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  1. Definitely not RMC from the "family fun" part. If memory serves me correct, Carowinds said they were investing $50,000,000 over the next couple years or so. The addition(s) will have to cost at least $20,000,000. Which could potentially be a small B&M or even a GCI woodie.
  2. I'm hoping the individual park sites will also receive an update. There's nothing wrong with them now but I just feel like the current theme is stale and worn out at this point. EDIT: If you click on the Kings Island logo from the new CF website, it shows a cartoonish picture of rides from the park and I thought it looked awesome except for the fact that Drop Tower is the one from Canada's Wonderland instead of ours. Also, the second half of Diamondback is just the first part by The Beast but smaller. It is an awesome picture but it's just one of those little technical things that bugs me
  3. I think that since it is supposed to be a Raven it would be a B&M Invert or Flyer if some sort.
  4. I would love to see a GCI Wooden coaster similar to Gold Striker at California's Great America placed behind Firehawk and Flight of Fear.
  5. Skyride. It would be interesting to see that come back.
  6. I actually do really like the idea of a Ferris Wheel in that area. I mean that area is downhill from the Eiffel Tower so it shouldn't mess up the skyline too much.
  7. Actually B&M Giga coasters do have that style at the bottom of the lift hill
  8. my guess is a 900 foot tall green Intamin coming to Tower Gardens in 2016
  9. I'm betting that when my school group goes to Cedar Point soon it should be walk ons for just about everything considering we're going on a Tuesday. I'm really hoping they don't make us sit in a big group together at all times, and I'm especially hoping that they don't have the "everyone has to agree" rule for the groups. With my luck I'll get stuck on kiddie rides the whole time if that's the rule.
  10. Speaking of Peanuts characters, is there a Woodstock character that walks around? I hope they do add one this year with the new ride because he was always my favorite.
  11. Now is the time for me to start working super hard for the last 6 weeks of school so I can get a pass lol. Last year was an exception because of Banshee, this year I got to wait until the end of May.
  12. They changed it back to forwards the year I was finally tall enough to ride it, (I was very small for 7). I was really disappointed.
  13. *In line for The Racer looking over at Adventure Express when a lady behind me says.* "Hey that there is The Beast, I remember my dad said they built it back in the 50s!" I wanted to correct her so badly but there's only so much a 14 year old can do to try to convince an adult.
  14. I hope to see some teasers around the park this year regarding our recently ripped up Tower Gardens similar to what was happening around Banshee at the start of the 2013 season.
  15. I heard you guys like blue and green coasters...
  16. SR&R is my favorite flat in Coney Mall and it's the only "spinny" ride my mom will ride when she comes to the park with me.
  17. I feel like I would rather see a smaller company buy the parks. Kind of do what the Kentucky State Fair Board did with Kentucky Kingdom.
  18. Just curious, what are you making the recreation in? Minecraft, NoLimits, RCT, etc?
  19. when me and my girlfriend went in September on a Haunt night, they showed us a clip of our reaction on the first drop and said we'd have to pay to see the rest. I went back in October a couple times and they told me I couldn't see a preview at all and that video wasn't available.
  20. Alternative Rock and EDM. I love anything on NoCopyrightSounds YouTube channel. I just go on Pandora and listen to my Today's Alternative Hits radio or 103.9 The X.
  21. Here's a picture of 2009's map with Diamondback and Son of Beast. I too wish they'd return to the PKI map feel.
  22. Have you ever just thought about Kings Island maps and remember that one map that just stuck in your head? Well I sure have. I know there is a wide age range on this website and some maps are more special than others. I have one map that I just absolutely loved, 2006's KI map. Growing up in the Paramount, Nickelodeon Universe days of Kings Island was a lot of fun. I know that the old Hannah Barbara and Nickelodeon days are behind us but it's always nice to remember getting off our favorite rides as kids and seeing our favorite TV characters in real life. 2006 was the first year I got a Gold Pass and even though I only went 3 or 4 times, it was my most memorable season next to the 2014 season. Here is a picture of the map. Can't wait to see what maps and stories from KI you guys have!
  23. This doesn't have to be a thrill dive coaster necessarily either. I mean sure it sounds goofy but what if this was a family dive coaster?
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