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  1. I think the ride operators should be dressed like those Station guys from "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey".
  2. Why the wall? Just try to talk about anything......ANYTHING...other than that stupid capitalization crap.
  3. As far as how do they get the train back to the station if it gets stuck between to hills. I "think" they use winches and/or pulleys to just get it to the top of the next hill and let gravity an momentum take over. Unless there is something broken on the train...in which case I am going to guess they fix it where it sits then pull it up the apex of the next hill. I could be wrong though.
  4. I do believe you may be right dwainw, I think that is the isolated wall of the station peeking above the station ridge line.
  5. I was really hoping that they would make the final product look like the rendering...especially little things like the wing wall and popout for the entrance to the gift shop on the bottom. Its those little things that give it character....but they still may yet put them in...we will see
  6. I noticed on earlier pics of the station that there was a little window right next to where the train exits the station on the left...and now I don't see an opening for it.
  7. Those pics are awesome Chaindog. thanks.
  8. Does anyone have any pics from when The Beast was under construction?
  9. The Beast has 2 lift hills, am I correct? Just wondering, does anybody know how many other coasters there are that have this? It cant be very many.
  10. I feel sorry for the guys trying to get "The Bat" track painted to orange. Not exactly an easy job to begin with. Now having to deal with the weather as well. I am sure you can only paint within a certain temperature range.
  11. Where is that thing that was in the middle of the AZ circle?
  12. You don't know what a whopper of a summer is until you've been in Phoenix between June and August......virtual roasting.
  13. Right now, this time of year is one of the very few times its great to live in Arizona.
  14. I feel sorry for the landscape construction guys, they get an area all nice and cleared and ready for what they need to do next....and then....big snow storm....and everything all covered up again. Frustrating.
  15. Has the lone isolated wall next to the station been built yet?
  16. So was any progress on the circle done today? I didn't have a chance to check out the cam when it was daylight.
  17. Are there any new shots of the station to show how far the siding has progressed?
  18. If they started doing test runs now, how would the cold/snow effect the operation of the train? Or would it make no difference?
  19. Perhaps the gravel is there so there won't be any bugs (such as gnats, bees, etc.) in the immediate area that could possibly hit riders in the face. Nobody wants to pick bugs out of their teeth after riding a coaster. Just a thought.
  20. Doesn't look like they have done much with the big AZ circle lately does it?
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