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  1. I agree with this 100%. I was scared of everything until I was about 4 years old. I do hate Haunted Houses. I've gone to Haunt once and I was mainly just there to ride rides at night. I was fine with the scare actors walking around the park but I just don't like getting scared like that. My dad loves it and forced me to go through 4 haunted houses. The only one I did kind of like was Wolf Pack. My brother works at Land of Illusion and he got me kind of over my fear. I used to freak out and flail my arms and screech around scary things. I still do to some degree tbh.
  2. That's actually another reason. I have many reasons but this isn't the thread to share them.
  3. Ok I'm kind of angry right now. I was the sixth person to reply 1976 #KItrivia on the twitter question and someone else won. Did you have to just post it or reply, because the guy who won wasn't on the reply list.
  4. Why are you guys hating on LeBron? He's obviously the best player in the league right now and there's no disputing that. He's an amazing athlete but just made some bad choices. If you're a Cleveland fan you have to be happy. I mean if he stayed with the Cavs he probably wouldn't be as good as he is now. Going to Miami made him a much better player for sure. I'm a Kings fan because of Kings Island so you guys better be happy. We've sucked longer than the Cavs have. EDIT- I see it says coaster renamed now, I put in two flat rides. I personally have no idea which ride now.
  5. What if the 100,000,000th rider was an empty seat?
  6. I would give up my spot in line any time for Don. He really deserves the 100,000,000th ride
  7. It looked about every other train it would do it. I was at Soak City for most of the day so I can't tell you if it was doing it during the day or not.
  8. It's for real guys. I don't have a pic but maybe some others that were there today can back me up. I was at Soak City until they closed and just rode a couple rides in the park and got on the Eiffel Tower before the fireworks started and sure enough. Flames.
  9. I was at the park today. We were at the top of the Eiffel Tower and I saw something amazing. FLAMES ON BLSC!
  10. we already have a thread like this, but you can post this there http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/29490-new-haunt-attraction-near-the-beast-this-year/page-4#entry628747
  11. Let's see him do it on a Saturday without Fast Lane
  12. Me and 3 other friends are planning on going to Soak City tomorrow. My friend Terry doesn't like big rides but said he might ride rides like BLSC or The Racer. Are swim trunks allowed in the park if you have a shirt and shoes on?
  13. http://ktla.com/2014/07/07/4-injured-on-ninja-roller-coaster-at-magic-mountain-fire-department/
  14. https://www.carowinds.com/haunt/ride/Fury/cat/Mazes uh was this already a thing or did I just find it? I don't know a lot about Carrowinds.
  15. Webcams are down again. The Soak City one is the only one still up.
  16. I was only there for a few hours but had a great time! I was with my dad and my two friends from my neighborhood, both are 11. who had never been to the park before. We started with Diamondback and the line was at the bottom of the stairs and they loved their first roller coaster. Next we went to The Beast for an EXTREMELY PAINFUL RIDE. There was no line but we were still being assigned seats and we had to sit in the back. We went to BLSC which was both of their favorite. Matthew and my dad went to ride WindSeeker while me and Will went through Dinosaurs Alive. We were going to ride FoF but it was a 90 minute wait. The Racer was a 10 minute wait and we rode in the back on Blue. Adventure Express was fun in the front. Will didn't want to ride Banshee but Matthew did so he just crossed over when we got there. Matthew LOVED the back. It's so fast and it's my favorite. We went out to the car for lunch and then rode Congo Falls. Will and my dad saw Cirque Imagine while me and Matthew rode Drop Tower and Banshee 2 more times. After that we all met up and went to The Bat which Will was scared to ride. We rode Ride For Your Life Charlie Brown which I hadn't ridden in 6 years. I was sitting in the front by myself and on the first little hill I slipped to my left and fell out of my seat and into the side of the Log Flume. I got back up and had a death grip on the bar the rest of the ride. We next went to WWC and got drenched. We dried off at The Beast and waited about 40 minutes. We left after that because it started getting more crowded. It was a FUN day.
  17. My dad works construction and is busy this entire summer building. We haven't gone together since April and he really wants to go tomorrow. I am really scared it's going to be very crowded and we won't get to ride a lot of things. We don't have the money for Fast Lane. I don't know if we should go or not because we would have to leave at 6:00 because he wakes up at 4:00 AM to go to work. Would it be worth it to go?
