. Is it me, or has Kings Island been pretty hush hush about updates on this project? Maybe that’s been a trend in the industry lately, seeing as how a lot of parks aren’t super outspoken about progress on their upcoming attractions. I think the only park I’ve seen provide consistent updates this offseason is SFGAd. Maybe parks see enthusiasts providing most of the updates for them, so they don’t feel the need. What’s your opinion?
  24. Personally, I don’t believe so. If you’ve been on the other B&M gigas, the steeper angle makes it feel like the drops just goes on forever!
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