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  1. oh do tell the details....I've heard of people doing that but never actually witnessed it.....what did he do when he got out? or did you tip it over on the door so he couldn't?
  2. http://masonbuzz.com/photos/album/72157637461402024/Banshee-construction.html
  3. The only thing filed with Mason were the blueprints for foundations and electrical they may not have the full set available until costruction is complete as there may be revisions until that point....the foundation and electrical are for the most part complete...im pretty sure that's why that's all that is there right now........if you want to see a full set just for curiosity reasons....ask for the Diamondback set...that would be a good one to review.
  4. well im not saying you don't have to use a little finesse...you do. but anything that is being built for public use reguardless of the state must be available to the public for viewing......they may (and probably will) make u go thru some kind of red tape B.S......that's just how they are for some reason......I just have experience knowing how to get what I want.....and its not always easy.
  5. if one of the designers from B&M were on here and explained why that first loop is the way it is......I GUARANTEE you that 99.9% of the people interested in that would be saying "huh?!" and scratching their heads.....the physics, kinetic energy, design, weight distribution, distance speed etc.....not to mention all the series of equations it takes to make a coaster work like it does....you aren't going to understand unless you are a specialized mechanical engineer. this goes WAY beyond those little lessons they teach you in your high school calculus and trig classes that use a rollercoast
  6. its changing color? from what? light grey to lighter grey?
  7. They REALLY need to add a second cam to the top of the freefall ride to get a different angle.
  8. Do ANY of B & M's coaster have a nice straight first drop? I like that much better then swooping to the left or the right.
  9. I am just wondering how the large red construction crane will get out of its current location? Looks to me like it is now "boxed in". Will it be unassembled then reassemble down the slope of the hill to do the second half of the coaster? Or, will it just be unassembled and then just use the other smaller cranes to finish the job now that the tallest support columns have been erected? After further inspecition of what I can see, it looks as if they are possibly assembling another crane in the valley, If so, they will use that crane to remove "Clifford"s large boom pieces and the base of Cliff
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