  18. Last year on Delirium, some guy was sitting in my seat and I told the ride op about it and she told him to move and he was like, "No way n**** this is my seat. He was then asked to leave the ride and idk if he was asked to leave the park and then I had to sit next to his girlfriend and she literally kicked my leg the entire ride screaming, "You a**hole that was my bf!" I then told security and pointed her out and justice was served. Like I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  19. Random people (mostly 16/17 year old boys) asking for high fives or randomly hugging you and swearing. Excuse my language but I was riding The Beast on Tuesday and the boy behind me (about 12) saying things like, "Holy mothaf****** sh*t this motherf******* ride is f****** scary y'all holy sh*t man f*** this sh*t god darn man WOOOAHFWUFWUPUIG(P HOLY SH*T. This was the entire ride until the second chain when I decided to tell them to stop. The kid then says, "Yooo man I f***** your mom so hard LOLOLOOLLOLOLLOLOL." I hate people like this. Again sorry for the language.
  20. (NOTE) I am keeping names from when Paramount owned the park for a couple of these because those were my favorite. 10 - Fairly Odd Coaster 9 - Runaway Reptar 8 - Congo Falls 7 - Shake, Rattle and Roll 6 - Flight of Fear 5 - Vortex 4 - Italian Job Stunt Track (Backlot Stunt Coaster is not in my top 10) 3 - The Beast 2 - Banshee 1 - Diamondback
  21. Today was a very good visit! Me and my friend Logan got to the park at 10:00 and waited 15 minutes for his first ride on Banshee. After that we headed to The Bat and rode in the back for a very shaky ride! The same for Adventure Express. We went to Racer for our longest wait of the day, about 30 minutes because someone threw up and they were only running 2 trains. We skipped even going near X-Base and rode Vortex (his favorite). We skipped Backlot and went to Diamondback and rode 4 times. We got some amazing pretzels and Auntie Anne's and went to The Beast in hopes the line was now shorter. It was and we waited 5 minutes. We went back to Banshee and bought a locker just so we wouldn't worry about it while we went all around Action Zone. Banshee was a walk on now. We rode 7 times in a row and then went for his first ride on Drop Tower. He said he loved it and wanted to go again. We rode it again and then went to marathon Congo Falls. We rode 5 times in a row and got off to ride Banshee some more. At this point Invertigo was closed. We rode Banshee 2 more times and left for Frisch's Big Boy and then the storm came in. We took the 30 minute ride back to Miamisburg through the storm and had to drive through about a foot of water 4 minutes from my house. Very fun visit indeed! My #kibestday yet!
  22. I'm almost 14 and I hate haunted houses. I've gone to Haunt once and that was just to ride Diamondback and The Beast at night (Both rides were a 2 hour wait btw) and I don't think I'll be going back. I mean I have nothing against Haunt it's themed amazingly but I just don't like it. I like going on Sundays in October and looking at the scenery in the day and that's about it. My dad is the reason we went last time because he is obsessed with haunted houses just like my brother Rick. My brother works at Land of Illusion. I just hate getting scared like that. But for right now, I'm looking forward to going to the park today and get scared the one way I like to get scared. On roller coasters!
  23. When BB was getting changed to Soak City, Channel 9 news (WCPO), they kept calling it the all new "Splash City". I wanted to reach threw my TV and be like, Soak City! When I go on a cruise, I like to talk about Titanic... Or even scarier since it was recent, The Costa Concordia
  24. I hate high schoolers and older telling kids in like 2nd grade that people have died on this ride or, my favorite, "The Beast eats little kids like you." and scaring the crap out of them and then having to listen to them cry and wail the entire ride. Last year my friend Logan had never ridden Vortex because when he was little his grandma said that over 40 people have died on it. Me and him were both starting 7th grade and he was still terrified. I got him on it and he just wanted to keep riding and it's now his favorite. But here's another fun little story. I was just old enough to go to KI by myself and all 3 people I've taken (I've gone about 15 times total with these 3 people) are terrified of Drop Tower because someone told them it was deadly. Oh well, still one of my favorites.
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