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  1. 2000 was technically the first for Kings Island, SOB, the first STEEL hypercoaster at KI was Diamondback in 2009
  2. When did Kings Island first get a hyper coaster? 2000
  3. Speaking of singing along, me and my friend Logan got some people really annoyed in line for Diamondback becuase Lady GaGa's Applause came on and we did this really crappy dance and sang along really badly, it was really fun!!!!!!
  4. Here in Miamisburg, it will not stop snowing! I shoveled the driveway and when I finished, another inch of snow had already fallen on it! I thought that snow would not mealt anytime soon on the webcam!
  5. I meant the shade of orange looked darker than I imagine, dark orange looks almost red.
  6. Agreed, I think it looks fine how it is
  7. Looks very red, I thought it'd be lighter but it still looks awesome!
  8. Working super fast aren't they? Good to see them working again after just seeing the zero-g-roll unfinished for about a month
  9. How sweet would that look in Flight of Fear!
  10. Been at a basketball tournament all morning (2nd place if you guys care) so I wasn't able to refresh my page every second to see them complete that first loop, but here's a pic since no one else has posted it,
  11. surprised they haven't started the turn into the helix from the brake run
  12. Change Planet Snoopy to something current kids watch, maybe cartoon network current shows because if Nickelodeon Universe was to come back, the current Nick shows are...strange. But I'd rather see Finn and Jake high fiving kids rather than sanjay and craig barfing on people.
  13. It sure is kind of sad to see all the old Action Zone stuff leaving. But I'm super excited for the future! Looks like some RCT3 custom scenery wil have to be made if they retheme! MWAHAHA
  14. I have another question for Don, what 3D program was used to create the trailer videos for Banshee? I know it wasn't RCT3 nor No Limits and I have no idea. Does anyone else?
  15. WOO HOO! More columns and track going up on the world's longest inverted roller coaster, Banshee. #KingsIsland pic.twitter.com/ahKZ4GNK0G
  16. I wonder if KI will release a retheme or not. Maybe just work on it a little like removing sings and stuff but then start removing Paramount themed stuff and ideas and see if people (who aren't KICentral members) catch on. Maybe have a really big reveal on Banshee media day or on opening day.
  17. I knew that would be a problem. Ever since they got the track down to there I knew that people would be losing legs.
  18. renaissance falls! Make the station a castle!
  19. Yeah we were talking about it before. I'm glad you brought it back up! I also like the idea we had before about expanding paths behind Banshee's first drop and behind the Batwing. Additional theming and rides could be added there
  20. Ok, this is going to sound really dumb, but what if they are filled with parts of cranes so it can be painted. Really dumb idea but it just popped into my mind.
  21. I feel like starting a thread on what the Planet Snoopy could be changed to but I doubt it would be very popular.
  22. You have to remember that most of the shows featured in NU are no longer on the air (though there are a few exceptions: Dora, Spongebob, etc.) This begs the question of what is really important: a current theme or a sense of nostalgia? Yeah I guess you're right. I'd hate to see current Nickelodeon show themed rides around there. I just miss Nickelodeon Universe because that was what got me into Roller Coasters and Kings Island. I don't want to see Sanjay and Craig running around and barfing on people (The show is GARBAGE)
  23. Yeah! I remember doors on backlot I think. It was when it was still Italian Job. I was just getting out of the kiddie area because Italian Job opened when I was like 5. *sigh* I miss the old Nickelodeon Universe. If you watch a video on YouTube called "Kings Island History" it states that who ever owns the park must keep the kids area exiting and up-to-date with what kids watch these days. Sure kids know Snoopy from that one christmas special that their mom forces them to watch every year, but I just loved coming off of Runaway Reptar and giving SpongeBob and Patrick a high-five. The good old days.
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