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  1. Kat, Cami and I want to see a pic of you.
  2. Thanks for all the great pics Kat. Wish the video you posted didn't read as private.
  3. Yeah, Im going to get another car and get out of Bowling Green ASAP
  4. Thanks all, yeah we are pretty much ok.......Cami is shaken up a bit .....car is completely demolished...thank God for airbags.......
  5. Well after all these months and the thousands of miles driving for this......My daughter and I will NOT make media day......we were involved in a 5 car accident ....and there is no way we are making media day....hopefully we can make opening day if she feels up to it......and I find another car.......almost made it....So everyone take a ride for us tomorrow...
  6. Wow, the latest time lapse vid really shows everyone scrambling around getting things ready for the opening....not just at Banshee....but virtually everywhere within the view of the cam. And I saw isomething in the time lapse vid that pretty much confirms my notions of what special lighting thing they have planned...........that will be way cool.
  7. Thanks for the info Kat, Greatly appreciated. Check your messages. I think I know exactly what those colored LED lights are for and why they are where they are......but I'm not going to say because I respect the parks secrecy policies...and I might be wrong anyways but I don't think I am. I have done some work on projects that had a similar type of themed lighting. If its what I think it is, everyone with be pleased.
  8. Really? There is a thread for that? Cool, thanks for the info.
  9. I hope I get a chance to meet some of you when I am at the park. It will be interesting to put the names with the faces.
  10. Hey getting a couple of days off work is nothing compared to getting your teenage daughter out of school for 2 weeks before the Easter vacation......talk about having to pull some strings......but it was totally cool with her......of course...... Well, she thought it was until I started making her do the work the teachers gave me to have her do at night...........the look she gave me was priceless!!!!!!! Kind of like the look she is giving me right now in the hotel room...... I just said...only a few days til Banshee...and she smiled....briefly...
  11. Devarious? Was it you? Come on now...you can tell us.....haha just kidding...I agree though...lets move on.
  12. Yeah, I don't think it would take a whole lot for the park to figure out just who it was.......there haven't been all that many people that have ridden it.....and going by what day and the time..........somebody is more than likely going to be asked to find employment elsewhere.......if some of there friends don't spill the beans first on accident.
  13. Im an architectural designer and model builder....and have done all sorts of projects for clients that insist on absolute secrecy...some of the things I have worked on have been for theme parks.....and I have been offered rather large bribes from various "interested parties" in the past. Of course I was never even tempted........I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure.....lets see...you wanna give me 10K for a copy or a peek of these plans that will cost me my job......at the time 70k a year.....and being blackballed from the industry and have lawsuits brought up against me? Take a hike buddy........I mean who would be that stupid? Then again im 50 years old and know better...but even if I were a junior/senior in h.s. I still wouldn't do it. But that's just me......
  14. yea....we been to so many parks in the last couple of weeks I forgot which type of pass was at which place....haha.......they kind of make a nice little collection we have........thanks for setting me straight on that....I would have remembered when we got back to our hotel room and looked at them again.... thanks Terp.....I knew I should have capitalized the passes....but since I wasn't 100% sure of the right name of the pass with the right park....I left it uncapitalized.....acceptable I would think in that situation....
  15. Just curious since this will be the first time my daughter and I have been to either Kings Island or Cedar Point, does either park have a "single riders" line on any of their coasters? I noticed Magic Mountain had this,,,...we didn't need it, we had platinum fast passes...but single riders can enter at the same place the fast pass holders do.....never noticed that before....and just wondering if Kings Island has this. Its a great idea, no sense letting an seat go unfilled when there doesn't have to be.
  16. I will just be happy riding it then. Doesn't matter to me what seat I get.
  17. I think its purpose was to block the view of transformers or other misc. unsightly electrical equipment.
  18. OK Thanks. The renderings were pretty close to the final product...so I thought they might have put that in.
  19. So has that freestanding wall been erected? Just wondering...none of the pics I have seen show over in that area.
  20. Thanks for the heads up Kat. Appreciate that.....I'm sure for you Ohioan's that's really really nice weather, but for my daughter and I being from Arizona, its a little chilly for us....of course my 14 year old daughter loved seeing this because now it means we get to go shopping......haha.
  21. Yeah that one triangular shade piece isn't going to cut it all by itself......there must be a reason they haven't installed the rest of them.....I am sure they could put them all up in a couple of hours......It will be nice to have a shaded area there.
  22. Well so far my daughter and I have been to Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Stratosphere on our trek to Kings Island for media day. Coaster count so far 22. Next stop, Six Flags Texas. Only 1 week to go until Banshee......Can't wait!!! See you all there.... Keep your feet OFF the ground and keep reaching for the stars....
  23. Well, back in 1976 I begged my father to take me to Magic Mountain for the opening of the Revolution roller coaster that was making huge worldwide news as being the first modern day vertical loop coaster....and of course the park was the busiest I have ever seen ......even to this day and I go to lots of parks....anyways.....my father despised crowds like that and waiting in line......so we got there and he knew how much I wanted to go on this its all I talked about the whole year....so, we walked up to as far to the front of the line as we could get...and he just shouted out......"Ive got $200 bucks here for any 2 people willing to give up their spot for my son and I". In 1976, $200 was quite a bit more then it is today.....and a LOT of hands went up for the offer and we of course took the closest to the front......It was awesome......probably the most memorable thing my Dad did for me....out of everything....To bad he isn't still around to go on Banshee with me...but he will be with me spirtitually I guess. So, its up to you....if you want to shell out a FEW hundred dollars....im sure it will work...no guarantees though.... Good luck. "
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