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  1. when I read that my first thought was yummy but then I realized nothing in that list is on my diet.
  2. What rides should I take my glasses off for?

    Thanks to The Interpreter I always use Croakies !
  3. sounds like what the zoo has done but on a much bigger over all project.
  4. The Giga Speculation Thread

    If they build a giga I will ride it no matter who builds it but I would prefer a nice blitz
  5. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I don't think they will look any worse than the dirty looking things they have had for several years!
  6. Just wait till it warms up and that ice starts to fall off.
  7. What will replace Dinos Alive?

    I find Millie fun on the drop the first turn thru the tunnel then it goes fast but nothing exciting. TTD the launch is great then its over meh. I would like a Maverick type ride.
  8. Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    the only thing Racer needs is paint!
  9. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    I have only risen King Cobra and Mantis same as purdude86 found King Cobra a fun ride but Mantis is not missed.
  10. Ban the single rider line

    only problem I have with the single rider is when I get paired with a young girl it feels kind of creepy some times when dad gives that look of disbelief they put his little girl with that old guy.
  11. a few more gold pass questions

    ^ that was when Paramount owned the park.
  12. Cedar Fair additions 2018

    both conversations look fantastic. I just hope my old body can take those G forces. I will be 71 when I get to ride them but I WILL ride both.
  13. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    While in line for Mystic Timbers a boy was telling his friend this is what they did with all the wood from SOB
  14. First visit questions

    question 1 yes you can I put mine in my cargo pocket and have never had a problem I don't do water park so no answer for # 2
  15. Dufunctland: Son of Beast

    to me Boss and Beast are enjoyable but rough not painful.