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  1. I am wondering if maybe a couple of the recently poured footers were off just a tad. I only say this because of the way several workers seem concerned about that one area and havent top covered it with dirt yet.
  2. that is what i originally thought myself. Clearing the area first, digging out for footers etc., erecting bents and starting on framing out station, then the track, then misc like lighting, braking, what's in the shed, theming.
  3. Was hoping to see "some" vertical construction this week (in view from webcam) but probably wont be until next week at soonest.
  4. Launch Pad was the park's Eurobungy trampoline ride. It was an upcharge attraction. Did you ride it?
  5. What was a ride called "launch pad"?
  6. it will be interesting to see when the coaster leaves the station and goes over the tracks, if the train happens to be under it at the same time and blows his whistle all that nice smoke and steam getting in the faces of Mystic Timbers riders.
  7. i was thinking the same thing. They are very busy in that area.
  8. i really hope so. Especially VERTICAL progress.
  9. Maybe, but i think they will still use the cement trucks to get the job done.
  10. i hope all that rain didnt mess up all those recently dug holes for the lift hill.
  12. There is a private party tonight and thought he might be part of that.
  13. yes they are annoying,...even that little spider that crawls across the lens from time to time and looks gigantic over the background gets annoying too. Sometimes its raindrops that look like bugs flying around the camera.
  14. I do believe they are raising bents at the beginning of the lift hill area too. YAY!
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