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  1. Covering up that new cam is already starting to become quite an annoyance. As we speak they are installing the piece of track I was most interested in seeing go up. But of course we can't watch that because they have the cam covered up.
  2. I do believe you are right sikkinixx99, at first I thought that might be the boom extension on a telescoping crane or manlift...but I think you are correct.
  3. I'm not sure, where are you seeing this exactly?
  4. I think you may be right Chaindog, that's what it looks like to me too. I do wish it was moved back just a skosh more to get the entire loop in when completed.
  5. What do they have the new Banshee cam mounted to? Does anyone know?
  6. yeah, the big blue support is going up!
  7. EXACTLY! Look at the wing of a bat, then look at a pretzel, and tell me what that element looks most like.
  8. where is the link for the new webcam angle?
  9. I hope we see that big blue support laying next to the final break run go up today.
  10. It isn't a helix, its called a "carousel".
  11. It will be interesting to see the "carousel" portion of this ride go in. 1/2 of all the supports for it go into a single footer.
  12. I have been anxiously awaiting davidw 's completion schematic for today.
  13. it probably needs a little "tweeking" to get it to fit just right
  14. if they aren't going to do any work on the second half of the ride for a while....then I don't understand why they brought CJ in just yet. why pay rent on a construction crane if its just going to sit there doing absolutely nothing?
  15. the great pumpkin is the one responsible for the porta john incident
  16. Hell, I will work in the rain...I would love a chance to work on that.
  17. How did he, uh, relieve himself? he just stood there and went....yelling....."EL NINO" to the people below.
  18. When I got to do a winter tour of KI in December 2011, all of the regular guest restrooms had signs above their entrances saying that they were winterized and should not be used. Just curious, living in Arizona, we do things a bit differently in the winter, but just how do you go about "winterizing" a restroom?
  19. can always break the monotony with a good porta john tipping story
  20. ya that is a crappy thing to do to someome....I bet the guy inside was ****ed!
  21. I'm sure someone else has probably posted this before but just in case they haven't. if you go to youtube and type in Banshee TIME LAPSE, each week they compile all of the shots from the Eiffel Tower webcam and run it at normal speed and its pretty cool to see the weeks progress in just a few short minutes....and they have all of the previous weeks as well. I don't know how to post links, pics, vids...etc. on here but this is the link to one of the vids.......oh and they eliminate the nighttime shots.... I hope I typed all that in right.
  22. did anyone get tipped in the porta john today?
  23. Tipping one of those over is cruel and dangerous. Aside from the raw sewage, consider injuries potentially sustained in the fall and toxic chemicals used to treat the waste in the tank. you must be the brother
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