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  1. i was thinking they had only dug out every other row and would go back and dig out the remaining holes after the first were poured....i could definitely be wrong though.
  2. I noticed that too, and been boring out the footers for the lift hill as well... yay!
  3. HAHA, thats funny i was just going to say would someone mind going to the top of that building and wipe off that water droplet on the left side of the lens? It disturbs me deeply.
  4. My mind isnt blown but i think it will be a really good coaster, GCI hasn't made one yet i dont like. A roller coaster doesn't HAVE to be 300 feet high to be a good coaster. I think everyone should save their thoughts until they have actually ridden it. As for whats in the shed , i put something else, i just think it will be a dark/scary forest themed dark area. At first i thought that maybe there was a hidden drop that would be dug out that we can't see, but from the renderings i dont think thats the case.
  5. THIS JUST IN!!! "Boy Trapped In Refrigerator, Eats Own Foot". And now back to the weather.
  6. i think it will just have extra deep footers in those areas
  7. I love watching the construction of any coaster, wood or steel or hybrid.
  8. Yeah, that's what i was thinking......they should've ordered that yesterday or day before so it already there.
  9. oh man, why arent those stack of bents going up?!!!
  10. Well hopefully Thursday they will raise those 4 or 5 taller bents they assembled today.
  11. Its only 3:30 and these guys are all gone for the day?
  12. Has anyone noticed if there is a crane on site? Because so far they have only used that telescoping forklift to erect the bents. And I am thinking that it is about at its limit for the height of the bent it can put up.
  13. That is a very good point Rockfrog33. I would think the civil engineers on this project would have taken that into consideration. I HOPE.
  14. i dont think they are assembling them right on the footers, because if they were, they would be building them "away" from us so that the footers would be the pivot point, the direction they are doing it now wont allow for that.
  15. I think that tomorrow (9/07/16), we will see a good bit of vertical construction, if not tomorrow then the next day. At least i hope anyway.
  16. Boring, as in drilling the holes for the rebar and concrete. LOL
  17. Looks like they are assembling bents in the area that they are to be erected. Probably because they are going to start being quite a bit taller then the bents already put up. My guess is that they will assemble several at a time on the ground with the tallest of the set being assembled first and then assemble subsequent bents on top of it using it as a jig/guide for the others, then start erecting them in order. I could be wrong.
  18. Cedar Point not open...I just assumed it was....THANKS for telling me before I head out.......I guess I will take Terpy's cue and go for Dollywood then....Thanks Terp.....
  19. My Banshee & Kings Island first experience......in a word SUPERB! I was most impressed with the way they themed the attraction......I don't say that very often considering what I do for a living.......but I give it a 10 out of 10.....Kudos Kings Island. My daughter Cami's response to riding Banshee......."it was wicked cool". Now we are headed for the final stop on our 3 week journey...Cedar Point.............Kings Island was originally going to be the last stop...but it works out easier on me to make Cedar Point last....and in a way...the accident my daughter and I were in.....kind of is Godsend in a way....because...originally I was going to fly her back to get her tail back and drive back by myself......but quite frankly I am downright exhausted....so we will both be flying back......AFTER we get on ALL the coasters at Cedar Point.......Since the beginning of our amusement park quest....we have gone on 37 coasters.......I want to hit 50.....even if it means I have to ride a kiddie coaster at Cedar Point.....haha
  20. I thought that long line was for the ladies room
  21. We will be there come hell or high water.....I can tell you that! haha
  22. We are about 30 miles out now....finally making our destination......have reservations at the Great Wolf Lodge.....I hope that's a nice place to stay. Cause we are beat. Since this will be our first time at Kings Island, Does anyone have an order of rides we should go on? Banshee will be first of course, then we were thinking Beast, Diamondback, Vortex, etc. Is that a good order of rides?
  23. Hmm...never seen anything with outriggers that form an "X" before.
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