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  1. I know that somewhere, Kings Island has at least a five year plan. I'm sure these buildings have something to do with those plans. My guess is we'll only have to deal with them being vacant for a year or two more.

  2. Next Haunt I'll be old enough to work there. Granted I'm lucky enough to get the job, I'm gonna work my butt off to try and scare people and take it seriously. Hate to see Haunt taken as a kind of joke.

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  3. If Cedar Fair is so content with selling selfie sticks in their park, why not go all in and just let people use those rather than the photogs, they could even up the price on 'em. Kind of stupid to have selfie sticks and photogs in the same park but I guess it's all about making money. I digress.

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  4. Don't know if anyone has brought this up or not, but could the gravestones around The Beast's queue be an easter egg towards next year's Haunt? I noticed they all end in 1979and some type of relation with that bio-hazard symbol. Could this be hinting at a Beast or Son of Beast themed maze next year? Or even a new dark ride centered around it? I might be reading way too far into it but it was something that stuck out to me and rhyano while in line for The Beast last night.

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  5. It is scary but nothing as intense as say Land of Illusion. Yes it is scary but it is fun. I was never a huge fan (by that I mean huge wuss) of haunted mazes and such but now I find them enjoyable.

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  6. There's nothing wrong with The Beast. A lot of the "roughness" people complain about is design flaws in the train. If The Beast got a restraint replacement or even new trains for that matter would cut down on "roughness" and make it a more enjoyable ride. Don't touch the layout though.

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  7. About 7 and a half hours until all this madness gets sorted out. I've made predictions in this thread but I definitely think that it's either a parking/toll upgrade or an entrance upgrade. Both if we're lucky. We'll save the entrance upgrade for when a green INTAMIN can interact with it.  :P

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  8. 75 user(s) are reading this topic

    Wow I've never seen a topic this popular before lol! I don't have any clue what KI could be announcing tomorrow but if I had to guess, it could be relating to a certain Tower Gardens. Has it been around since '72? If not I'm totally wrong about it.

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  9. I agree with NoChickens here. They're probably just postponing it out of respect. This is the first death the park has had in a while and it's fitting that Cedar Point give a moment of silence if you will. This might just be Cedar Point trying to please the family of the victim as well. The funeral could be held on the 18th which would not look good to the GP. I can see it now, "Cedar Point announces new ride on the date of the funeral of a man killed by the Raptor roller coaster."

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