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  1. OH i must agree with you there, aesthetically it is extremely a sight to see....showing off some darn fine carpentry, but i think all wooden coasters have a striking apearance for the eyes to behold...such a massive gathering of huge lattice style supports (bents) of various heights from small to gigantic showing off thousands of skilled man hours to create...just makes me look at it in awe. And thats before i have even ridden it yet.
  2. I agree, that turnaround will have some good fun. The only thing that me personally am not a huge fan of on this coaster is the curved first drop. I mean dont get me wrong, to me all coasters are fun even with a curved first drop...but i like the thrill that a straight drop has...but thats just my personal preference a straight drop always for the first hill. I realize that a lot of time it is also done for saving a bit of real estate that is taken up by a straight drop, especially on coasters over say 180'+ feet that entire lift hill and drop takes up lots of precious space.
  3. ^ the only one that i rode that was rough and not comfortable from gci is Apocolypse at Magic Mountain. But i dont want to say they built it bad, i think with wooden coasters alot has to do with where it is built and the climate and how well the maintenence is kept up on it. MT will be smooth and fun for a very long time because its in ohio and KI has probaby the best park and ride maintenance program of any park i can think of with the exception of Disney. You would never see a wood coaster built somewhere like where i live in phoenix or say Las Vegas...the upkeep on keeping the wood from just drying out and becoming bad would be ASTRONOMICAL. and at Magic Mountain that particular coaster has just had a bit of bad luck do to a few other mother nature issues like earthquakes etc, if im not mistaken. But generally GCI makes top notch rides. Hands down.
  4. Is that why the big crane is back over in the lift hill area? To lift the chain into place?
  5. ^Beautifully said. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. Well since the train is themed after an old pick-up. perhaps the shed is like a mechanic's garage of some sort. We also know from the construction dwgs that there are 440 bents total i do believe.
  7. True a lot of coasters do have dark ride sections at the end of the ride.. but how many of them are wood coasters?
  8. How do you know if what people have guessed is correct or not? Do YOU know for sure?
  9. i myself am really curious to know what is in the building between the transfer track and the loading station. hmmmm could be something fun in there.
  10. Me too!! This and the turnaround area, plus the station area are what im most interested in.
  11. I am hoping for pics of the other areas soon we haven't already seen. Like the turnaround, or where MT crosses over WWC or the train tracks, or the station and shed areas.
  12. KI has a great maintenance crew for ALL there rides. Those 2 iconic coasters are inspected on a daily basis like all the others. It would be interesting to know just how much of the original wood is still on The Beast since it was built, same for Racer.
  13. I dont know about anyone else but i am jonesing for some new construction update pics!
  14. Well i am thinking that once the train enters the shed, YOU will be in the shed, that's what's in there...................YOU.
  15. Does anyone know what all that stuff blowing around on the lift hill is?
  16. From the looks of the webcam, i do believe the section going over the lake has been completed, i could be wrong.
  17. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CzZqAoQWgAAWUjn.jpg:large
  18. ^i agree, pics of the lift and second hill i have had my fill with on this build, i want to see the rest of it.
  19. It be nice if they overhaul the map, i personally like a park map to be a more accurate rendering of the attractions and not "overcartoony" in exaggerating the elements of the various attractions.
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