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  1. So there are only 9 supports left total correct? 6 for the carousel, and 3 going into the final brake run.
  2. I cant tell, but have they got the first support of the carousel up? its to busy in that area to really see it properly, even on the enlarged view
  3. oh I know davidw is very expeditious on his work...GREATLY appreciated and admired by myself. I just recall he posted something to the effect that he lost several hours one day....I hope that didn't cause him to much headache. AND THE NEXT SUPPORT IS UP! yippe just use the edit thing....haha...thanks.
  4. does anyone know when the latest timelapse vids will be up?
  5. I kinda don't think that area at the base of the first drop is necessarily for queue lines....I think they are just smoothing out the landscape contours from probably deep truck/crane/forklift tracks that were more then likely made during the construction on wet and snowy days....
  6. well I guess they can take 5 for lunch, I think those boys have earned it...don't you?
  7. looks like the next support is about to be lifted into place
  8. i just noticed at the bottom of the first drop....just above the supports...is that a pathway on the ground. (not sure if i worded that properly)
  9. i think that green thing is a cement truck isnt it?
  10. where are they going to layout that next support....i dont see any blue tubes on the ground in the area that it goes.
  11. The track and support pieces holding area is beginning to look pretty sparse.......wont be long til its all empty........i know we are all anxious for that , but its kinda sad too in a way.
  12. its really hard to see just whats happening in the area they are working on at the moment from the Tower cam view....so many things overlapping from that view
  13. next piece of track going up......those boys are really putting their hearts in it today......LOVE IT
  14. next support is upright and being placed. woo hoo
  15. I just sort of skipped over that......I was afraid to even try...LOL
  16. I have to agree Adventuro.....but u get hooked on watching and want to see as much as possible....I know I do
  17. looks like the next support should go up at anytime...I hope.
  18. here is a link to see the live webcam enlarged, when you get to the page go down about 8 posts and you will see it. http://www.kiextreme.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5922&hl=%2BBanshee+%2Bconstruction&fromsearch=1
  19. I think it would be awesome if they could mount a cam from the crane operators point of view
  20. I agree....I really liked seeing the construction from a much closer perspective. Hope the pan it over a bit for us.
  21. Anyone think they might get to the start of the carousel today?
  22. Does anyone know what the crane is working on right now?
  23. maybe at this point they work on the days that are snow/rain free when they can. I cant blame them for that.
  24. My hat goes off to these guys just for working in the bone chilling climate.
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