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  1. It's busy as ever. We always get Fast Lane plus when we go this time of year
  2. As long as the brake run is and how high it is might be easier to do the lift hill 1st.
  3. Is there one piece of track installed in the maintenance shed closest to the crane?? Wish they'd put a cam on FOF's roof
  4. Man a camera on the roof of the spaghetti bowl of FOF would be awesome we could really see everything almost like being there.
  5. During Banshee construction we got 2 cameras to see it. I'd love to see one on top of FOF building looking all the way back be a great close view right now!!
  6. An amazing ride I wish when they had built Top Gun they would have used this layout. 2 lift hills it would have been amazing!! I wonder if anyone has any of the front cars they looked so awesome!!
  7. That would be really awesome!!
  8. They are working on the station in that picture. Wouldn't be surprised if if the main station track went in today or tomorrow
  9. Did anyone see if the crane had been put together??
  10. Can anyone go measure the angle of that lol
  11. Are the wires gone from the poles? Buried?? Hard for me to see
  12. Station track lift and drop transfer track maybe part of brake run. By Haunts end
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