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  1. I believe that they put those games away for winter, I would imagine they are mobile
  2. Has it been revealed yet what is being done in the old target yet?
  3. In December 2011 they were stored in the Picnic Grove: I just think I saw From an Trip Reprt that they were stored in the Entrance area. Still not sure. Trying to find it. EDIT: Found it! I also see a helicopter from Planey Snoopy in the top right hand corner in the first picture
  4. Maxim, my dad's old crane company, until he quit cause his boss treated him like crap.
  5. EDIT: I had my facts wrong on the post that was here
  6. Really? I always thought of Surf Dog as a flat ride.
  7. This was the coaster that got me over my fear of big rides. August 16, 2009, my ninth birthday, best birthday at KI ever. I go every year for my birthday but I just don't know this year, it being on a Saturday and all.
  8. I have a Kings Island playlist featuring Song 2 by Blur, Right Now by Van Halen, Arrival to Earth from the Transformers OST, We Built Our Own World from the Inception OST, and SS Lost-tanic from the LOST Soundtrack. Bonus points if you know why each of those songs remind me of KI. Almost all of them should be very, very easy. I know Right Now by Van Halen is Drop Tower's queue music, but I'm lost on the other few. I got my parents mad when we were watching Indiana Jones, and every time one of the songs came on I was like, "That's in Adventure Express's queue!"
  9. I guess If the lines are only about an hour long I might as well venture on opening day (I sure hope that's what he meant) It's good Friday and I go to a Catholic school so I get the day off
  10. If you live in town and have a season pass (and it wouldn't cause a work conflict), I'd suggest going at least long enough to see how crowds are. This is the first time that I can remember Opening Day falling on a weekday. As such, there may not be terrible crowds. With it also being a holiday (and one that many get the day off work for) it is very hard to estimate how crowds will be. The only way to know is to go (or look at webcams, but that isn't nearly as FUN. I live in Dayton so I'm not too far away but I'm just super claustrophobic and hate lines lol.
  11. Idk what day will be my first day this year. I absolutely HATE crowds so opening day is out of the picture. I might go that first Sunday it's open. It'll be crowded but hopefully not too crowded. The crowdest I've ever been at Kings Island was one of the Haunts this year. It took 5 hours to ride Diamondback, then Beast. (line time not ride time obviously) Didn't get to do any haunted houses because of the crowds unfortunately.
  12. That's because most everyone knew that is was just the Haunt decorations blowing. Plus I don't think they'd intentionally cover that cam unless they were retheming the back of Banshee or something that would never happen. You saw how they so cleverly covered up Action Zone on the new map. Maybe they will just do little things until Banshee is finished, then do the cool stuff to AZ
  13. Indeed it is, I feel after Banshee is totally completed (track, station, etc.) the cam will shut off or be pointed at something else while AZ is being rethemed.
  14. I think it's either going to be a litlle pond surrounded by little rocks and a fence, or a graveyard, listing the names of former attrations. Like what they did in previous years during Halloween time, but all in one place.
  15. I saw the final supports being delivered on the webcam. I think all the pieces have been delivered. YAY FINALLY! April is slowly arriving. And unless they start showing more re-theming in the Action Zone it's going to arrive even slower!
  16. Looks like that target is gone for good! *sigh* bye for good Paramount. However, I do like the idea of putting a graveyard there. I hope also with this supposed re-theme, that all the rides (except of course Invertigo) get a fresh new paint job. I think the only ride that could probably fit with the scenery as it is is Congo Falls, of course the name would have to change to something like, "Renaissance River" or something.
  17. Didn't realize how rough the conditions were until I went outside to shovel lol. I know how hard it must be though because my dad works for Kokosing (I was praying he'd get to work on Banshee) And in response to Adventuro, check out the Action Zone Retheme thread about all that. A lot of great ideas there.
  18. I could go either way on this. I quite like B&M coasters for their smooth layouts and comfortable restraints. But I love a good crazy ride on an Intamin. Top Thrill Dragster one of my favorite rides. But I have to side with B&M on this because I'd actually prefer Diamondback to Millineum Force
  19. I hope there's a tunnel! I was desperately wanting Diamondback to have one but it never got it. Are there any B&M inverts that go through a tunnel?
  20. I don't know why teens today hate music from the 80's and earlier. I remember enjoying listening to In The Air Tonight and other 80's songs in line for Invertigo. I don't look forward to the day when amusement parks play nothing but JB and 1D.
  21. are they putting seats back on Delirium?
  22. Wow! A new one only costs $2,019.87 !!
  23. I wonder if this old thread could come back! I do wonder how much a lifetime pass would cost now that Cedar Fair owns the park, or if they would be given out if an "accident" happened on a ride lol.
  24. OMG you're kjkjkj! I remember seeing your Kings Island recreation in RCT3! Are you still working on that?
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