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  1. Probably because it’s a really obscure fact that’s hard to market to the general public
  2. So happy to see it topped off, and construction’s just getting started! Now that the lift is complete, the rest of the ride will shoot up like a lego set. To give y’all some perspective, after Fury was topped, the first half of the ride went up in 3 weeks. Last piece went in January 30th, or 58 days after it was topped (8 weeks). With the same timeframe on Orion, it would be complete around January 1st 2020, and that’s ignoring the 1000+ feet difference in length. What I’m trying to say is that it’s possible the ride could be complete before the end of Winterfest.
  3. Ah, from the wording in that tweet, it sounds like it won’t be topped off today.
  4. Now that Vekoma’s introducing their new-gen Tilt-Track model, likely coming to Energylandia first, I think it would be a perfect replacement for Vortex. It would fill the niche of a dive coaster and a modern looping coaster. That, and the Vortex’s area where Vortex’s drop is a focal point of the park. It could probably follow most of the ride’s layout.
  5. This is how Fury was topped. As @pkiknex25 pointed out in an earlier in an earlier comment, the drop piece directly above the drop support is steep enough to support itself. The last two pieces of the lift will need to be held by a crane, and the piece forming the crest of the drop will be placed last. To give you some perspective on the timeline, Fury was at a similar point to Orion in its construction on December 1st, 2014. The lift hill was topped on December 3rd, 2014. Though the difference here is that the crew hoisted the piece of above the drop support on the same day the track up to the giant supports was completed. So with this timeline in mind, I think it's reasonable to expect the lift hill to be completed no later than Tuesday. Maybe Monday if they work tomorrow and get that last drop piece, but I'll err on the side of caution. However, it makes sense to try and complete it before it rains on Wednesday.
  6. Sorry for the double post, but no so fun fact: Stephen Colbert’s father died in a plane crash that mistook Carowinds’ sky tower for an airport tower.
  7. There’s no way it’s getting topped today. It’s absolutely within the realm of possibilities that they complete the track work up to the drop support, since it includes one more support segment + and two track pieces, but the hill in its entirety is not getting topped off. There’s 6 more pieces of track they have to placed, 4 of which are at/near 300 feet and unsupported. Earliest the lift gets done is Friday.
  8. Fury had them as well when it was being constructed:
  9. I feel like they’re going to build down rather than up today. So they’ll complete the track that’s on the drop spine, and the lift will be topped between Friday and the beginning of next week.
  10. My estimation of the ride experience is something like this: 1. The first drop is going to provide a seemingly eternal plunge, and it will last for 5-7 seconds. This is the easiest thing to predict since it’s how Fury is. 2. With the first turn, while you will be tilted to the left, due to the shaping of the hill, you’re going to resist the lateral movement and float upwards. So it won’t quite be sideways airtime, but more like regular airtime while your tilted sideways. 3. The entry into second turn will be similar to the first, but the hill is sharper so you’ll feel stronger airtime entering it. As you turnaround, you’ll experience hangtime which will transition into positive g’s at the bottom of the turn. 4. I haven’t ridden Leviathan, so I don’t know how the speed hill will ride. But I would assume it’ll be strong floater bordering on ejector, all while going extremely fast (when I made my Planet Coaster prediction, Orion was still nearing 80 mph at this point. 5. This hill (147’) will probably provide weaker airtime, more floater than ejector, but it will be sustained for a ridiculous period of time. 6. The helix on here actually looks similar to Fury’s. While it’s tighter, the profiling is similar. It’ll have a strong entrance, but it will kind of meander until you get to the top. You may or may not experience hangtime at the apex. The headchopper under the first drop will catch many off guard. 7. The last horseshoe-style turn will be similar to Fury’s treble clef, but it will differ in two ways. The first difference is that the airtime will not be sustained coming out of it. However, the trade off comes with the second difference, in that while it’s not as tall, it’ll be more forceful as it has less space to transition out of it. You’re body will resist movement to the right, so you’ll experience a pseudo-lateral airtime where your body is getting ejected left. 8. Mild floater into the brake run.
  11. Nah that's the trough for the chain. For the B&M gigas, it's built into the spine since it's thicker.
  12. I think the first week of November is still a more reasonable timeframe to expect the lift to be completed. They still have to put up the other massive drop support, and there's seven more pieces of track until the hill is done. I'd expect them to build the drop in 2-3 days, from the 28th to the 30th (4 pieces of track), and if they're really rushing, then at the earliest, it gets topped off next Friday (November 1st).
  13. It has to at least be the same height as Diamondback by now, right?
  14. Is there any chance they put up the next track section, or are they probably done for the day? It’s 1:42 right now.
  15. Is the commenter just a B&M fanboy or is he genuinely xenophobic?
  16. Wouldn’t it make sense to use the smaller cranes to install the the transition directly beneath the drop? Or would that block the path for the cranes?
  17. Since Cedar Fair acquired the Paramount Parks in 2006, they’ve added five coasters (one relocation), and removed three (one being the aforementioned relocation), which is a net gain of 2. They’ve been investing heavily into the park for the past decade and a half.
  18. Is Orion at a lower elevation than the rest of the park? Comparing it to WindSeeker in the renderings, it looks closer to 276’ than 286’.
  19. I think they might switch to the new style that Kings Dominion and Carowinds use.
  20. Honestly independent of the length, it still looks like an amazing ride. You’re gonna start off free falling for nearly 5 seconds, get thrown sideways twice, go over an airtime hill insanely fast and low to the ground, and go over a really strong floater airtime hill. Then you have what looks like a relatively intense helix (at least at the entrance, the exit looks kind of floaty) and rise up into another sideways airtime hill. This coaster is still going to be elite, even if it’s not the most impressive.
  21. Reminds me of the Voyage in that it's outrun is uphill.
  22. That's what I'm saying. "Polaris" gives you two results, "Orion" gives you no search results. Ergo, I think it's reasonable to assume that they're doing some preparation for the website post-announcement.
  23. So I don't know if this means anything, but when you search "Polaris" on Kings Island's website, it returns to results (one of them related to season passes): https://www.visitkingsisland.com/search?q=polaris The same search function with "Orion" returns nothing. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/search?q=orion COINCIDENCE?
  24. Again though, I think you misunderstand the point. It’s not a criticism of the ride or the park, but of the enthusiast mentality perpetuated by the echo chamber that is the enthusiast community that every new coaster needs to be a top ten world-beater attraction, or else it’s a waste of time. I don’t think he wants the ride itself to be disappointing, but if it disappoints a couple hundred angry enthusiasts, big deal. At least that’s how I read it, I can’t speak for coasterbruh. But having read his comments on the site for years, I feel that it’s a reasonable interpretation.
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