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  1. Okay, I've always loved Kings Island. But this year there are a lot of things that make me unhappy. Rant time. They're trying too hard to reach out to people my age (teenagers) and they end up just sounding lame. I don't listen to pop music that much but a lot of the songs they play are about a year or two behind what most of my friends and sometimes me listen to and a lot of it isn't even good music either. I was at BGW back in June and I had a better experience there than I've ever had at Kings Island. Compared to Kings Island, most of BGW's rides are better themed and a more fun experience.
  2. I actually prefer The Beach over Soak City. I was at The Beach last week for the first time in 5 years and I had a lot more fun on the slides there than on any of Soak City's slides.
  3. I know I should know this but what does TLC mean?
  4. I'm all for the new restraints idea. Would it be possible to get rid of OTSRs all together on Vortex and have lap bar restraints instead? Airtime on that first drop would be so much better and it would definitely boost ridership.
  5. I was at the park yesterday and experienced my first chain lift stop. We were sitting in the front and we sat there for about 10 minutes before they started it back up again. I thought we might have to evac because we were up there so long but they didn't. Pretty good day. I got to ride everything before the crowds hit. Saw Cirque Imagine for the first time this year and it was awesome as always. I ended up leaving around 4:30 because the crowds were getting pretty large. Pretty average day. Other than getting stuck on Banshee's lift hill for a while nothing extraordinary happened. I second jt
  6. Welcome to the Forums! Her age wouldn't necessarily matter when it comes to life jackets. I think it's how tall she is. Also on some slides they don't like it if you have some sort of metal on your swim suit like a pocket button or something, they make you roll up your swim suit until it's covering the metal. Don't wear anything too revealing as I've seen people get turned away at the entrance for wearing something too revealing. It is a little hard to breathe in Tropical Twister. The life guards usually even tell you to hold your breath on the ride. I learned that just trying to breathe norma
  7. I noticed colored lights in FoF last time I rode (purple and green). I feel like the lighting is different every time I ride though. Sometimes there are no lights, sometimes there are some colored lights, and other times the whole building is lit up by white lights.
  8. I do sit in 5-1 every time as I've learned that from this site but it just seems to be getting worse every year. I know where to brace and usually I just exit feeling a little dizzy. I'm going again next Saturday and I'll ride it again and see if it's any better.
  9. Here's a pic of Baron 1898's track from a close angle. Compare it with the track seen at the plant. (Credit to rcdb for the picture)
  10. Take a look at Baron 1898's track, it's the exact same. Dive Coaster track has changed since SheiKra.
  11. I would love to see one of these slides at Soak City next year. It's been a while since an actual slide was built in Soak City. Other than the re-theme, it's just about the same as I remember from when little 6 year old me went to Boomerang Bay in 2006.
  12. I was there yesterday and the lines were kind of average. I waited about 30-45 minutes for some of the bigger rides. Idk what they are today.
  13. I rode Vortex for the first time this season yesterday and I think that if the ride could talk, it would say what the new Joker says. "I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just gonna hurt you, really, really, bad" Maybe the worst ride experience I've ever had on the ride. My back ached the rest of the day and my head felt awful. I had to wait almost 2 hours before riding another ride it was so bad.
  14. Worlds first ever Skee-Ball attraction. Riders sit in gyroscopic bubbles and get launched at 150 mph into the world's largest Skee-Ball machine. If only lol.
  15. Please no OTSR though. If FoF can perform inversions without OTSRs than so can Shockwave (provided it does indeed have a conversion)
  16. I am going to the park today and I got to witness the Diamondback crew taking some trains out of storage. Idk why I found this so exciting lol, I've just never seen it before.
  17. Well the Wright Brothers were first in flight, perhaps the first of it's kind flat ride or water slide.
  18. A new POV of the Carolina Cyclone has just been uploaded on Carowinds' official YouTube page. I wonder if this means other Cedar Fair parks will upload more POVs to their respective channels as well.
  19. I still don't know why they don't put all the POVs shown on the FUN TVs on YouTube
  20. I enjoy watching POVs when I can't go to the park but it's a little hard to enjoy when most of the HD ones are really shaky. The mounted POV I saw in the queue looked really nice. It didn't have a visually appealing mounted POV before this. This is the only train mounted POV of Diamondback available online unless someone can find the one that has been used on the FUN TV's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wlhfCYqObc. I don't understand why it was such low quality as well as having no sound for a bigger theme park in 2009. Now here's a POV from Millennium Force in 2009: https://www.youtube.com/
  21. So I was at Kings Island yesterday and while I was in line for Drop Tower, I saw that they had new POVs for Diamondback and Firehawk. I have never seen this online anywhere and I was really glad to see an updated Diamondback POV. Does anyone know if they released the POVs anywhere online or if they're only available on the FUN TV's at Kings Island. Thanks!
  22. As a young coaster enthusiast, It's always been my dream to be able to go to Cedar Point. My family lives about three and a half hours away and my parents don't have the luxury of being able to request off so it's hard to plan a trip. Every year my school sends the graduating eighth graders to Cedar Point. Lucky or us, our trip was on a Tuesday so lines wouldn't be as bad. I was constantly checking the weather. The day before the trip said thunderstorms all day so I was really bummed. We arrived at my school at 6:30 AM for the long bus ride there. Thankfully it was a charter bus and not a stan
  23. I was at Cedar Point on Tuesday and I saw more POVs of coasters from other parks than I did of CP rides lol. I saw Xcelerator, The Beast, and Banshee while in line for Maverick and that cash cab knock off which took place on Banshee. I was surprised that other parks were in the spotlight more than the king of Cedar Fair parks.
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