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  1. Are Chik-Fil-A's closed on sundays altogether?
  2. Ooooo that's a good point Coasterama. I don't know. I know that at the architectural firm I work at, we have to work. Its a federal holiday. So I don't know how the steel unions do their holidays.
  3. Are they actually working today? I LOVE IT it if they are......tired of virtually EVERYTHING being closed or just stopping all together on sundays.
  4. I personally am looking forward to the Banshee sign going in.
  5. Congrats Sixxinix99, I noticed you are now a "KIC Local" moved up in rank from a tourist.
  6. I am anxious to see the carousel construction and even more the fitting of the last piece of track up close.
  7. next is that single post support to go up.
  8. All coasters are beautiful to me, but I must admit that wooden coasters have certain beauty and jaw dropping "AWE"someness in looking at them under construction and definitely when completed.
  9. I want to bid on one of the first rider seats. Anyone know how I go about that?
  10. it was 2/2. 2 supports and 2 pieces of track Kat.
  11. my guess for tomorrow is 3/6. 3 supports and 6 pieces of track.
  12. Looks like the roof of the station has been sheeted, and is now covered.
  13. Is the old station in the building I had mentioned?
  14. Ok in that last wonderful pic that was posted. Would the new camera possibly be in about that area of the building in the background on the right, in approximately the location of where the orange manlift bucket is? (I hope I wasn't to confusing in that description). haha
  15. That is truly a beautiful pic and best one yet from the backside.
  16. Is it just me or does it appear that the top of the zero-g-roll has a track section missing now. Must just be a camera lens smudge.
  17. No, that is one of those longer stretch areas of track. They don't necessarily have to have a support for ever section of track.
  18. I was predicting 3 supports and 4 pieces of track today, I hope they meet my hopes.
  19. Could someone post a pic with the location of the new cam circled? I am really curious to see just where it is.
  20. OK, thanks Medford, I appreciate the review, I know I will be going on it (and every other coaster at the park) on my visit in April.
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