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  1. homestar92 you not only need to connect the watch to wifi but the phone needs to be connected to the same wifi.
  2. I'm 71 I have slowed down but still riding the thrills
  3. strollers were FREE i think they were about 2.50 when I took my little one to the park. why do they cost now?
  4. looks like a great ride but i will be too early since i will be there in may. going down for a wedding so not something i can change.
  5. thanks it was hard work still have 10 to go per my doctor. the more i lose the harder it gets .
  6. go back to 2013 i was able to ride all the rides at KI some were uncomfortable but i could ride. I was 6'2 260 same could not be said for the point unable to ride TTD ,WT, MF and uncomfortable on most of the others row 4 GK. fast forward to 2017 now 6'2 200 no problems on any thing!
  7. Beast after dark Maverick day time
  8. agree totally this is something the park was lacking grand ma can ride with the kids or even with grandpa. this is a great addition the big ride will come soon
  9. Maverick is my favorite but have not been on Steel Vengance
  10. Beast is one of my goto rides I can't ride it as often as i did afew years ago but i do ride it . SOB i never liked . I have a fear of heights so i stay away from Wind Seeker but will ride with a friend every now and then. I love Banshee and have been known to get back in line same with D Back. also Mystic Timbers is reridable.
  11. too old? I'm 71 and i ride every thing with out a problem. after a day at the park i will sleep well that night.
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