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  1. I sure hope those headlights work. Giving me some RCT3 nostalgia if they do. Wouldn't that be a sweet night ride? Like driving away from something through a forest at 53 mph. This could be one of if not the best themed ride in the park.
  2. I've done the same as JCJ, some skin and some splinters are what made me never do it again.
  3. Winter themed Haunt maze? Could be similar to Tombstone Terrortory but with a lot of improvements as it looks close to the train.
  4. Congratulations JCJ! I'm amazed how many members here are getting jobs at the park. It's really cool that I'll be working at a place where I'll come in contact with enthusiasts as well as fellow KIC members.
  5. Change is something that will happen no matter what. It's part of life. Some changes are good and some changes are bad. I personally think that this is a bad change and hope they return to their old logo sooner than later.
  6. I got the job! I'm on the Mystic Timbers crew. You'll have a new co-worker Drummermat, I interviewed with a girl who really wanted to work RFYLCB and she got the job as well.
  7. If I applied for ride operations but am 16, will I still be a part of a crew on a big ride to check restraints and such?
  8. What attire should I wear for my interview on Friday? I feel like a suit would be too formal.
  9. Well my application's in. This will be my first paying job, hoping that I get the job, and I'm kind of nervous. I have friends that have worked there in the past and they said it's a fun time. I applied for rides, since I'm not 18 yet I won't be able to operate the ride but I'd be the guy who checks lapbars and has to clean up protein spills and whatnot.
  10. ^ Kings Dominion did that very well with I305. I believe if the tallest part of the ride is far enough away from the tower it will make the park appear to be so much wider and also keep the Eiffel Tower as the tallest looking structure in the park.
  11. Very unique name, I really like it. I was also intrigued by the ending of this blog stating how this is the first of many new things in 2017. In all honesty I don't think that RMC Mean Streak will open in 2017. Typically, coasters are nearing their completion around this time of the year and from the most recent photos we've seen, RMC Mean Streak isn't even close. I do know that RMC conversions do take a little longer but they are usually if not always ready by their park's opening day. I don't know if we'll see any new flats at Cedar Point next year but I would expect a lot of general park im
  12. Is there an alternative to the twitter link? It's blocked at my school.
  13. I'm only 30 minutes away and that's still a LOT of gas if you're that far away.
  14. I plan on working at the park this summer for my first job. I've heard from older friends of mine that it's a fantastic place to work.
  15. I'd highly advise against buying Roller Coaster Tycoon World
  16. I agree. I feel like a great majority of us don't have the luxury to go opening day or weekend.
  17. That's when I got my first rides on Banshee. Great day to go if you don't already have plans
  18. I'm not sure why everyone is so sure KI will get a giga. Is there any definitive proof apart from two other parks getting one?
  19. Was that center originally supposed to have water or what? I thought that it was from the map we got before 2014's season started and it looks the same there.
  20. Those who don't know, speak. Those who do know, don't say anything. I think that's how the saying goes
  21. Green and gray all the way. (grAy for America and grEy for England right?)
  22. Sad to see Hillbilly Golf gone. That was my first ever miniature golf course.
  23. Possibly GCI retrack as I doubt they'll have another RMC for cost reasons.
  24. The sad thing about Son of Beast not being at the park anymore is that all of the criticisms that GP and some enthusiasts alike gave it have sort of shifted those opinions towards Vortex. Yes it can be rough but people who don't know how to ride it and those who are so used to the new and smooth rides KI has added in recent years think that it's about the same as Son of Beast. I used to love Vortex and I don't think it's as rough as Son of Beast was, but it has now become a once or twice a season ride for me as well. That's not to say it's a bad ride by any means, it's a fantastic coaster, but
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