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  1. if you include the 2 days of itching it will be 7 total days. itching is one possible side effect. . .
  2. my first shot i had sore arm for two days then one day of itching. after second doe sore arm three days then one day of itching.
  3. I have done my part . i have had both shots of vaccine.
  4. it did take a lot of effort but what I remember is standing on the steps when the train lounched the tower would shake. i thought was this thing actually safe?
  5. all my answers are dependent on covid situation
  6. I will get my first shot as soon as i can. Feb 1st soonest.
  7. before it was retracked i would agree with you but after retract i find Hulk to be a very enjoyable ride. everyone has their own opinion.
  8. with no Haunt or Winterfest = Return of off season photo contest!
  9. Wish i saw able to ride but may be awhile before i feel safe in a crowd . i am 73 and have been treated for cancer. with damage to my immune system. it killing me to not go. but better than having it kill me because of going. love all the reports and pictures!
  10. that puts you in the same class as the smoker. Two wrongs do not make it right!
  11. sounds like an announcement of an announcement !
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