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  1. What pot hole is your friend referring to? I thought it was as smooth as butter.
  2. Personally I thought it was as smooth as butter. What pot hole is fried talking about?
  3. Great trip report. Sounded like a busy day at CP.
  4. I highly doubt we'll see the RMC treatmentSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Not meaning to add to the GCI vs RMC debate, but my son and I rode Lighning Rod at Dollywood this weekend. It was the most exhilarating ride we've ever been on. We were both speechless when it finally came to an end. It is amazing! In comparison, Thunderhead was forgettable and my 11 yr old son refused to ride it a second time. Don't flame me, I'm just reporting our experience. It's a shame when a member has to be worried about giving their opinion.
  5. So the consensus is that from the people that have RIDDEN lightning rod it is incredible. While you have the ki fanboys coming down here saying that lightning rod sucks because it's not reliable, low capacity, etc when they have never been on it. Those fan boys say I am trolling, myself and others know who the real trolls are. I have not posted in anything pertaining to mystic pizza since the announcement.
  6. We may have been on the same train. We were on the front row around 11:45am.
  7. I believe my comments were is that rmc was more innovative than gci. I never said a particular ride sucked. I think someone suffers from GCItis.
  8. I don't agree. The only GCI I have bashed is the thunderhead cause it stunk. Please link me to where I have bashed a particular ride.
  9. Each side doing a top gun stall over each other where you could slap hands would be awesome IMO.
  10. Racer being RMC'ed is part of the second anouncement?
  11. I respectively disagree with you in saying you can compare lightning rod to storm chaser. Lightning rod hits the ending brakes faster than storm chaser's top speed.I HAVE to get this off my head. You cannot judge a coaster over top speed. I really liked Maverick (or Cowboy Coaster) more than I did Millennium Force. Sure the coasters that go 500 feet at 9billion miles per hour can be fun. But I have ridden many coasters that I liked more that are better than the coasters that go 100 to 200 feet taller and go 25-65 mph faster Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk I agree. My point is ALL rides are a different ride experience. Also judging a ride that a person has NEVER ridden based on riding one ride from the manufacturer that's is a DIFFERENT ride experience is ridiculous.
  12. That's 2016 season passes. They quit selling gold a little after memorial day.
  13. If you read his statement he says you are able to judge a ride without riding it if you have been on lots of rides from a particular manufacturer. Not trying to flame just stating facts.
  14. A pair can ride together if under a combined 375lbs. Bigger person sits in back and controls the brakes, other person sits in front and hangs on. I was begging my husband to slow down because the helixes are so tight, he refused. It felt like the car was going to come off the track. There is supposed to be magnetic trims but I did not feel any. It seemed way faster than the advertised 30mph.
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