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  1. I just saw some post a ways back and a few comments on it on other sites. I haven't been to KI, this will be my first year, but from what I can see it looks pretty cool, kinda rickety and dangerous looking...which I love in a coaster. that's why I was asking.
  2. i know this is off topic, but I am just curious. It seems like nobody like Adventure Express, could someone tell me why?
  3. AWESOME! thanks Myklhicks! I was wanting to see it from that perspective.
  4. I was just looking at the rest of the supports that are left. Is the 4th support from where they left off today, just a single tube sticking straight up? Seems kind of "wobbly" compared to the other supports, its the 3 supports before the "carousel" starts.
  5. my guess on the completion of the track and supports will be the end of next week
  6. Well, my guess for tomorrow is 3/4. 3 supports and 4 pieces of track.
  7. I know this is wishful thinking. But I wonder if MAYBE they might go for support #4 today. I doubt it, but I can always hope.
  8. YEA!!! Support #3 going up...im sure that means that track #3 for the day will shortly follow.
  9. Well the day started off GREAT! They got 2 supports and 2 pieces of track up and then.....they sit. so not much has happened at all in the last 2+ hours. :(
  10. I am starting to see white fluffy rain. A.K.A., snow.
  11. I hope they pass my guess of 3/3 today. 3 supports and 3 track pieces. So far its 2/2.
  12. I would like to see how they put the trains on the track
  13. I am going to guess 3/3 for tomorrow. 3 supports and 3 pieces of track.
  14. Looks like the A-frame roof of the station is coming along nicely.
  15. can anybody tell what they are working on right now?
  16. I'm going to guess by the end of next week.
  17. I hope they get the last piece of the loop installed TODAY.....
  18. I hope they don't tear down the old SOB station. Isnt that where the new cam is set up?
  19. Yup, I count 26 track pieces as well. According to the ride renderings which are dead nuts on.
  20. Anybody think they might get the other side of the loop up today?
  21. Well what I was hoping to see was just how they go about pulling and stretching and whatnot to get the pieces that are up aligned with the ones going in....specifically on that last piece of track they just installed. But the cam was covered during that exact time and then uncovered just as that part of it was done.... coincidence? Maybe...but I guess I should just be happy that we have another cam to view period...so I will quit complaining.
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