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  1. I think a big reason they stay away from doing a race oriented day at theme parks is because there are so many different races around that it would be hard to recognize them all, and then one group would get offended. And like the Klockster said, the general public would of course see it as being racist as it always is.
  2. Yeah it is Colossus at SFMM. You can see the Oil Derrick (I think that's the name) in the background and some of the older rides. I agree, the show really sucks. Way too corny for me, but to each it's own I guess. I forgot about the credits showing the coaster next to water. Guess they just put that in to make it look like a different place or something.
  3. A couple people from our website went to the sneak preview yesterday. They said that still not all the themeing is done, including that not all the fire effects are finished yet. Guess the weird weather we've been getting this year in VA really threw them off schedule, but at least it was up and running. One guy on the forums posted a few pictures but I don't want to repost his stuff here, so I'll just post a link to the page on the forums... TR: Firefall Scroll down just over half-way down the page.
  4. Yeah and it's just that, a rumor. I very highly doubt that they'll be removing a first-of-it's-kind after just a few years, especially after they have already changed the style trains 3 times already. They've finally gotten the trains right, but the best thing they could do now is to go back and change to the more recent tubular track that S&S uses instead of the I-beam kind that HS:XLC has now. But of course, anything is possible.
  5. A very nice ride to say the least. One of the most intense and probably the best coaster at PKD (definitely since HS:XLC has gotten so rough). It looks especially good since they gave it a new paint job this offseason. Same colors as before, but a much cleaner, brighter look really helps. Here are some reviews of Volcano if anyone is interested.
  6. Someone on the PKD Page forums went to the employee family and friend day and they said that the queue line wasn't even finished yet for the ride. Guess that would be the "weather-related delays" that made them postpone media day. They hadn't even finished the actually artwork that is going on the sides of the top spin yet, so hopefully we'll have some good weather here the next few days and they can finish on time.
  7. Try reading before you post. We've said a hundred times already that the themeing isn't done yet. I even got an email from the park yesterday that said they are postponing media day that was suppose to be March 16th because of weather-related delays on finishing the themeing and everything.
  8. One of my site's affiliate's, Amusement Safety Organization, recently posted their report on PKI. It can be found here. This is an independent organzation that is not affiliated with any amusement park, they just file reports on their observations and feedback they receive from patrons. They also do safety consultation with parks on a contractual basis. Anyways, I was wondering what some thoughts on this report were.
  9. The true statement of a PKI fanboy. Taking one look at a not-so-good quality picture that shows the ride testing for the first time, no effects going, and the themeing and landscaping not even done, and it already sucks. Thanks for the laugh
  10. Wow... someone on this site actually uses their brain instead of the, "If it's not at PKI, it sucks" mentality that everyone seems to have. I'm impressed. You're the man AZ Kinda Guy
  11. They're actually shooting War of the Worlds near where I live here in VA... Rockbridge County I think. They had an open casting session at one of the high schools for people to get a part in the movie. I read the War of the Worlds a long time ago... great book and I think it will be a movie definitely worth seeing. As for making a ride out of it, the rethemeing of FoF would work, so would a flying coaster (think BORG at PC, just not Vekoma). Would be interesting to see...
  12. I second that. If this upsets you all so much, then do your part by not going there anymore. Anyone gonna take me on that offer?..... Thought not. So why not quit complaining that PKI is taking out an old flat ride to put in a new coaster for you people. Whether or not they keep up the coaster and themeing is irrelevant at this point. Really people, just wake up to the real world... out with the old, in with the new... time for change... just pick one. And answer me one question... Do any of you really think that this Save the Flyer stuff, picket lines, and complaints sent to the park will make any difference?
  13. It's not that the Rebel Yell is ever closed down, it's just that it is a very rough ride most of the time. For some reason, PKD has just let their wooden coaster slip a little in recent years (I'm guessing because of focusing too much on other coasters/rides) and it's starting to show badly. Rebel Yell is in need of retracking badly. Still a classic and not the roughest ride I've had, but still...
  14. I don't know if this would be a good idea or not. I mean, Universal just tried to build another park overseas (China) and it completely fell through and they had to pull the plug, lay off employees, and I'm sure they lost some money on the deal. I guess we'll see though...
  15. I kind of like the MCBR on FoF. You get that feeling like you're going to fall out the side of the train when it starts our of the brakes. Not everyone likes that though
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