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  1. Yeah, Golden Tickets really don't mean anything. They vote for the same thing year after year. I think it's been more than 10 years now that millennium force has won best roller coaster and Planet Snoopy wins best kids area. There is never any change over there. I think maybe a few times Kings Island has even been considered in the top 10 amusement parks. I believe it is 14th
  2. The fact that you can wait in line for Delirium for 2 hours and not see one boat go once. Or waiting in line for Drop Tower for an hour not seeing any boats. Note that both of these happened to me on different days more than once throughout the summer on Saturdays when the KI Hub crowd calendar is on red.
  3. Yeah, I would really love to see a dark ride in that area. I think that it's time to say goodbye to Congo Falls though. It's lacked in popularity for years now. But all that aside, when me and my friend were talking we came up with an idea. What if in the area where Congo Falls was, we could have another ride similar to The Crypt. Not necessarily a Top Spin but maybe an indoor roller coaster. Like Th13teen at Alton Towers. And then looking forward. What if they continued to add-on to that area behind Banshee's Batwing? Maybe a Top Thrill Dragster with an inversion or something at the end. I can see it now, "Worlds longest Zero-G-Roll" or "Worlds biggest vertical loop!"
  4. That would be really cool actually and that gives me another idea for the Action Zone retheme. What if instead of a scary theme, it could be more of a medieval theme! Just think about it. All of the rides would have Medieval themes. Sure The Bat isn't exactly medieval but other rides would have cool names. They could tear down Action Zone things and put Medieval things. Instead of the water tower there could be a well or something. All of the rides would get a new coat of paint and castles and crap. Just a thought but if this were true it would take a lot of time.
  5. Do you think with the re-theming that there will be name changes to the resteraunts as well? I think Ice Scream Zone is good, but Stunt Crew Grill is still more of a Paramount name. What would one name Stunt Crew Grill becuase I have nothing.
  6. This saddens me but I also laughed when I first saw it. Our first real snow of the season!
  7. I'm going to take a look at Google Earth and see about that other area (IDK if I'll be able to see past SOB) But the area I mentioned earlier, it looks kind of like a garage sale.
  8. Ok thanks for the warm welcome guys! Sorry I didn't see this was posted before.
  9. To be honest, I didn't even consider going to the water park this year. I think they could put some way better water rides in there like Big Boa Falls at the Columbus Zoo's waterpark.
  10. Hi there! My name is Nick and I am 13 years old. Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forums and start a discussion. Okay, so I am on Google Earth looking at Kings Island (In hopes that it has been updated since 2012) and I saw something in the back behind Dinosaurs Alive: It looks like some arrow cars and a bunch of other things. I apologize if this has been previously mentioned.
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