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  1. I am going to guess I will ride The Beast most. It has been that way for years, but with Princess Sparkles being on that crew, I may hang out with the big kids elsewhere in the park.
  2. Princess Sparkles and I are going. I am not sure what time i am going to be off from work tomorrow, so we might not be there until 6:30 since I will have to get her before heading that way. O'Charley's sounds good to me.
  3. I am hoping to do another big trip at some point this summer. A lot is going to depend on if I can get time off from work. I have a very long list of places to go. Obviously Kings Island will be visited a lot. I am sure Cedar Point and Holiday World will happen, too. I am trying to work in a trip to Carowinds and Six Flags Georgia. We had hoped it would happen for spring break, but due to Princess Sparkles schedule it's not going to happen then. I am hoping this fall I can make trips to Kennywood, Knoebels and Hershey Park. I have a list of other parks to go to if the funds are available.
  4. Andrew - I have it. I am not sure what box of photos it's in. If we have time this weekend I will look for it
  5. When people post more (and more) coaster videos on your Facebook page. I guess even my non coaster riding friends even miss me going to amusement parks in the off season.
  6. Along with NoChickens, I have done 2 of the 4 parks (at the same time, imagine that!). KD and NJFTP are wonderful parks and from what I have heard about the other 2 parks you shouldn't be disappointed with either option. I go back and forth on which one I prefer between NJFTP and KD, both have excellent offerings. I don't know if I can truly pick a favorite between them. I will say I wish we would have done BGW instead of Carowinds last year. (Even though I want to go back to Carowinds this year for Fury 325. I want to do Six Flags Georgia when/if we get to go.) Also, if you might go to more than one Six park this year, their version of the Platinum Pass is relatively inexpensive. I think I pay $8.50 a month per pass and it includes parking. Parking is pricy at their parks.
  7. I liked Where's Goble. I had fun with that thread, and Goble took it well.
  8. Welcome to KIC. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Great trip report. The park is beautiful during the summer. I can only imagine with the holiday decorations, it would be more beautiful.
  10. Banshee. I do agree with Terpy regarding the level of entertainment as well. I rarely watched any shows until Ed/Cirque unless it was simply to cool off. The level of entertainment in those two shows is amazing.
  11. Probably The Beast more than any other. I didn't count, but can safely guess 150 or more times this season. Anyone who knows us, knows we rode this one a lot. Banshee was at least 120.
  12. He is probably the most consistently happy person while he's at work. Great thing to see in someone.
  13. I need answers to this one. I am here now. Princess Sparkles will officially be here December 20. We need suggestions on places to go.
  14. ^ Also coming from someone who lives really in a great vicinity of getting to Kings Island without any hassle.
  15. I like several areas. Milford is where we are looking to move.
  16. She doesn't get on here too much, but Princess Sparkles said she had fun hanging out with you as well.
  17. We rode front row last train of the night Saturday night. It was freezing. I actually had brain freeze from it being so cold.
  18. Princess Sparkles was 2,000,002. Way to go freaks76.
  19. I 305 being my 100th coaster credit followed. The next day my daughter hit her 100th coaster credit on the same coaster. Banshee is a close second.
  20. Reds HOF Grille has great sized portions to split with someone else.
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