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  1. I hope that Diamondback one day loses the bins. Could significantly reduce load times and increase capacity. I think that they're fine on rides like The Bat or Adventure Express but for a ride that can garner 2+ hour queues on any given day like Diamondback can, I think that the bins should be taken away. 

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  2. Well my application's in. This will be my first paying job, hoping that I get the job, and I'm kind of nervous. I have friends that have worked there in the past and they said it's a fun time. I applied for rides, since I'm not 18 yet I won't be able to operate the ride but I'd be the guy who checks lapbars and has to clean up protein spills and whatnot. 

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  3. Very unique name, I really like it. I was also intrigued by the ending of this blog stating how this is the first of many new things in 2017. In all honesty I don't think that RMC Mean Streak will open in 2017. Typically, coasters are nearing their completion around this time of the year and from the most recent photos we've seen, RMC Mean Streak isn't even close. I do know that RMC conversions do take a little longer but they are usually if not always ready by their park's opening day. I don't know if we'll see any new flats at Cedar Point next year but I would expect a lot of general park improvements. Who knows, they might have something special up their sleeve that we would never expect for next year, I just don't believe that thing will be RMC Mean Streak.

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