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  1. The hurricane was a tropical depression by the time it reached the Charlotte area. At most, it took a solid day or two off but not enough to delay the project.
  2. I honestly don't care about the announcement, KI isn't my home park. But there's a difference between criticism and entitlement, and feeling that you were treated unfairly because a theme park didn't build something that another theme park built falls into the latter of those two.
  3. Complaining about a park you like not building a coaster is the epitome of a first world problem. Theme Parks are a luxury and when you buy a season pass, they owe you nothing other than admission. If you don't like what they add, don't visit. Don't act like you were somehow lied to or betrayed because an amusement park didn't build what you wanted.
  4. I think I'm more excited about Frontier Canada finally becoming a section. Not that the coaster isn't already great, but retheming the area around it will put the experience on the next level.
  5. This ride looks great! It almost seems to lend itself more to a looping coaster than a traditional dive, something that has been sorely needed at Canada's Wonderland (in terms of quality).
  6. Footers at Carowinds Star Trek footers Movieworld Star Trek The proof has been there for nearly two months
  7. It’s a Mack. The footers are from Mack, there was literally a box in the shipping area with ‘Mack’ on it. http://carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4820 A surprising amount of enthusiasts think it was just a red herring, but enthusiasts tend to overestimate their importance to the park. They’re not going to go to these lengths just to “fake enthusiasts”, the vast majority of guests visiting the park don’t know or care what Mack is.
  8. I don’t see how that’s a valid argument at all. Obviously I’m overjoyed with the fact that Carowinds is receiving the investment it is, but my statement was based on observable facts. Cedar Fair believes they can grow Carowinds in the market that it’s in, and they’ve been seeing positive results so far. Ergo, it will continue to receive heavy investment. I mean honestly, do you think the heads of a BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION are playing favorites? That they’re doing this because they like Carowinds enthusiasts so much? No! We make up less than 1% of their annual attendance, maybe even less than half of that. They’re doing this because they see the opportunity to make more money in the short term at Carowinds than at Kings Island, and if a few coaster boys are upset with that, so be it. They’re going to target the parks that can grow the most so they can grow their bottom line. At some point in the future, Carowinds will be exactly where Kings Island is today: a regional park with 3 Million+ annual attendance that properly serves it market. And when that day comes, they’ll be receiving the same amount of investment yearly. For now, Carowinds is playing catch-up.
  9. Lol at y'all thinking Kings Island is going to get the shaft. The four growth parks are exactly what they sound like: parks that have the opportunity to grow. The Kings parks, Wonderland, and the other CF parks that many believe to be "neglected" are perfectly sized for their markets. Therefore they don't need the aggressive investment that the growth parks need to properly position themselves in their markets. But no, Kings Island went a year without adding a coaster despite the fact that they received two in the last four years. Obviously the park is neglected. Smh enthusiasts sometimes...
  10. Honestly I'm surprised Cedar Fair would allow one of CP's sister parks to break their records so soon. I mean it's not totally out of left field with Fury, but it's still surprising. Then again, I doubt people in Toronto are going to care about a coaster in Sandusky, and vice versa. So build away!
  11. This is the manufacturer that was told to Screamscape, and I'm a bit inclined to believe him this time.
  12. I don’t know, given the regional ties the Copperhead has to the area, I’d be surprised if this wasn’t the name of Carowinds’ new attraction. But they can always change it later (e.g. Shot Rod to Lightning Rod).
  13. I think two relatively under-served markets in the U.S. with established theme parks are Denver and Seattle. Denver's got Elitch, but it looks like the current owners are looking to move the park to a new location. If Cedar Fair were to do some make some sort of agreement with Elitch, they could build it into a medium-sized park a la Valleyfair or Worlds of Fun. Seattle has Wild Waves, but while the population is there to support something larger, it may not be the most attractive market due to weather. On top of that, the park is landlocked with only 70 acres of property. Only way I could see this working is if they bought additional land away from the main park to move the water park.
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