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  1. They are working on the station in that picture. Wouldn't be surprised if if the main station track went in today or tomorrow
  2. Did anyone see if the crane had been put together??
  3. Can anyone go measure the angle of that lol
  4. Are the wires gone from the poles? Buried?? Hard for me to see
  5. Station track lift and drop transfer track maybe part of brake run. By Haunts end
  6. I'm just making a guess it's going to be Shooting Star
  7. Anyone from here at the park today?
  8. We had two cameras for Banshee one was the old Son of Beast station
  9. FOF would give a great view of all that is going on in that area cam on WindSeeker can get good view of things going up and back by The Beast when they get there. I think 3 cameras would be amazing to have
  10. I've watched every coaster build since GateKeeper it's very enjoyable to see what they do!! Fury was a fun build
  11. I'd put one on FOF building one on top of WindSeeker.
  12. They should sell those boxes I'd buy one to have all thats in it.
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