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  1. What does anyone in this country really know about Australia? All most of them know is what they've seen on "Crocodile Dundee" and The Croc Hunter show on Animal Planet. That and Outback Steakhouse sum up our collective knowledge of Australia. And that's what people want to see. At least that's what we wind up having presented to us, the stereotypes. This isn't a National Geographic park, it's PKI. But the park will have a nice theme now. "Water Works" always sounded like a water treatment plant, as if it were being run by MSD! The press release sounded exciting. I hope the execution lives up to the press.
  2. Anyone who doesn't see more to Water Works than getting wet hasn't seen it all. At the far south end of the water park, by the wave pool, sits Wipeout Beach. Yes, it's a fake wave, but you actually have to develop skills to ride it, unlike most other attractions. YOU control your ride. The regulars there are mostly friendly, tho we have our share of attitudes in line. If you put forth some effort, someone will eventually give you some tips on how to ride. This ride was introduced when I had decided I wasn't going to renew my pass the upcoming year. I changed my mind because of it and the friends I made there. You can also come to the park alone and feel totally comfortable being there. It's a great attraction and I hear the PKI is looking to expand that attraction as well as the Children's Pool (Bucaneer Ship) area.
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