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  1. I completely agree with shawnofthedead.
  2. I would like to see that as well. I also hope they do touch up the paint on those sanded areas and on all the bolts used to put the thing together.
  3. Are there any recent pics of the station?
  4. Does anyone know where I can see the NEW park map for 2014?
  5. I wonder now that the track work is complete, If they might possibly move the newer cam over to see a view of the station area and its surrounding?
  6. @kat, you take a lunch break at 4pm. Wow, talk about a late lunch.
  7. Love your dedication to this Davidw. But I think, and I could be wrong, that you have one support and one piece of track to many.
  8. I just looked at the large live feed, and then back to the overall ride rendering and back again. Probably did that 5 or 6 times trying to see just what is left to erect. I am guessing 3 supports and 3 or 4 pieces of track. Davidw, good luck with your daily colored update. @malem, you are probably right, didn't think about it that way.
  9. @sikkinixx99, it couldn't hurt to try. If I didn't live so far away I would definitely do something like that. Actually knowing how I am, I probably would somehow finagle a job helping put the coaster up and pay them to let me do it. LOL
  10. In my high school English class, the teacher had 3 students come to the chalkboard to write out a sentence she was going to verbally say to us. It was; "There are three 2's in the English language." Well, of course this was a trick she was playing on us because there is no proper way of using just one word to represent to, too and two. I gave it my best shot which was; "There are three (to, too, two)'s in the English language." Any of your grammar gurus have the correct way of writing that out? It will be interesting to see the responses on this one.
  11. How about everybody's favorite............ ain't? What does that even stand for? A not?
  12. Well OK if it will make things go more smoothly I will try to use correct grammar and capitalization in my posts. No biggie. I think a lot of us get spoiled from things like texting on our phones and whatnot, and never capitalize and massively shorten words to get the text sent out quicker. I know I am first in line on this bad habit... i.e.; using "u" for "you" or "r" for "are" etc. etc. I will do my best to keep my English skills sharper....I am all for it. On a completely different note; is King's Island website having problems? I can seem to open ANY of their pages. Is anyone else having an issue with this?
  13. I am thinking that is the circle that the new Banshee sign will go in like in the renderings.
  14. I have been in the construction/design business a long time...and it still amazes me how precise the surveyors and concrete guys get their part done so that all those numerous one-of-a-kind support and track pieces in such complex shapes on a varying grade all fit just right.....absolute teamwork and flat out know how and experience to pull that off....KUDOS to the entire construction crew.
  15. Looks like all that's left is the approach to the final brake run. I also noticed there are no pieces left in the hold area......it will be interesting to see them fit that very last piece in.
  16. WOW! Carousel is really going up quick, isn't it? Has anyone noticed if the free standing wall that hugs the stairs that go into the station been put up yet?
  17. I thought a group of symbols like that represented curse words. i.e. as in comic strips
  18. OK, you lost me on that one. WOW, the footer of that carousel has 6 of those big blue tube supports all crammed into one rectangular footer. That's a tight fit. Wish we had a closer pic of that.
  19. its getting really hard to tell whats what down around the carousel area...so many other element parts in the way plus the angle of view. Good luck Davidw...u must have eagle eyes.
  20. Davidw, all your work on the post is most appreciated.....I would say buying a new house would more than likely take precedent....haha.....congrats on new home.....hope you have many happy years there
  21. its really difficult to tell what was done from the angle of the cam. The zero g roll in front of the work area and the 2nd vertical loop behind it make it confusing to say the least
  22. looking forward to davidw's colored update....should be very little left to color in
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