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  1. for me it was the very first time i was ever at the park many years ago....i asked a ride operator where the nearest restroom was........he said NOTHING...just shrugged his shoulders......i have a feeling he was asked to probably find employment elsewhere shortly after that if his public attitude didnt change.
  2. actually to me the thing i would hate to see go the most would be the beautiful green trees and scenery, that is the extra something special about this park i like.
  3. i was really fascinated by the way they hooked up the rigging with the straps...didnt realize the crane had 2 different hooks that work independently. Learn something cool and new every day.
  4. did they get that entire stack erected today? anyone get a pic of that tallest bent going up?
  5. yes please get screen shot for me....i have to leave for a job bid so i wont see it again...so it would be most appreciated sir. Thank you kindly
  6. i was thinking maybe more like 90, but you could be right. if we just knew what the spaceing was of those horizontal crossmembers of the main tower of each bent was, then we just count those since they seem to be equal distance with the exception of the top square of course..
  7. You and I think about a lot of the same things lol. I think they'll just work downhill from the top of the lift. Trying to fish the tallest supports in between two standing supports would be a PITA. It's certainly doable, and that very well might be what they end up doing. Personally, I'd rather deal with some extra cribbing on the ground than trying to get those last few supports in place in a tight window. Once they get this stack of bents up they are working on, I suspect a new stack of bents will be put together while the crane is erecting the stack next to the motor house. My opinion is based on the thought that they wouldn't want to pay for the crane for a day just to wait while they finish putting bents together. oh yes, i definitely agree with you on that...i meant for the next set of lift hill bents after the stack you mentioned. it really is interesting to watch how they do it.....my friends think its boring...not me, i love it.
  8. I completely agree with you. I think everyone that down talks this new addition will be surprised at the fun it will generate.....you dont have to have a 400 foot drop to have a good time. Of course those people that will eat their words will never admit it. But hey, to each his own i guess. I personally am looking forward to it.
  9. Once the tallest bent is up, i would think that then they would probably start the next stack of bents from the bottom of the lift hill and work up. Since they build bigger on the bottom and get smaller as the stack grows...i guess they could put smaller bents on the bottom of the assembly stack...but that would just mean lots of extra work to putting up temp supports for stability. Anyone else have thoughts on this? I also think after this set gets erected, and the other stack over by the motor house, the crane will perhaps stay down that way and lift from there and assemble the next set on top of where it is sitting currently.
  10. The only real thing about SOB that i liked was that it was a Hyper woodie....other than the big drop and the loop it was pretty much just helixes and i think those are rather mundane and boring. but thats just me.
  11. Wasn't able to watch webcam at all today. Did they raise all the bents in the large pile next to the crane?
  12. I know which is my LEAST favorite, that darn Bonanza theme song you hear on the train!!!
  13. ^ and they have 2 piles of bents to put up, should look like quite a bit was accomplished once those all go up.
  14. If any of you that visit the park this upcoming weekend could get some pics of the turnaround area...i would be most appreciative.
  15. I love seeing and watching the construction of roller coasters, especially woodies. Does anyone have any pics and even more so, video of SOB under construction? Particularly the lift hill.
  16. Calakapepe those are some really great photos! Kudos. Especially the pic that shows how it will go over the train. Well done my friend.
  17. That is seriously one gigantic bent they are assembling right now...be interesting to watch them raise that one.
  18. I'm pretty sure inside the shed is nothing more than a very heavily themed area of crazy out of control vines etc.
  19. I'm wondering if thats an actual bent, or if they are building a jig for the tall supports there. The ground isn't level there, and these things probably need to be straighter than the ground would allow for. It looks to me like they are leveling out a couple or more long beams, and will just use those to build the rest of the bents in that area on top of them. I am pretty sure it is a bent, just by the crossmembers they are putting on it now. As for the unevenness, i think they just use scrap for building it up to level underneath.
  20. It looks to me lke they are assembling what will be one of if not THE tallest bent of the lift hill.
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