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  1. Theming is giving me some Hyperion vibes. Looks pretty good!
  2. Makes sense. Especially if the rumored deadline for Orion's track completion is February 1st. That would still give them two months to demo Vortex (though I doubt they'd need it).
  3. It’ll look even better than this. While it’s not the Weber group doing the theming this time, Cedar Fair additions have exceeded expectations recently in terms of theming. Mystic Timbers’ shed is pretty effective at creating an unsettling atmosphere, and Copperhead Strike’s barn has even more detail in real life than in the animation.
  4. That speed hill is the thing I envy the most for not being on Fury. That thing is going to be super cool.
  5. Glad you guys like it! Here it is in video form: I really hope they do some kind of on-board audio for the lift hill.
  6. I made a lighting package for Orion in Planet Coaster based off of Fury's:
  7. They usually get Sundays off, so I would think not. However, I think it’s likely the speed hill gets completed by the end of the upcoming week.
  8. No way, Diamondback doesn’t have that parabolic arching in the way that Orion does. If that first hill doesn’t provide sideways airtime, this one will unquestionably provide it in spades.
  9. I uploaded my prediction from May to the steam workshop if anyone wants an Orion blueprint: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1943535571&searchtext=Orion
  10. With its proximity to Rivertown, I would theme it to a mine train. I know the park has Adventure Express, but I think you could do a really neat coal mine theme. You don’t even have to remove the fire effects, theme it to dynamite going off like Firechaser Express.
  11. To me, it looks more like a dive loop than the treble clef, but without an inversion (non-inverted dive loop). I also feel that the “wave turn” is more of a Stengel Dive than a wave turn, since the airtime is more vertical than lateral.
  12. It’s actually pretty similar in shaping to the treble clef on Fury, particularly with the shaping on the arc.
  13. I’m not suggesting a full retrack, but just the sections of track that have the highest levels of stress put on them. Pretty much any area near the trims. Also, full disclosure, but I’ve yet to visit Kings Island. So I know I’m not qualified to talk about the level of quality with the track.
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