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  1. I'm looking at the last photo of the giant video board, there does not seem like there were very many people there, or was the photo taken post-concert?
  2. We had a similar experience in the main park last Friday. We left early because we did not feel safe. There were groups of unsupervised teens intimidating food vendors and challenging each other. This all stared at about 6pm, up until then things were great. I sat and observed, it seems something KI should do is eliminate the Basketballs as a prize. I overheard some groups of teens, use the term bowling. They were taking the balls and aiming at the feet and legs of park goes trying to trip them and they were successful. Also, bouncing the balls off of kid's heads. I know it's not popular, but I feel a chaperone policy is needed, or don't have the park open past nightfall. When these policies were enacted at Malls, the incidence of violence, improved.
  3. I think they look really nice framed.
  4. We paid $6.77 after taxes and discount at KK for a loaf of Cinamon bread Seems KI's version is pretty expensive by comparison.
  5. How much was the Cinamon Bread? Last time we were there the people behind the counter said they don't sell it.
  6. I have not received an email from KI regarding any changes to our season passes.
  7. Can anyone tell me how much the Nachos pictured above cost
  8. They were sold in a small stand across from International Showplace, that no longer exists. They were shaped like the Eiffel Tower and had a spicy powder seasoning on them. They were pretty good.
  9. Don, thanks for clearing that up. I know this is unrelated but let me tell you guys, the Grand Carnival is one great event. Colorful, energetic, Almost as good as Winterfest, which is magical.
  10. What happened last night? As we were leaving after the Fireworks, we noticed a sea of "blue lights' in the parking lot in the general area were you would cross the street where you enter the handicapped parking. I assumed it was an accident
  11. Yesterday (Sunday) there were to ladies at the drink register, one barely taking drink others, the other sitting on the floor looking at her phone.
  12. Maybe they should follow Kentucky Kingdoms lead and have a chaperone policy. Seems the individuals causing trouble at Kings Island were primarily juveniles, according to one of the articles posted.
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