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  1. Yeah I just really enjoyed his work that's all. I'm happy and sure what we get will be an amazing ride!!
  2. I really like this video by Duffy''s Designs I would love 330 ft drop 99 mph
  3. So the Que will go under the lift hill like Diamondback?
  4. I'd love to see a tunnel at the bottom like Leviathan has!!
  5. Sorry if this has been asked today is anyone at the park? Are people working in the construction area?
  6. I'd love it if they named it King Cobra!! I miss that ride so much!!
  7. I agree. But I think Maverick is the best ride at CP not Steel Vengeance imo I'd take Maverick any day over most coasters
  8. Does anyone that's smarter than me,which is quite easy lol figure out what the 1st drop will be degree wise?? Thanks
  9. Either pole barn storage shed or transfer track
  10. @DustinTheNow I meant pov and I appreciate your work on this
  11. @DustinTheNow Do you have a video of this on YouTube?
  12. Where were those at?
  13. This would really change alot of things if that's what it is
  14. If it would be for transfer track then that layout is fake. A big IF but I wouldn't complain lol
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