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  1. None of us were really trashing the ride, that comment made by coasterbruh was more of a critique of the enthusiast mindset that if something doesn’t tick all the right boxes for coaster nerds, that it’s somehow a bad investment. No one wants the ride to be bad.
  2. You wanna start teasing that 2020 addition?
  3. https://old.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/ce3xqe/kings_island_roller_coaster_announcement_and/
  4. So I know I’ve been wrong in the (very recent) past, but I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna see something from the park within the next hour based on that reddit post. Four weeks out from August 14th today.
  5. Looks like I was wrong. I would have assumed they would have tweeted out something by 12 but that doesn't look to be the case.
  6. I think tomorrow is the day teasing starts. Essentially it’s four weeks out from August 8th, which seems like a pretty reasonable date.
  7. KI announcements usually happen in early August, and between Tuesday and Thursday this week would give them a solid month to start the teasing campaign.
  8. I fully expect teasing to start sometime this week, between tomorrow and Thursday. If I had to bet on it, I'd say Thursday.
  9. The stupid enthusiast in me wants it to be a water coaster, but I agree with @BoddaH1994 in that's it's likely a larger and improved wave pool. [EDIT] It could also be one of those Proslide Walls, since they recently removed Tornado.
  10. It must be the position of the camera in the No Limits video making it appear steeper, since it looks fairly normal in the screenshots.
  11. It looks fairly accurate, but is the entrance into the brake run supposed to be that steep?
  12. Looks like the Fast Lane entrance.
  13. ‘Hangtime’ was filed in May 2017. ‘Copperhead Strike’ was registered in April 2018. There’s not really a pattern suggesting when they’re gonna use trademarked names.
  14. So are the grey supports confirmed, or are they just primer?
  15. Will it really matter if it’s not a “true” giga? It’s based on an arbitrary form of measurement that the public won’t care about, and visually, it will still look like 300 feet. If it was measured in meters, it’d still come close to the giga measurement. I just don’t see why it matters?
  16. My planet coaster recreation was a little over 5400 feet, and several of the recreations have pegged it between 5200-5500 feet. So somewhere in that range.
  17. I don’t know if this has been asked before, but are those Firehawk trains confirmed to be going to Carowinds? It’s just weird that they’d still have them and they haven’t scrapped them yet.
  18. The highest elevation on the turn is on the left side, so the shaping is more one-sided than the turn on Leviathan. It also curves inward a bit like a wave turn, whereas Leviathan stays relatively straight until it reaches the apex. I'd screenshot the differences if OneDrive was working on my PC.
  19. Has anyone already seen this POV of this new Chinese hyper? The layout seems really similar to the proposed giga:
  20. Seems like they’d go with something that would contrast with Diamondback. So definitely not something with warm colors.
  21. Obviously I’m incredibly biased, but having ridden Fury, I think that slow helix is worth it just for the headchopper.
  22. I will say that in terms of length, the ride would be better and feel more satisfying if the dive loop turn was a giant downward helix like the ones found on the Morgan hypers, like Mamba and Steel Force. Doesn’t alter the footprint too heavily, stays low to the ground (which saves on support costs), and adds to the sensation of speed. But I don’t know the terrain, and I’m not the one spending $30 million, so I’m not entirely sure.
  23. I figured I'm a little late to the party, but I finished my Planet Coaster recreation of the ride:
  24. It is my fault. I made the first turn too high, about 20 feet more than it’s supposed to be. [EDIT] Fixed.
  25. Sorry for low quality pics, OneDrive isn’t working on my PC so I can’t screenshot at the moment. However, I’ve been working on a recreation in Planet Coaster. This is the ride profile:
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