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  1. They were sold in a small stand across from International Showplace, that no longer exists. They were shaped like the Eiffel Tower and had a spicy powder seasoning on them. They were pretty good.
  2. Don, thanks for clearing that up. I know this is unrelated but let me tell you guys, the Grand Carnival is one great event. Colorful, energetic, Almost as good as Winterfest, which is magical.
  3. What happened last night? As we were leaving after the Fireworks, we noticed a sea of "blue lights' in the parking lot in the general area were you would cross the street where you enter the handicapped parking. I assumed it was an accident
  4. Yesterday (Sunday) there were to ladies at the drink register, one barely taking drink others, the other sitting on the floor looking at her phone.
  5. Maybe they should follow Kentucky Kingdoms lead and have a chaperone policy. Seems the individuals causing trouble at Kings Island were primarily juveniles, according to one of the articles posted.
  6. Would anyone have any insight on the entry process. Can you use your physical plastic Season Pass card for entry, or must you upload them to the KI app? Also, are you prompted to a link so that you can answer the Health Check questionnaire 24 hours before your arrival date.
  7. This has the potential to save my family money. We will forgo purchasing food, merchandise, etc in the Park. Instead we will eat in our vehicle. For us anyway, if the Park experience becomes too cumbersome or inconvenient we will just move on.
  8. Underwhelmed. Too similar to Diamondback. Not impressed. Only announcement that sparked my interest last light was that Grand Carnival will be retuning. That most likely is not enough to make us want to purchase Season Passes.
  9. I thought it would be priced similar to Dollywood's Aunt Granny's or Ms Lilly's. They are about $17 with a 20 percent SP Discount.
  10. Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, when browsing the KI website under 100 reason, then entertainment, there is a Dog Show mentioned,a acrobatic show called Oracle (I think), along with the Hollywood Musical review and some other shows from last season.
  11. I have seen individuals at Kentucky Kingdom wearing KICentral Shirts inside the park. I did not see them being harassed. I would think you would be okay to wear one.
  12. Our group went to the FrightFeast this past Saturday. It included one front of the line pass, to be used between 8pm and 11pm that night for one Haunt, including SK room. The food was tasty and plentiful, however the process to purchase tickets was horrid. People who had the voucher on their phones found that they could not scan them, One individual in our group was not given the Season Pass price, and was accused of lying about said discount. When the rest of the group tried to take advantage of the $5 deal with the meal plan was told that was not a valid offer. Had to ask for someone in charge to come to resolve...took 30 minutes for resolution. Person "in charge" was frankly openly hostile and stated If it were up to him the FrightFeast would have been cancelled. This has not been my experience in the past..someone "NEW" must be in charge of that venue.
  13. I noticed Friday night that Tower Drinks has been converted into a self service beverage station. No more food or counter service, just fountain drinks and one person to take your money, and a line to fill your cup.
  14. Its a sad day for everyone who saw this and just think of him when you are on the tower.
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