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  1. BDtweet by theploofies, on Flickr A screen cap of my friend's twitter account. Hopefully, after being derided for a question he asked of me at 5am, he keeps the same opinion of Ohioans & K.I. employees after I show him the screen caps of a deleted post.
  2. OF COURSE. Rode the carousel for the first time in 40 years last Thursday; NOW they install it. Can't wait to see & hear it.
  3. Going through Dinosaurs Alive! and imagining that they REALLY ARE ALIVE; and having a little house finch hop from between the bushes and scare the crap out of me.
  4. Perhaps not lower prices on the food, but maybe offer a smaller size also? Tanna & I aren't big eaters; one order of Potato Works between us is usually a meal! We WERE starving on Friday, so we had Chick Fil A. $5.99 for a sandwich, and it was big. I bought a King Burger from Burger King, and it was three pieces of bun, with two slider- size pieces of meat, for the same price. Haven't seen this years prices, but looking at the Reds grill menu from last year, the prices are about the same as any good (this IS NOT including said Burger King) burger restaurant around.
  5. To me, it's an apple to oranges comparison. Modern steel coasters are like fighter planes, carving up the sky in tight smooth technical curves. (now I can't wait for the Air show!) The Beast is a juggernaut, blindly crashing through the woods, and I love it.
  6. As a source of info, It seems obvious that Carl sells Dippin' Dots. BB1 nailed it.
  7. Thanks, Don! Was able to ride it Friday at sun was setting, and the textured lighting was just kicking in. Loved the tree sihouettes on top of the shades & the posts! (And the ride was pretty darned good, too!)
  8. It was recorded, or a very quiet band organ. And I don't think there IS such a thing. The facade was still there, and I assume that's to cover the hole where the carousel's organ would go.
  9. AWESOME! We were in line from 5:00 on the button, and were behind the gate at 8:15. I know Don tweeted that they were expecting to turn over 1,500 people per hour. I timed trains leaving on an average of 1 min 5 seconds. 32 people per train, that's turning around 1,900 per hour. Pretty darned good. Edit: forgot to say: while we were in the next to last queue line, KI started passing out cups of ice water when you hit the first line. Much appreciated!
  10. Except make it the BBQ sauce. Then Funnel cake & coffee in the evening.
  11. How long was the wait, and with or without FP (is it even useable today?)
  12. Is it just me, or are the lights changing colors? Could be diffraction from the raindrops, but it looks like the red & violet lights are going off & on.
  13. Guessing that, what looks like LEDs are projectors.
  14. "Banshee, Banshee, Banshee!" (stomping foot & flipping hair)Rode it first time a few months after it opened; High school Spanish club made a trip. My first coaster. Been in love with it ever since.
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