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  1. Maybe they can get a new sountrack too. I mean don't get me wrong, I love Indiana Jones as much as the nexy guy, but I think a custom soundtrack for the queue would be really cool! Maybe even have the soundtrack play throughout the entire ride. Just an idea to make a boring ride with awesome theming better. They need to do all they can to make it more exciting because that lift hill tunnel opening to nothing is really boring. I was once riding and a little boy maybe 7 was riding and after that he's like, daddy is that it? I want my money back!" It was the cutest thing ever but he is right.
  2. At least Banshee is a good themed B&M. I hope they put the gravestones that we saw in the video. I love that it's themed like an old abandoned church and graveyard.
  3. That's a great idea! I really love that it will be a 300+ foot coaster but still do elements that a smaller Intamin would do. But I think that where the Crypt was might be too close to Diamondback. Maybe put it behind Banshee.
  4. XD Yeah, maybe one day Kings Island will break the record for most B&M coasters. Like I said before, add an area behind Banshee's Batwing and let that connect to X-Base and continue it to connect to the Action Theatre and even back to near the back of The Beast. And then split it up into sections and put a B&M in each section. Just hoping they use all 364 acres.
  5. I'll be honest and say one Intamin coaster would actually be pretty cool but I'd rather see what I said earlier. B&M Jungle baby.
  6. To be honest, I don't want to see an Intamin in the park. This might sound stupid but I want Kings Island to be a B&M jungle. B&M is the best coaster company in my book.
  7. That green Intamin piece probably went further down south to somewhere like Carrowinds or more west to Worlds of Fun. I doubt it was going to Kings Dominion because they just got an Intamin.
  8. Yeah, you have a really good point. I don't want to get tetanus next time i ride it
  9. This is going to be awesome! Can't wait to hop on it next year! Back seat's the best + fastest! I hope this makes the ride alot more popular. Last year me and my friend logan rode it 7 times in a row before having to get back in line where we rode it 4 more consecutive times with no one getting in line!
  10. I have another question for Don, what program did you guys use to make the Banshee videos?
  11. Okay we're off topic again. So if this retheme did take place, do you think Kings Island would take any of our ideas?
  12. I think that every B&M needs a new station with better themin to suit the ride. But even though that would be cool *sigh* $$$$$ would get in the way.
  13. That's so hardcore man. I would love to see that themed for real though. I hate rides without theming *cough cough Gatekeeper cough cough* I love that they're finally giving The Bat better theming and I hope if this Action Zone retheme happens that all these unthemed rides get themed!
  14. It's not themed it's colored. Unless Blue is a theme.
  15. I don't know what the pyrotechnic was but I remember I had to leave Haunt kind of early (GF got scared >_>) and we stopped at McDonalds on the way back and we could hear it there! I watched the show too and it was pretty cool.
  16. LOL I remembered I was in Florida when he died Anyway back to something more important, me! Ha jk but seriously, what do you guys think about the names?
  17. Okay guys let's get back on topic! I love that we were getting into the Dark Forest idea. I've came up with some ride ideas. Drop Tower-Guillotine, Congo Falls-Renaissance River, Invertigo (Now with Green and Brown paint) Robin Hood, That's all I got so far
  18. Plus now Cedar Point is running out of room. To get a new ride they have to tear down another beloved one. They tear down a classic, beautiful, themed ride and what do they replace it with? A B&M who's only theming is two keyholes above the entrance. Another thing I don't like about Cedar Point is that everything is starting to get cramped. Unless they do what Japan does and make their own land, Kings Island will slowly make it's way towards the top as Cedar Point makes it's way down.
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