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  1. If you read this article about the teasing from Canada’s wonderland then you’ll see the name Beauregard chamberlain. Probably just a coincidence but worth noting.
  2. I think the tests lines just match up with how many rides those given coasters have gave over the years.
  3. I can honestly say this might be a real possibility. When i worked at Kings Island in 2013....i was the supervisor of ice scream zone and about a month before the announcement i was told they were building a ride and me and my counter part had to try and match the colors of Banshee too our ice cream so when they announced it everyone could get a Banshee swirl. It was fun but my god my hands were a blue and red for WEEKS! Take it with a grain of salt but that’s my story about when Banshee was built. I can’t think of any restaurants around that area though that would do something similar. But again just showing it’s a real possibility.
  4. I think you’re looking at a 2D layout and judging too early. The park hasn’t even announced this ride yet and you’re saying you’re disappointed, let’s wait until after you ride it to say you’re disappointed. It’s a new coaster that’s going to bring Kings island a lot of new business and a lot of media attention. Let’s just wait to ride it before you get all “bratty”. (Not calling you a brat btw)
  5. Can i also see the pdf please? Also haven’t posted since like 2014 so glad to see everyone’s excitement and thoughts.
  6. Lol hope I didn't come off as rude I just remember it like it was yesterday lol.
  7. Tropical plunge was announced on a Thursday actually. The only reason I know that is because I watched a live stream announcement while I was at work it was I believe around 2-3 and I only worked Monday-Thursday
  8. I for one am really excited about this coaster. I was hoping for an RMC but I've also never ridden a GCI but this one looks like it could be one of the best. It just looks fun from start to finish and the shed! All the theming that goes with this ride is going to be awesome as well and I actually don't mind the name i think this is a fantastic addition to Kings Island and should be enjoyed for many generations!
  9. Complete agreement. Carowinds has had the attraction to see it's popularity and work the bugs out. It is in a building that is exactly like Action Theatre back by The Racer. They could work on it during the winter (if they haven't started already) because it's an indoor attraction. My only question would be is how much of the building is being used for urgent scare? I'm assuming just the right half is the haunted house leaving the left side open for the new ride. I agree with this but with the speculation of urgent scares possible demise is it possible for them to do both sides as a dark ride? But at the same time I have this gut feeling that it has to do with the giant box in rivertown... What if they did a dark ride in there to go along with The Beast, Diamondback, and Mystic Timbers?? I think that would be awesome! I really like the direction Kings Island and Cedar Fair are moving in with theming.
  10. What if it is a launch into a barrel roll?? Any things possible right lol
  11. Let's not forget that picture that said fastest and what looked like a w. Could it be the world fastest wooden?
  12. White name tag means they are 18 years old or older. Blue means 16 to 17 and yellow means 14
  13. I hate seeing these post it upsets me that the food division is failing bad this year. And I understand not just this year but for the past multiple years. I feel like Kings Island gets a group of people together that they think can make it work for 5 to 6 years until they leave for good. In my group we all started as 16 year old and by the end of season one we had all of our supervisors for the next five years, once we hit our sixth year everything started to go downhill and we watched them promote our replacements unfortunately they aren't producing like they thought they would. And that's not too mention that almost all of the full timers that were there for 10 plus years all quit I think only one of their full timers now has more experience than the other 4 combined. It's sad to see something you loved for multiple years end up like this hopefully they get all of their marbles together and all get on the same page Rant over
  14. Honestly I don't know if anyone has tried the chicken shack (the old stunt crew grill) but I think it's very good. They opened it my last year working in that division and that chicken was my favorite thing to quality test. I even stopped over there a couple of times when I was at my home stand (ice scream zone) I had to make sure if you guys bought it that it was up to par lol
  15. Look up snallygaster. Its a mythical dragon. Here I go I'm going to be up all night looking up mythical creatures lol and I have class at 8 in the morning.
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