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  1. KIFlyer

    Oktoberfest through the years

    Does anyone have pictures of the interior of the festhaus in the early years? If I remember correctly, the stage originally had a gazebo on either side with an animatronic German band, and the side walls had alpine scenes on them.
  2. KIFlyer

    Coney Mall Arch Removed?

    I was just looking at the webcam and noticed that for the past couple weeks the Coney Mall arch was gone, and today it looks like the bases for the arch have also been removed. Does anyone know if the arch will return or is gone for good just like the the poor Festhaus clock, continueing the trend of removing themed areas in the park?
  3. KIFlyer


    When I was at Kings Island this summer i noticed the Festhaus has now lost all of its exterior theming including the clock, to go with the interior lose several years back. Is this the look going forward for the building, A big gerneric building for a food court and show? I remember way back, pre-Paramount, when it had great theming both inside and out. I Wish some of the off season improvements would include bringing back some of the building's theme.
  4. KIFlyer

    2014 improvements

    Has anyone heard anything on the rumored fountain upgrade for KI next year?