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  1. The sad thing about Son of Beast not being at the park anymore is that all of the criticisms that GP and some enthusiasts alike gave it have sort of shifted those opinions towards Vortex. Yes it can be rough but people who don't know how to ride it and those who are so used to the new and smooth rides KI has added in recent years think that it's about the same as Son of Beast. I used to love Vortex and I don't think it's as rough as Son of Beast was, but it has now become a once or twice a season ride for me as well. That's not to say it's a bad ride by any means, it's a fantastic coaster, but it is starting to gain a larger reputation for being rougher and rougher every year. I went with several different friends and groups this past season and a lot of them didn't want to ride because it was rough and many even compared it to Son of Beast.

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  2. Tragic story about the man losing his only working eye. Clearly a great example of how loose articles can cause safety problems. In my opinion I think Kings Island could put in some money in more lockers in various places around the park and lower the price of the rentals. While it isn't overly expensive, forcing people to have a minimum of a two hour rental for $2.00 can be troubling at times, especially when you only really need the locker for an hour or less. I am for capacity and less bins in stations, but there are better ways to go about enforcing the loose articles policy than making people buy a locker. 

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  3. It was odd to see so many little, I mean little (strollers) kids in the park well into the haunt on Saturday.  Seems really irresponsible / trashy for parents to bring babies and toddlers into an event like this.  Maybe they wanted to get their money worth after being at the kids area earlier...who knows. 

    There were two girls behind my friend and I in Urgent Scare on Saturday with their mother, and neither of them looked older than 8. No "No Boo" necklace and they did not seem thrilled to be there. I didn't do too much looking behind during the maze but I do recall hearing them cry behind my friend and I while the mother kept physically yanking them through the maze. They were still crying when the maze was over. It really ticked me off and I thought about saying something to the mother but I don't think my words would've meant anything. Thankfully the maze was pretty tame when we went through, maybe the actors saw that they were children and decided not to jump out as much on our group.

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  4. Man, That is a big chunk of land cleared. This thing may be bigger then we think!

    not all of that land is necessarily for the coater, CF has been making grand plazas for their new rides. You have to think that a lot of that land could be concrete for the plaza and the queue. They would also need land for a gift shop coming out of the exit, I imagine they'll capitalize on that as well.

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  5. I hate to be a party pooper but I think the "leaked" blueprints are faked. While I do still want a GCI, I just don't believe that those leaks are the real thing. IMO it's just too early for this sort of thing to be leaked. Banshee's were leaked mere days prior to the announcement. So those of you who were disappointed shouldn't be too sad because anything could happen. If Kings Island does what they did with Banshee and announce sometime in early August, that means we still have two months of supposed leaks and even more teasers regarding whatever Project 2017 is. 

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