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  1. Look at the Banshee Logo, the claw will be just like that, but in front of the lettering to give it a 3D sort of effect as if it is reaching out to grab you. Just got in the car to head out on my journey and realized I didn't have Cami, my daughter with me.....sorry Bon Bon.....haha
  2. Well I am finally about to take off on my 3 week amusement park trek on the way to Kings Island. Goin 400 miles out of the way first..but I just cant not go to Magic Mountain....then its towards Six Flags Texas and so on until I reach my ultimate goal of Kings Island for the 17th. See you all there....
  3. I think I will wear my new t shirt on the 17th. It says "You must be this tall to go on this ride". My daughter got it for me....so I will be easy to find. haha
  4. Well I am leaving from Phoenix to be there on the 17th day after tomorrow...im driving. Why am I leaving so early? Because I am taking a long way to get there and stopping at every amusement park on the way.......
  5. It looks to me like the Banshee signage is in place.
  6. But in Google Earth, when you go to the "street view" from inside the park you still see Son of Beast. Those have not been updated yet...and it may be awhile before they are.
  7. Are you really going to post that same dark picture with a few park lights on it EVERY single day saying basically the same thing EVERY single day? Just wondering,
  8. No, its between Sling Shot and Delirium, it looks like stadium seating of some sort.
  9. Could someone tell me what that is to the immediate right of Delirium?
  10. Oh ok....well, im from Phoenix, Arizona and snow is something I am pretty ignorant about....... I just call it white fluffy rain....haha
  11. I am having trouble posting pics on here...could somebody that knows how to do it put up a quick pic from the webcam right now showing the fog....?
  12. Good afternoon Don, I totally understand and respect your request. I am just happy that you have the time to share pics and talk with us at all. I am sure you are a pretty busy guy...especially with just such a short time till opening day. Wow, I just noticed the fog around Banshee looking at the webcam right now.....this would be a real cool time to take a ride on it......with all that fog...cool effect. Don any chance you could go take a quick ride on her with the fog so thick and give us a review?
  13. Where is the orange track been removed? Also, are there ANY inverted coasters that DONT have a curved first drop? I like straight drops myself....but it seems like all the inverts don't go that way...must be a reason.
  14. yeah I noticed that in the circle as well......not getting my hopes up to much though....seems like more times than not, they do something like this...and then just sit.
  15. You read my mind Gplez90!!! I am sure our feet will be a good distance from the ground...but Im sure when I get to the low point I will be trying to raise my legs up.....im sure you will do the same...haha
  16. Yes, I myself had just noticed the other day about the MAXIMUM ride height of 78". I myself am 76". it will probably be first time in my life I may hunch down a little to NOT go over the ride height line....haha
  17. I myself love woodies...and when I first heard about SOB in 1999 I was stoked about it....mainly because of the first drop....but the rest of it....ehh....not so much.....the loop attempt was pretty cool at the time......but I personally like HILLS, lot of up and down straight hills......that's where the fun and sheer excitement is for me.....helixes are just plain boring...of course that's just my own preference... I think another giant woodie would be great......with a builder of a much better reputation like GCI. But for the parks concern....wooden coasters are A LOT of maintenance compared to a steel coaster.....I think I read at one time like 3 times as much. That's quite a bit.
  18. Yes before I completely commit to this....I will contact the park on if I can substitute/transfer my places.......I will cross that bridge when I know for sure whether or not I can make it...right now its a 50/50 guess......and I know 99.9% of the members of this nice forum have there hand raised up high saying...OOOOOO OOOO OOO PICK ME PICK ME.....haha.....
  19. I bid on 2 seats for the first riders gig.......but it ,looks like we may have to delay our trip for family reasons...if that's the case...I will be GIVING my 2 seats up to someone on this forum.......I will let you all know the outcome tomorrow...and how I will choose who I will let take my daughter and myself place........im sure there are perhaps 1 or 2 of you that might be interested.....haha
  20. I hope Don posts some current pics of the station, ive been anxious to see it all done.
  21. I have a feeling that the painting on The Bat will be completed today.
  22. I think you are right devarious....I am sure that's what it must be.
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