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  1. Start with small and work your way up. My typical go to with newbies is Adventure Express or The Bat. Sit towards the front on a middle seat on AE. Do a couple of flats like Dodgem or Monster then progressively go to ones like Beast, Racer, BLSC. Vortex is hit and miss with many people, Diamondback can be intimidating to some. The others play by ear. My daughter has successfully gotten her friends that never go on rides to ride every coaster in the park once they conquer the small ones. I would suggest eating before going in and if you feel hungry maybe get pretzels to snack on while in the park. Remember if you take your cup in you will have to get a locker to ride Banshee.
  2. Wild One and Roar are both excellent coasters, I doubt I will ride them again. I have the added excuse of distance.
  3. This is a great trip report. I needed the laugh today.
  4. I don't understand why Mr. Hart would have commented on anything. I still do not understand why the park continues to do things as they have. They can turn anything into a PR nightmare. I so want to call him Mr. Ed.
  5. Maybe they can go try to save Conneaut Lake. At least that park is still standing, kind of.
  6. It's there by Planet Snoopy. It is only running after Haunt starts. A few weeks ago it got me. I knew it was going to go off and I still screamed and plowed into one of my friends.
  7. We had planned on going to this park in June, but ended up going to WoF and Six Flags St. Louis, quite frankly because the cost of the pass was cheaper at that park (SFSL). Thank you for offering to pick us up to go, had we not had plans, I might have taken you up on the offer. I have to say I don't think I have been to a Six park without seeing an abundance of costumed characters. I think they are more interactive with guests than other parks. I love visiting Chicago, but hate the traffic tremendously. Thanks for the trip report.
  8. I think we are going to do that next Friday. Did they have most of their normal flavors available?
  9. Our first ride is almost always Beast. It is usually our last one as well. I would probably choose Diamondback if it was my choice. It rarely is my choice since I like to see Princess Sparkles happy. She is mean and doesn't seem to care if mom is happy. ;-D
  10. I mentioned to someone at the park about it not being visible, and one of them suggested holding it up to the side. Your daughter looking like a unicorn was cute though.
  11. We stayed at the La Quinta in Mason a couple weeks ago and it was really decent for the price.
  12. I enjoyed the rope course. I wonder how much of a pain it was to keep it adequately staffed.
  13. I live outside of Indianapolis and had no clue this event took place.
  14. I am going to send Princess Sparkles to smash the dirt down next time we are there.
  15. Is that because so many wish you were dead? Oh, but then that may imply O'Terpy has some wishing the same fate. Btw, you need to go smash the dirt down so it can be seen better.
  16. There is a more extensive trip report on the forum. That was the only bad experience we had in the 5 parks we visited: Six Flags America, Dorney, Six Flags Great Adventure, Kings Dominion and Carowinds. Also, Six Flags Great Adventure is an absolutely wonderful park.
  17. For starters, I love amusement parks. I love coasters, rides, people watching, feel of an amusement park. Also, I am one who counts coasters and will ride coasters just for a coaster credit. Yep, I am that kinda girl. I have never genuinely feared for my safety at an amusement park until going to SFA. This includes a decade of being a season pass holder at Kentucky Kingdom. The main issue I had with KK is the amount of unsupervised youth running around the park. They were unruly and loud, but I was not fearing for my life. It was just annoying, but having lived in the inner-city of Indianapolis, it takes a lot to worry me too much with fearing people most of the time. The best example at SFA is a group of 3 people (2 males and a female) walked from the back of the line to the front, forcing people out of their way. Their presence alone brought silence into the station. My angel of a daughter started to loudly protest them cutting in line and I received looks of "shut your daughter up." I gathered by the whispers these people are known and no one messes with them. I told my little angel to shut up, it is our goal today to leave this park alive, not getting shot up or sliced up. I was not joking. I truly had concerns about something happening while we were there. The crowd is rough as are the employees. We left the park not riding all the coasters. I don't know if I could bring myself to return to the park even though there are coasters there that I really enjoyed like Wild One and Roar.
  18. I kicked your butt on it last week.
  19. I love their wings. The Parmesian Garlic is awesome. They have boneless as well.
  20. The toilet inside a cage in Club Blood. It is disgusting.
  21. Welcome to KIC. I scare easy when things jump out at me. Ok, when I see them and they say boo, I jump. Walking by the crazy Jack-in-the-box knowing it is going to go off made me scream and almost run someone over. Had a scare actor sit beside me while waiting on someone to get food. I screamed like a Banshee. Make someone go through in front of you that is semi-humored that you are just going to be jumpy. I am not sure if the ones I go through with are humored or just take pity on me.
  22. Last time we rode it we yelled it. People looked at us like we were stupid...and before you say it, no, it is not too different than how most people look at us.
  23. I scream even when I see them and know they are going to do it. I get jumpy at non scare actors in the fog.
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